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Ever since the first look of this film was released, Dil Dhadakne Do has been creating waves and how. Right from its cast to the uber cool look of each character, every detail of this film is gaining attention from people of every age group. And it is not just the audience, but even folks from the industry and trade who are looking forward to this interesting multi-starrer. While all of us have a reason to watch this roller coaster ride featuring a dysfunctional family called the Mehras, Diary of a Dancebee gives you 5 reasons why we are looking forward to Zoya Akhtar's family fiesta!

1. The film has an eclectic star cast, which includes some of favorites including Anil Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Farhan Akhtar, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma and Shefali Shah. The casting of this film looks perfect to us and we are excited to see Priyanka & Ranveer's chemistry as siblings (since they will later be seen playing husband and wife in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Bajirao Mastani). It will also be interesting to see how Anil Kapoor plays Papa to these talented actors.

2. Everybody loved Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara and the fantastic concept of the film. Now, after a four year long break, Zoya Akhtar is back with another directorial venture. So obviously, we are quite kicked about checking out what Dil Dhadakne Do has in store for us. The trailer and promos have left us curious already.

3. Right from Ranveer Singh's suave avatar to Anil Kapoor's hairstyle, the film is creating a lot of buzz for its style quotient and unique character looks. Each actor has been given a character driven look. While we couldn't stop going gaga over Ranveer's sartorial choices, be it the nautical prints or bold hues, we are also loving Priyanka Chopra's chic avatar, complete with canary yellow dresses, wide legged trousers hats and stylish sunnies. Don't miss Anil Kapoor's fancy new hairdo, and also the fresh, summery vibe of Anushka Sharma's outfits.

4. Director Zoya Akhtar is known for picking unique locations for her film. While ZNMD gave us a taste of Spain, Dil Dhadakne Do is filmed beautifully across the Mediterranean Sea, while major portions of the film are shot on a cruise. The locations handpicked by the team are beautiful, and adds a lot to the overall canvas of the film. DDD has been extensively shot in Turkey, Italy France, Tunisia and Spain. The recent promos and stills have already got us hooked on to the stunning landscape.

Click Image to Watch the Song - Girls Like To Swing
5. The music of this film is slowly, but steadily topping the charts. The DDD album, composed by the fantastic trio Shankar - Ehsaan - Loy, is not your usual Bollywood fare. It has some fun, peppy numbers that will keep you entertained. The album has got something for everyone. Be it the retro swag of Girls Like To Swing (where Anushka brings back her Rosie avatar from Bombay Velvet) or the foot tapping Gallan Goodiyaan, or the fun vibe of the title track, we just cannot pick one favorite.

What's your take on Dil Dhadakne Do? Got a favorite song or favorite look from the film? Join the conversation on Twitter - @priyaadivarekar

-- By Team Dancebee (with inputs from Priya Adivarekar) --

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Come April / May and the wedding season kick starts again (especially among Maharashtrians. Everybody loves a Summer wedding). Back to back weddings create a sense of nervousness among girlfriends of the bride, especially those who find it difficult to create different looks for each event. Add to that, the ever rising temperature, which leaves you feeling drained out after running around, performing errands, in your stunning wine red lehanga-choli or a studded anarkali. While the outfit - climate woes can't be helped, one can definitely play it smart by opting for lighter, comfortable fabrics, experimenting with colors and more.

I wore this outfit for my morning Birthday pooja and then, attended a small engagement party just after that. Since the heat wave in Ahmednagar (Shirdi) was unbearable, I stayed away from weighty fabrics or anything that is heavily embellished. There is no rule book that says your outfit needs to be all blingy and glamorous. Personally, comfort comes above everything else for me and I believe that one can surely create an impact by choosing the right outfit (that fits well and looks unique) and perfect accessories. 
For afternoon wedding / engagement events like the one I attended, opt for lighter hues like pastels. If darker hues are your thing, mix and match it with a lighter shade of dupatta or if you are eyeing a complete set, opt for something in Ombre, like the one I chose. Let go of the typical reds and maroons. Experiment with shades like Persian or navy blue, lime green or even a blush pink. For a hint of bling, you can add basic accessories in light gold, silver or even bronze, depending on your overall outfit color. Keep your favorite, heavy gold and diamond sets away for the evening events. While I mixed gold and silver shades in this outfit, you can go for a complete silver look or even experiment by adding oxidized accessories. I did not opt for a neck piece, as I wanted the gorgeous mirror work on the neckline to get all the attention. While there is no footwear in these images (as it was clicked just before the pooja), I opted for a pair of mojris with mirror work. Oh, and don't forget a pair of stylish sunnies!

