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Finally, Inglot opened it's doors to India a couple of years back. As most of you already know, the INGLOT Company was established over 25 years ago by Wojtek Inglot, a young chemist working at that time in R&D department in pharmaceutical company. They have a wide range of lip, eye make up and nail enamel to choose from.
Inglot store at Khar (Linking road)

Last fortnight (before my vacation) I was invited by the Inglot team to review their brand new store at Khar. The new store is located at the basement, below the Bebe store (If you remember, I had reviewed the Bebe store on the same day and told you how Major Brands has housed 4 brands together. To read the review click Here). The new store was thrown open to customers on 10th May 2012 and now, Inglot has three stores in Mumbai - Bandra, Phoenix City Mall (Kurla) and Infinity Mall (Malad). Let's take a look at their collection, the mini makeover that I got and my take on their products.

Inglot stocks up on a wide range of products for your face. Extra brownie points for them as they have products for each and every skin type and complexion. So, you need not worry about your foundation looking a shade darker or your powder making you look like a white ghost. I was impressed with their base, foundations, concealers, powders etc. To be honest, I rarely find a liquid foundation that blends with my skin tone. It's only for my dance shows that I need a foundation that's a shade lighter as that's what I generally need for my on stage look. But that's not the case on other days. The only one that came close to looking natural was the Lo'real True match. But the Inglot AMC creme foundation is impressive.
They have 5 types of Foundations - Cream Foundation, AMC cream foundation, YMC cream foundation, AMC mousse foundation and Cream powder.
The powder form of foundation is also available. With Pressed powder, AMC and YMC pressed powder, Loose powder, Translucent loose powder etc as part of this range, you have lots of options.
The concealers are quite good, with the product available in both cream and stick form.
They also have a Under make up base which in the Gel form while blushes are available in liquid and powder based form.

The 'Face' section at Inglot
Cream Concealer
My favourite item in this category - The AMC cream foundation (Rs 1100) 

Of late, I've been experimenting with a lot of eye make up. It's good fun, no? Inglot has lots of fun eye make up items. First up, the AMC pure pigment eye shadows caught my attention. They also have the AMC eye shadow, Eye shadow shine (which looks quite similar to the normal eye shadows) and the Single eye shadow. The best part about the Inglot eye shadows is the variety. They have so many colour options. As the brand is used by professionals as well, it's no surprise that they have such a huge range. They have different eyeliners as well.
The soft precision eyeliner is an eye pencil available in 21 colours while the AMC eye pencil is available in 4 colours and lastly, the full metal eye liner (auto eye pencil) comes in 10 shades. Liquid eyeliner lovers are in for a treat with 27 colours to choose from while the Gel liner fans like my sister, get 20 shades (even yellow). The AMC thick eye pencil comes in 8 shades. Luckily, the artists here are extremely sweet and will help you choose the right product.
They also have some fantastic colour mascara's and brow pencils. Inglot scores high in this section for their wide range of eye make up items.

AMC pure pigment eye shadow

AMC pure pigment eye shadow - New colours

Soft precision eye pencils
My favourite item in this category - AMC pure pigment eye shadow (Rs 700)


Their range of lipsticks are to die for! More than 50 colours to choose from and the variety is simply outstanding. The quantity and price ratio of these lipsticks compared to lippies by brands like MAC, gives Inglot extra brownie points. They are paraben free and not tested on animals. At Rs 550 each, these moisture based lipsticks are available in a thick heavy metallic black square tube which contains 4.5 grams of lip colour. It gives you a good value for money. Plus, it stays on for a good time and does not have any cheap fragrance or taste.
There is also a Matte lipstick collection in 19 colours.
The slim gel lipstick is more creamy, compared to the Regular ones. The quantity is lesser than the other lipstick and it's priced at Rs 680. Slim gel lippies are available in 19 colours.
Inglot also has Sleeks cream Lip paints, Lip duo (Lipstick and Gloss/Glitter gloss in a cube) and Lip pencils in soft precison & auto full metal lip liner. They also have lip glosses with a 3D effect (3 colours in one tube). These lip glosses give a fantastic effect for a night out. If anyone of you have tried them, do let me know your opinion.

