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Who doesn't love a room full of colors? I sure do, especially the use of bright hues. And if there ever comes that one, rare gloomy March morning, those colors around may just come to your rescue. For someone who loves the sunshine, this sudden spell of rain and cold winds in Mumbai ain't helping. And if you have noticed my recent updates on Twitter, you will know that I have been under the weather since the last one week and hence, stationed inside 'home sweet home' for good. But thank god for my brightly done up room. I love waking up to colorful cushions around me, and if that is followed by a cuppa full of hot chocolate in a vibrant mug, my day is certainly made. 

After a quick workout session at home, when work beckons, one can certainly do with those comfortable cushions around. With the laptop tucked away for editing blog posts at a later time, I shift my focus to checking emails on the iPad, that is now housed in a stunning new cover, with vivid streamers all over it. Catching up on a book and finishing a few pages in between work doesn't harm either. Colors, colors all around. What better than working in an environment that celebrates vibrancy, and that too, around the eve of Holi. Surely, the decor items and accessories at India Circus are hard to miss. If you are someone like me who doesn't like wasting water or playing with colors, then stocking up on some India Circus goodness will surely make your celebrations this year a memorable one. 

Tempted to head over to India Circus and fill your cart with some of these fun products in rich and scintillating prints? Well, you must, because keeping the festive season in mind, the folks at India Circus have stocked up some exciting new designs and special curated items. Want a piece of good news? They are offering up to 50% discount on Holi special items. Don't think you need anymore convincing, eh?

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Look Details
Neon pink sweatshirt - Zara
Mixed metal gray leggings - Forever 21
Spectacles - Custom made (Vogue Eyewear)
Featuring India Circus - Cushions, iPad cover and Mug

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Sometimes, choosing the right foundation can be quite a task. People often opt for the wrong shade or type, and worse, order such products online, despite knowing that a foundation needs to be tested properly before application. If you pick a shade that does not match your complexion, everything goes horribly wrong. So among the sea of foundations that we have in the market today, we got our hands on 2015's new baby - the Za True White Liquid Foundation. While we reviewed (and liked) their compact foundation earlier here, we thought of testing the liquid range to find out if it stands by what it promises.

What it promises? - Radiance and Clarity. The Spotless Brightening Powder and Poreless Powder create Pearly White Skin. Za True White Plus Liquid Foundation contains Vitamins C & E derivatives, minerals and hyaluronic acid for skincare. Its base formula leaves skin feeling satiny, smooth and bright. Tested by dermatologists.

Product highlight: Contains SPF 25 PA++

Application: Apply an appropriate amount over face, while spreading evenly from the center of face and turning outwards.

Additional Instructions (As mentioned on the product): Reducing the amount of application will lower the level of protection significantly. This foundation is recommended for use with products that contain UV protection of SPF 15 or higher. 

Price & Shelf life: Rs 950 for 30ml. Lasts for three years from the date of MFG.

What works?
Texture - The texture of this product is creamy, yet this liquid foundation is very light and smooth. It does not feel too heavy and blends quite well into your skin (provided you choose the right shade). Once applied, you will notice how the product does not leave any dry patches (Golden tip: always make sure you moisturize your face before applying any kind of foundation).

Shade availability - They have great options to choose from and the shades have been chosen keeping in mind the warm Indian complexion. While there are five shades to choose from for those with yellowish undertones, there is one - PO 10 - for those with pink undertones. So, there is something for everyone.

Coverage & Protection: Those who are looking to hide their dark circles or a few marks here and there, this product is exactly what you need. It gives you perfect coverage, without making it look like you are actually wearing something on your face. The sun protection is a great add on. SPF 25 PA++ and the texture makes this foundation good enough to wear everyday. 

Blends well: The product does not leave a cakey or matte effect. Rather, it moisturizes your facial skin really well and leaves a soft, smooth and dewy finish, which is absolutely amazing. For someone with dry to combination skin, you can try the Za True White Liquid Foundation without thinking twice. It really worked well for me.

What doesn't?
Glass bottle - Despite the pretty packaging and the convenient pump dispenser, carrying a glass bottle around in your bag can be a problem, especially while traveling.