Five things to keep in mind while shopping for an afternoon wedding/engagement event:
- Look for lighter, comfortable fabrics (you don't want your outfit to itch, do you?)
- Experiment with fresh colors
- Look for outfits that create an impact with unique hand work (embroidery, mirror, flower motifs etc)
- Don't over-accessorize the outfit
- Experiment with the silhouettes and sleeve styles. It will further enhance your overall look

And above everything else, just be comfortable in what you wear. There is nothing more important than being yourself and letting your personality speak in the outfit that you opt for.

Outfit Details
Blue Ombre Churidar - Kurta set | Melange
Accessories (Earrings, bangles) | Forever 21
Sunglasses | Vogue Eyewear 

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Everybody loves Ranbir Kapoor, and every individual I have met has good things to say about him. Although I have interviewed several actors in the past, this was my first tete-a-tete with the Kapoor boy, who is back to rule the big screen with his big ticket venture, Bombay Velvet (which releases today), almost after one and a half years. The day we met, Kapoor had just landed back to Mumbai after a three-day long promotional activity in Goa. Despite the fact that the actor was hopping from one interview to another, answering a bevy of questions, posing for the camera and obliging every fan outside the hotel with an autograph; Kapoor looked calm and had a smile on his face throughout the day. "Its been a long day," he said, as he checked his phone, that had his own image as Johnny Balraj plastered on the case. "This will be available in the market very soon. Buy it and show it off, okay," joked Kapoor, as he settled down with a tall glass of ice cold Pepsi for a candid chat with Diary of a Dancebee. Before starting the interview, he casually asked me about my website and said that I don't look like a journalist. "No, I am not one, really. I blog about a variety of topics, and exclusive film interviews is just one aspect of Diary of a Dancebee," I said, thinking that the actor might be too serious about this interview after my introduction. "Wow, that's fascinating and exciting for your age. Shoot your questions, I am all ears and excited for this," stated Kapoor, breaking the ice and assuring one thing - the interview will be great fun (which it was). Here's an up, close and personal conversation with the prince of Bollywood - Ranbir Kapoor.

Image Credit: GQ India
Ranbir, Bombay Velvet marks your return as the lead after a year and a half. How excited or anxious are you?
Ab toh humne kar diya (laughs), so being nervous or anxious won't help. But of course, it is a human thing. I am really happy that I have a film like Bombay Velvet in my filmography. I don't know if this film will do well. nor do I know if the people will accept or reject it, since it is a new genre. But I know the intention, hard work and honesty that went behind this film. 

How easy or difficult was it to get into the shoes of a character that is set in a different era?
Of course, it wasn't easy! Every character is different and difficult. But then, if you look at the minor details, how a person laughs today will be the same as a person who laughed way back in the 60s. A certain base comes from the world created by your director and then, with the way your characters perform. Certain nuances and things mentioned in the script also helped. Anurag was very sensitive towards the characters, a lot more than me. If you take out the physicality, the world and the surroundings, and just the character into consideration, there are a lot of people like Johnny Balraj in today's world as well. Its not like 60s ka waqt hain, toh sab slow motion main chalenge (smiles).That's the trickiness involved in a period film. People think its a period film, toh humein period acting karni padegi. Aisa kuch nahi hain. Udhar bhi log harami the, aaj bhi log harami hain (laughs).