Wide range of Lipsticks

3D Lipgloss

My favourite item in this category: Lipstick Rs.550


Inglot is known for their range of Nail paints and never before seen shades. The moment you enter their store, you will notice a huge humongous section dedicated to Nail paints and Nail care items. Popular shades like Pink and Red have a zillion varieties, but they also have some cute, different colours like Pale Lime Green, Sky Blue etc. Check out shade numbers 986 and 990, I loved them. Their Pastel collection is the best, with 969 being my favourite (Pastel Blue)! Priced at Rs.490, you might want to stock up on tons of these beautiful little bottles. Inglot also has a Nail treatment range priced at flat Rs 490. Their nail art enamel range looks fun, with 11 shades and cute packaging. The enamel brush is perfect for some nail art at home. At Rs.500, it's a good deal. Other products in their collection includes Nail enamel remover, corrector and Dry & Shine. Dry & Shine is a great product if you are looking to dry your nail polish on the go. Just a drop or two and your nail polish is dry and shiny. Great product priced at Rs 490! It's on my next shopping spree list already (which is months away from now).

Tons of Nail enamel colours

The nail art and New Nail enamel collection

My favourite item in this category: Nail enamel Rs 490
Dry and Shine Rs 490


They also have professional Make up brushes, Make up tools like eyelash curlers, Make up boxes, Mirrors, Cases etc on sale. Next to the 'Face' section, you can see some wonderful eyelashes that are too good to be true. The price range of these eyelashes is between Rs 320 to Rs 500.
Also, their freedom system offer, where you can buy empty palettes and refill them with your favourite lipsticks, eye shadows etc, is a winner. Refills are available for as low as Rs 250. Plus, it's perfect if you want separate palette for day/night make up or keep one in your travelling bag. You can buy the refills online at majorbrands.in as well.

Adorable eyelashes, anyone?

The team at Inglot Bandra was sweet, especially the Artists. The Inglot PR manager told me that their brand does not have just one or two best selling products as all their items are equally popular, both amongst professionals and other customers. The staff here was polite and helped out all the customers, even those who took more than an hour to choose just one product. I loved the ambience of this store, perfect for a make up brand.
Caroline, their in-house make up artist, helped me out with all the information and also gave me an awesometastic make over! The artists here also give customers free make up tips. They also give customers a chance to learn tricks by allowing them to complete the make up that the artist started on one side of the face. The customer then has to follow the same tricks to give the other side of their face the same look. Caroline taught me quite a few awesome make up tricks, which I have started using already!

Caroline giving me a Makeover

Caroline (Make Up Artist) with me after the MakeOver

If you are wondering why I am wearing the same clothes as the one I wore at the 'Bebe' event, it's simple. I reviewed both the stores after a long day at the dubbing studio (where comfort is more important than style) and I was dead tired by the end of the it.

Overall, I think a trip to the Inglot store should top your 'Make Up' shopping list, simply because they have a wide range of make up products available at a good price.

Here's a quick look at the price range, pro's and con's.

Price Range 

Face: Rs 550 to Rs 1500
Eyes: Rs 550 to  Rs 700
Lips: Rs 550 to Rs 900
Nails: Rs 500
Misc: Rs 300 to Rs 3000


Amazing range of products in a variety of colours
Good packaging
Price range is quite affordable
Paraben-free formula and Products are not tested on animals
Make up artists help you choose the right product

Nothing at the moment, except that this store can do better with some more artists, as it's always packed with customers.

Rating: 5/5

Yes! I loved Inglot products and the staff here was extremely friendly. I picked up a couple of products, which I will review soon.
Keep watching this space for more.

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  1. My Inglot search ends here. I had no idea they have a whole damn store in Mumbai! =D


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