Oily skin woes - If you are someone who has oily skin or a T-zone with patches of oily skin on the forehead, nose and chin, then you might need a compact to go with this product.

Lasting power: Though it lasts for a good 4-6 hours on dry to combination skin, it may go down by a few hours for those with oily skin type.

Availability - Za products are currently available at select stores and retail outlets. This was my concern while testing the compact foundation as well.

Final Verdict
For all those pros that overpower the cons, the Za True White Liquid Foundation is undoubtedly a good investment. Its gives you a flawless, dewy finish and the texture is perfect. We love how this product blends well and does not make one feel like a kilo full of make up has been slathered on. Not really your best bet if you have got oily skin, but otherwise, this is one great liquid foundation available under Rs 1000.

Have you tried the Za True White Liquid Foundation? If yes, then join the conversation on Twitter - @priyaadivarekar - and let us know about your experience.

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There are conventional perfumes, with those typical notes that range from sweet to flowery and citrus. And then there is The Red Musk eau de parfum by The Body Shop, that defies all the quintessential fragrances and conventions. Even actress Jacqueline Fernandez swears by it. We got our hands on this sexy little bottle and after testing the product for almost a fortnight, we can safely say that this is one perfume that can add some 'spice' to your overall personality. Wanna know why? Read on.

1. Long Lasting
Anyone investing in a good perfume would obviously want to know how long the product will last. Maybe that's why, you will notice how several people hunting for the right perfume roam around with those white test strips in one hand, waiting for the perfume to settle down and reveal its 'lasting' result. Thankfully, The Red Musk, with its strong fragrance, lasts for a good number of hours, without changing its base notes.

2. Unconventional Aroma
The Red Musk is not your typical musky, super strong perfume. Its a unique fragrance that blends musk with spices. Unlike the sweet perfumes or those with strong notes of musk, this fragrance does not overpower. Instead, it leaves a lovely warm aroma, which is quite different from the rest.

3. Cruelty Free
We can't stop loving The Body Shop for this one aspect. All their products are cruelty free. We love everything that is not tested on animals, because everyone at Team Diary of a Dancebee loves our furry friends. And continuing the tradition, The Red Musk eau de parfum contains cruelty free musk, which is man-made and does not follow the perfume industry's norm of using the standard ingredient gathered from a deer (Say No to animal cruelty).

4. Spicy Ingredients
Ever heard of a perfume (that too cruelty free) which blends musk with hot spices like cinnamon, pepper and a hint of tobacco (don't eat it, spray it)? Yes, you read that right. The perfume includes notes blended with the sensuous musk that includes pepper at the top, cinnamon at the heart and tobacco accord dry down. Maybe that's why the brand challenged its consumers to 'Handle the Scandal'. After all, how many perfumes without flowery notes do we actually have? 

5. Pricing and Availability
Sometimes, too many options can spoil the party and leave you confused. So, if you are quite sure about picking up a androgynous fragrance without any hint of flowers, then all you have to do is head straight to The Body Shop outlet or order it online from their official website. The bottle, another sexy aspect, comes in 60ml priced at Rs 2995, which is quite easy on the pocket, when compared to similar perfumes available in the market.

Verdict: Take the unconventional route and get 'spiced up' with this hot, musky perfume by The Body Shop. With Holi and Gudi Padwa coming up, this also makes for a perfect gift for your special someone. PS: This is a unisex perfume, so your partner can use it without any guilt *wink*

Have you tried The Red Musk eau de parfum by The Body Shop?
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We are celebrating Shahid Kapoor's birthday! So, when ones talks about this multi-talented artist, how can anyone not discuss his dance moves? For someone who is legendary Kathak performer and actress Neelima Azim's son, dance has got to be in his genes. Although Shahid did try to learn a few Kathak moves during his childhood days, he did not continue to master the art. Instead, he enrolled at the Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts during his teens and became an instructor (His colleagues have great things to say about him). 

He went on to perform at several shows, and was even seen shaking a leg next to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Taal. But when it comes to Shahid taking the center stage, he performs like a true boss. He owns the spotlight and gets into the groove like a true dance lover. The actor has given us some delightful dance performances, in both his films and stage shows. Here's presenting a list of our favorites.