How did you get attracted to the script of Bombay Velvet?
I have been lucky to work with the likes of Imtiaz Ali, Ayan Mukerji, Anurag Basu; some really good directors. So, I have always been burdened with the fact that I am working with a good director. As far as this script was concerned, I had honestly not seen any of Anurag Kashyap's films, but I had heard about him. So here, it was only on the basis of the character and script that I loved him. I have never done this in my life, but I myself called Anurag and asked him to consider me for this role.  It is very rare to come across stories that are as fascinating and exciting as that of Bombay Velvet. The world that Anurag was trying to create is one of a kind, especially for me. As an actor, I have done certain type of roles, and I know that if I try to break my image, it may not work and people may not accept me in roles where I undergo a drastic change. So, it was important for me to choose carefully and there was no one better than Anurag to experiment with, as he understands the space, grittyness, darkness and intensity of the character. 

Did you get a chance to read Mumbai Fables by Gyan Prakash, the book on which the film is said to be based?
Fortunately, in this film, its just the world which is similar to the book. Be it the surroundings, or the politics and how areas like Nariman Point were up for grabs. But the story has nothing to do with it, especially the love story of Johnny and Rosie. Even the characters are not from the book. In fact, Anurag told me that you can read the book if you want, but its better if you stick to the script and world created by the writers, rather than the book.

People think its a period film, toh humein period acting karni padegiAisa kuch nahi hain. Udhar bhi log harami the, aaj bhi log harami hain

You have worked with Karan Johar, the producer. But how was it working with Karan - your co-star?
Absolutely incredible! Karan Johar is such a phenomenon. Director, producer, talk show host, award show host, fashion designer, doodhwala (laughs), he has done everything. There is nothing that Karan Johar has left or hasn't mastered. Just the fact that the person he is and the way he would come on the set in his character, forgetting all the baggage and would approach his character honestly, was simply amazing. He plays the antagonist and to pitch Karan Johar as the villain of a film was impossible. His character is extremely dark, manipulative and manic. I think the genius was in just casting Karan, which none of us could imagine, except Anurag, who saw a mean streak in Karan. Karan was excited about the whole thing and he has done a damn good job! Personally, I look up to him as a mentor and in the film too, we share a similar relationship. And later, the mentor becomes a tormentor in the film. Thankfully, woh life mein nahin hua hain. He is still my mentor.

The film got delayed by some months. Did that frustrate you in anyway?
I was very frustrated, because I didn't have a release for more than 1 and a half years. My last film was Besharam and then of course, I did Roy, which also didn't work. But, the whole purpose for delay was to better the film. I think that intention is great, because if you are bettering the film, then you can delay it for two years also. It doesn't matter if the film took a year or two, what matters is that all the technical details are taken care of. In fact, they are the ones who are losing interest and money as a producer. But, they were fearless about it, as they knew that this is Anurag Kashyap's 8 year old labour of love and hence, they wanted the final result to be the very best.

Many feel that while Mumbai is a city, Bombay is a sentiment. Since the film is based in Bombay of the 60s, could you share your special connection with the city that you grew in, that was then called Bombay?
It was and will always be the city of dreams. Its a city that gives you immense opportunities, but is also the big bad world of everything. It can give you a lot and take away a lot from you as well. People get into this nasha of Mumbai and lose almost 10 years of their lives trying to find the right path. Personally, I have lived all my life in Bombay and I don't think I can live anywhere else. I am also very attached to the word 'Bombay' more than Mumbai. Not that I have anything against Mumbai and I definitely accept it. But, there was a nice quality to the word 'Bombay', an old world charm. Now that I got the opportunity to live the life of a Bombay citizen in the 50s-60s, in the world that Anurag created, it was just fascinating. I feel my grand father and father were extremely lucky to be present in that era and they grew seeing all that. So, I feel privileged that through Bombay Velvet, I got to experience that era.

You have worked with some of the finest actresses in the industry. Have there been any personal favorites, with whom you have enjoyed sharing the screen space?
Every actress is super good in what she is doing, and all of them have their own share of advantages, disadvantages. Today, there is tough competition and one can't really afford to highlight their weakness. There is no shortage of talent, and every actress is well prepared for the kind of roles they are accepting. Someone is beautiful, someone can dance well or maybe act very well. Personally, I have been really lucky that I got the chance to work with a good mix of big stars and newcomers, who have not just been good actresses, but have also been instrumental in my growth. In Bombay Velvet, I really enjoyed working with Anushka. She is one actress who comes without any trappings of being a star. She does a good job and at the same time, wants you to do a good job. That kind of grace is very much appreciated.

 I have lived all my life in Bombay and I don't think I can live anywhere else. 
Image Credit: Ranbir Kapoor for Tag Heuer

In hindsight, what do you think went wrong with Besharam?
As far as my last release, Besharam is concerned, I take full blame for it. I was being very arrogant and cocky with that film. It came after films like Rockstar, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani; so I thought, why not do a masala entertainer to increase my fan base? People know me in cities, but I wanted people in other parts of the country to know me. So, I followed a prototype of what Mr. Akshay Kumar or Mr. Salman Khan have done and thought, let me know try that genre. Honestly, its a very hard genre to work on. There is a lot that goes into making people like your film pan - India. Yes, I failed and felt shit about it. But then, I also learned that one cannot take the audience for granted. There is a certain way of working and I don't have that kind of a fan following. Nor do I have a body of work where people will blindly love me as a hero. I think I have to work myself to a point where people love me as a hero someday. I am still warming up with the audience. I don't think playing a larger than life hero goes with my personality. I think me playing the under-hero, someone who is trying, more than someone who is achieving, works well.

Was it a difficult phase for you?
Every phase in life teaches you something. My first film was a disaster. You live 23 years of your life and get excited about your first film, thinking arey meri pehli film toh superhit hogi, and I will have a huge fan base. But the reality is, it didn't do well. Also, because I have grown up in a film family, I have seen lots of ups and downs, mix of failure and success. So, I don't take success to my head or failure to my heart. Just to have a level headed approach at work and not getting swayed by all these things is very important.

Was there any point during that phase where you felt like answering back to the negativity that was being spread around by some media persons?
Not really. Interviews like the one we are part of right now always gives me the opportunity to answer questions. During Roy, I knew that my character was an extended cameo and my childhood friend was making that film. He said that if I play the part, he will get a good budget to make the film. I think that was wrong on my part, as I don't believe in mixing personal life with professional commitments. Also, I feel I should have worked a little hard on it. I thought it was a small role, so I can just come into it. So, I take full blame for that. There wasn't a deal which said that I should promote the film, because it was Arjun & Jacqueline's film all the way. So, we didn't want to mis-communicate anything to the audience. Also, I have nothing to clarify. I understand that I am not out there to save the world, nor am I a prime minister. I am just an actor. Earlier, I used to get bothered, but now I understand that this is show business and people will talk about you. Some are constantly after you to make your personal life a reality show. By clarifying, I will just be adding more to that. When one doesn't have any film coming out, people need some news about you. So, they speculate and come up with things. But its okay, I take everything with a pinch of salt. Its all a part and parcel of show business.
I think I have to work myself to a point where people love me as a hero someday. I am still warming up with the audience.

How critical are you about your own work?
Not just me! Every actor is critical about their work. No one likes themselves on screen. Every time you see yourself, you feel - Yaar, kuch kasar reh gayi. I could have done better, why am I looking like this or why am I saying dialogues like that. You always feel that way. But in the end, if the audience connects with you and the story, it is all that matters. Otherwise, when we watch a film and watch ourselves perform, we keep thinking - "Oh shit! Why did I do that." So, one must always be critical of their own work.

You have always maintained that you are a private person and would not like to come on a public, social media platform. But your Dad has become the most loved person on Twitter.
My father and I are two different people. I think Twitter and my father are made for each other (smiles). He likes to speak his mind, can be really funny and also controversial sometimes. People like all that and don't really prefer politically correct tweets. My father is a politically incorrect person and hence, people love his tweets. Personally, I feel that as an actor, one doesn't really get a freedom of speech on Twitter. There are multiple interpretations of everything that is tweeted. Toh ab kyun main yeh headache loon ki I'll tweet something, then call a press conference and clarify things. I have my own personal reservations, but I have nothing against Twitter.

Are you doing the Sanjay Dutt biopic?
I would love to, but honestly, biopic as a genre is very tough. You can't just wake up and say, I am doing a biopic. It has to entertaining and must highlight the best times of that person. It cannot be a propaganda film, where the person is just shown as a god. You have to show the perfect mix of good and grey sides of the person. Well, there are talks of a Sanjay Dutt biopic and another one is a Kishore Kumar biopic, but it is just an idea. Nothing has come on to a script level. But I think it will be very interesting to play a celebrated life like that of Sanjay Dutt or Kishore Kumar. Though nothing has moved forward, I would certainly love to work in a biopic. Mr. Hirani hasn't got in touch with me, and if at all we start work on the Sanjay Dutt biopic, it can only be after mid - 2016.
When one doesn't have any film coming out, people need some news about you. So, they speculate and come up with things. I take everything with a pinch of salt. Its all a part and parcel of show business.
-- By Priya Adivarekar --

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Za range of beauty products recently completed their first anniversary in India. Diary of a Dancebee has witnessed every major step that Za India has taken, be it the launch event, introducing innovative products or adding a customized touch to our compact kits. While there are more surprises in store for Za lovers (keep an eye out for updates), we recently came across the Za True White Emulsion and decided to test it. The super hot and humid climate right now calls for light products, that don't leave your skin feeling too heavy and oily. Is the Za True White Emulsion your best bet this Summer? Read our full review to find out.

Product: Za True White Emulsion
Price: Rs 899
Quantity: 125 ml

What does it promise? - This Feather-light, non-oily emulsion easily permeates into the skin to give translucency, brightness and even-tone, while replenishing moisture levels for an incredibly soft and smooth skin.

Packaging: The product comes in an elegant white bottle, which is quite sturdy and travel friendly. The cap fits well, so your product won't spill. Since the bottle is slightly heavy, you may want to transfer some product into a smaller bottle, that can be carried for long journeys.

How to use? - Smooth an appropriate amount over face with hand or cotton pad after toner. Slowly apply the Emulsion from the center of the face outwards.

Texture: Though it may look like a runny, heavy moisturizer or lotion, the Za True White Emulsion is a perfect example of why you must not judge a book by its cover. The texture of this product is extremely light, silky and non-greasy. Within seconds after application, the product gets absorbed and leaves a dewy finish, giving your skin a hydrated glow after a few minutes. The lightweight texture of this product is one of its biggest plus points.

Overall experience: This product was tested for a month and was used regularly at night (and sometimes, during the day as well). Despite the humidity in Mumbai, the product did not leave my skin feeling too oily or greasy. Instead, it hydrated my skin from within. Apart from moisturizing and hydrating, the emulsion also promises to suppress melanization, diminish dark spots, patchiness and blemish marks. It also promises to give you an even tone and removes excess skin surface cells. While the product didn't really work on a few blemish marks, it did add some brightness and glow to my overall complexion (no, I am not talking about fairness here. Not into the complexion color game). Since my skin got tanned during the week long Konkan sojourn, I am now looking forward to testing how it works on balancing my skin tone. Thanks to its smooth and light texture, the emulsion hydrates your skin completely and does not leave it patchy at all. The fragrance is decent - not very strong and is similar to other products from the True White range. For those who are on the look out for a moisturizer that can be used under any foundation, this is your best bet. Not only did it keep my skin supple for a good 5-6 hours, it also helped the foundation settle well. While almost everything about this emulsion is great, my only tiny worry was seeing Alcohol as part of its ingredients list. Another issue is that the emulsion has no SPF or UV protection, so you will have to lather on a separate cream or moisturizer for that.

Pros - Sturdy and elegant packaging
Lightweight texture, which is perfect for summer
Subtle fragrance
Keeps your skin hydrated, adds a nice glow
Tested by dermatologists 
Perfect for application under a foundation
Well priced for the quantity and quality

Cons - Ingredients (Alcohol, Dimethicone)
No SPF or UV protection
Would be great if they launch a 50 ml travel size too

Verdict: For the price you pay and the impressive quality of this product, Za True White Emulsion is definitely a good buy. This is my new go-to product for the pre-foundation process, as it hydrates my skin very well and does not irritate the sensitive areas. Recommended, especially if you need a good moisturizer this summer that multitasks like a pro!

Have you tried the Za True White Emulsion? If yes, join the conversation on Twitter and let us know your experience at - @priyaadivarekar

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There are luxury hotels, resorts and then, there are beautiful boutique hotels that can be perfectly described as - a home away from home. The Acron Waterfront Resort in Goa is just that. One of Goa's newest gems, that is fast becoming a favorite with tourists (and has already become the no.1 hotel in Baga), Acron Waterfront Resort is part of the ITC group of hotels and was opened in January earlier this year. While I was busy chalking out plans and making bookings for my week long Konkan sojourn, I was invited by the lovely folks to visit the boutique hotel during my stay at Goa. Since this trip was scheduled to kicked off just a fortnight after my accident (our travel bookings were already done in February), all I wanted to do was laze around and relax in Goa. No sightseeing, no walking around for miles or discovering virgin beaches. Just three blissful days in a calm and peaceful environment. The Acron Waterfront Resort was all that and much more.

Situated next to the Baga bridge, with the Baga beach on right and the beautiful, serene Baga river in front of the property, Acron Waterfront Resort is a 29 room boutique hotel with amenities that can give any luxury hotel a run for their money. Despite the fact that this property is located right in the middle of all the buzz and happening hot-spots, the moment you enter the resort, you are transported into a different world. A secluded place of your own, complete with an infinity pool, spa, lounge area and a restaurant that whips up lip smacking food. As soon as we checked in, we were greeted by Manchit and Kalyani from the front desk team, who noticed that we were completely exhausted and immediately made arrangements for refreshments. Must add, the two of them (and a second girl, whose name I can't recall) took great care of us throughout the stay and ensured that all our requirements are met, be it any time of the day. Our room - no 22 - was equipped with all state-of-the-art amenities and of course, a stunning view of the Baga river (And may I add, a super comfortable bed). The rooms were cleaned regularly and the efficient housekeeping staff led by Suchith (I hope I got his name right) were courteous and would always ensure that the rooms are spic and span. All rooms at the hotel were booked that day, yet the tranquility wasn't disturbed. The staff ensures that the peace isn't hampered.

Waking up to the sounds of birds and the soft, calm river was divine. Being a morning person, I would be up by 6 am to sip on my green tea and post the morning routine, would be ready for a dip in the pool. The view from all the rooms is simply breath-taking. Don't forget to watch the local fishermen in action, as they collect the fresh catch every morning in their colorful motor boats. A cuppa in hand (or maybe dishes from the scrumptious breakfast buffet), a book in another and the sight of this beautiful river. What more can you ask for? And for those who would like to indulge in fishing, there is an area reserved for the same. If you are lucky and do catch hold of a fresh fish, the same can be prepared for you by the excellent folks at The River Restaurant by renowned chef Cyrus Todiwala. For a vegetarian like me, the restaurant staff made sure that yummy food full of veggies was arranged and true to their word, they whipped up some super delicious dishes (full review coming soon, so I shall reserve my comments for that one).

The infinity pool overlooks the Baga river and for those who love sipping on a drink while enjoying a swim, there's a pool bar that serves all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (I loved the yummy fresh juices and virgin mojitos). The pool guards and servers at the pool bar were very prompt and alert, making sure that all your requirements are taken care of. I was lazying around in the pool on day two and three, where I noticed how Karthik from the pool department kept an eye on the kids and would always note down details of the pool temperature on a board every day. He ensured that fresh towels are arranged for me and would always check if I need anything else.

The in-house spa, named Spa Sitara, is a lovely place located in the courtyard area of the hotel. Three rooms - airy, calm and well equipped with all the spa essentials - with two beds each, face the spacious and relaxing Jacuzzi. Choose from an array of massages and get ready to relax, as the expert masseurs make sure that all your stress and worries fly out of the spa room, leaving you rejuvenated. Sarah and Alice at Spa Sitara did a wonderful job, as they recommended the right therapy and further, made sure that we were comfortable during the massage, be it with the pressure or oil. Post massage, some time alone in the jacuzzi ensured that I enter bliss mode.

Truly, only a home away from home can ensure that you are well taken care of. Three days at this heavenly resort ensured that I leave Goa with a huge smile on my face (a bit dejected too, since I got used to the lazy, peaceful way of life) and some beautiful memories that shall live with me forever. Be it a quick weekend getaway or a week long escape, Acron Waterfront Resort is your best bet in Baga (Goa). Thanks to its central location, almost every popular hangout is just a few minutes away and the Baga, Anjuna and Vagator beaches are almost at a walkable distance (Baga being the closest at 5 minutes). The courteous staff, delightful view and impeccable amenities just made my stay even more memorable and special. Don't think twice before booking your stay here. I have stayed at several hotels & resorts, but this is hands down one of the best places in Baga, so just go for it!! 
Tip: Visit Goa between October - February. The weather is absolutely breath-taking.

A selfie and then, one keepsake with the lovely staff at Acron Waterfront Resort. Several others are missing, so here's sending lots of love and luck to them!
Amenities: ½
Location: ½
Overall rating: 
Thank you for making our stay a memorable one, folks!

Planning a stay at Acron Waterfront Resort, Goa? Don't forget to read our series of review posts and watch the Goa Vlogs on our YouTube channel all this week. The outfit post shot at the property can be accessed here.

Photography: Team Dancebee & Priya Adivarekar

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As the temperature continues to rise and so does the humidity, I am loving the sunny days of summer and enjoying every bit of it before the monsoons officially take over. But yes, its true that the humidity can get a little unbearable at times, especially during the peak hours of 10 am - 3 pm. If I am out during these hours, I usually ditch my denims and opt for skirts, wide legged pants in funky prints or just light, comfortable dresses. While I do have a few go-to brands that I always prefer visiting to stock up on a few summer essentials, I am always game for trying out different brands and labels. Last week, I was invited to review the Spring/Summer 2015 collection at Reliance Trends as part of the Summer Runway Project and must say, I was bowled over by the vast collection at their store, which includes a variety of different brands (including several in-house brands as well) at affordable prices. Each brand had a unique collection with varied colors, sizes, prints and more, giving the consumer tons of options to choose from (oh and did I mention, some great deals as well). 

As part of the Summer Runway Project, I was asked to put together a look that is perfect for the ongoing season. A shopping bag in hand and phone in another (for live updates on Twitter from the store), I set out on a mission to create an outfit, that will not only be perfect for summer, but would also be unique. As soon as I entered the store, I was immediately drawn to their in-house brand - Fusion, which has some really pretty ethnic and casual wear. I picked up a few pieces for trial and while walking ahead, I came across this quirky, cat & watch print shirt and ethnic - crush skirt. I quite liked the fabric, which is very breezy and comfortable. I realized that it would make for a good print-on-print outfit. Moreover, both the pieces are extremely versatile, as the shirt can be paired with jeans, trousers or even pallazo pants, while the skirt can be teamed with basic tees, t-backs or even a pretty blouse. Those who are in love with the current on-trend Bohemian look can spruce up this outfit with the right set of accessories and be ready to rock the world.

While I left the store with a huge smile on my face (and a big, fat shopping bag filled with lots of stylish, colorful apparel), Reliance Trends and I are excited to bring a smile on your face as well. You can win this look put together by me by participating in the Summer Runway Project contest. Don't forget to like the Reliance Trends Official and Diary of a Dancebee page on Facebook and follow Reliance Trends and Priya Adivarekar on Twitter for all the details next week.

Outfit Details
Cat and Watch print shirt, Crush Skirt (sold separately) - Fusion at Reliance Trends
Ballet flats - India Circus
Silver necklace (wore under the collar) - Accessorize
Watch - Swatch
Sunglasses - RayBan

The Dancebee