Gandi baat - R... Rajkumar

Trust Prabhu Dheva to make Shahid dance like a true blue tapori at a desi daru adda. When the first glimpse of this song was released, the entire nation went berserk. From the floor section moves to those fun, quirky expressions; Shahid nailed this Prabhu sir's style of choreography like a pro. Though Shahid confessed that this wasn't his kind of style and it was difficult to learn the moves (he even injured his toe), like a real focused artist, Shahid showed us that nothing is impossible. Masses at the single screens went ballistic when this song came up, and were even seen performing in front of the screen and throwing money as well.

Bismil - Haider

If there is any song in the recent times that has left us with goosebumps all over, it has to be Bismil. This visually stunning piece was a treat to watch on the big screen. Suresh Adhana's choreography, matched with Shahid's perfect movements and expressions made this song undoubtedly the best of 2014. It was also Shahid's first tryst with an out-and-out Kashmiri folk dance on screen.

Mauja hi Mauja - Jab We Met 

Talk about Shahid's best dance performances and how can we not feature the incredible Mauja hi Mauja? We have lost count of the number of times we have aped Shahid's flawless moves from this song at dance shows and college festivals. Every one around was keen on performing to this track, while doing the signature step. The song went on to become one of the top party numbers in 2007, and even today, people can't stop themselves from shaking a leg when this track is played on radio, television or at an event.

Tu mere agal bagal - Phata Poster Nikhla Hero

Admit it! No one could have done that doggie step the way Shahid has. During an earlier interview, choreographers Bosco - Caeser had confessed to us that it was Shahid's enthusiasm and dedication that made it easier for them to try something unique. The actor is always game for something fun and the fact that he enjoyed performing on this number translated on screen. Everybody was in love with the quirky moves and the way Shahid had added extra charm to it. Even we couldn't stop ourselves from doing the doggie dance on repeat.

Sang mere bol hadippa - Dil Bole Hadippa 

Another party number that became an instant rage. Shahid Kapoor's smooth moves and suave personality made this one a must watch. And we think he looked super cool while matching steps with Rani Mukerji. Again, the choreography was decided keeping in mind Shahid's excellent potential, especially his foot work. This song too, like some of his other popular dance number, was a hit among the youngsters.

Dhan te nan - Kaminey

That one track which shook the country, making everyone rise their hands up in the air with a fist pump to do the signature step. Kaminey was an important film in Shahid's career, but it was this song that became his trademark style. Wherever he went, the song would immediately pop up and the audience would request him to shake a leg on it. The two Vishals - Dadlani and Bhardwaj, created pure magic with this number, with Shahid getting into the groove with great ease and style.

Mujhpe har haseena - Ishq Vishk
Click the image to watch the full song
This is where it all began. This is where we saw the rise of a star. Shahid Kapoor's debut film made him the actor to watch out for. But above everything else, it was his performance in the medley 'Mujhpe har haseena' that made his female fans go weak in the knees. With some flawless air splits, insane moves and an affectionate smile that remained intact throughout the song, this was one helluva dance track. And, how can you just say no when a handsome guy asks - Kya mera chehra romantic hain?

Dhating naach - Phata Poster Nikhla Hero

Everybody loves some tapori dance, which you most likely to see at Ganpati visarjan or marriages. When Shahid does it, he sure does it in style. Dhating Naach is one song that is still played at Baaraats and Ganesh immersion processions. Shahid's quirky expressions and 'Imma dance without inhibitions' moves were loved by one and all. And to think of it, this track was choreographed and shot in a tight schedule, with Shahid getting very little time for rehearsals. Hail Sasha!

Honestly, the list of our favorite performances is quite exhaustive. There are SO MANY of them!
Saree ke fall sa, Aai Paapi, Shabe Firaq, Aashiqui; the list is endless. But if there is anything that you must leave all your work for and sit in front of the laptop to watch, it is Shahid's first MJ tribute at the Filmfare awards in 2010. One of our favorite and hands down, Shahid's best stage act till date.

Click on the image to watch!

Boy! Is there anything this guy can't do? And who else got goosebumps while watching this act? We sure did, thanks to Shahid's perfect moonwalk and that unmatched footwork.
Got a favorite that we missed? Tell us about it on Twitter at - @priyaadivarekar

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OMG! Look who's birthday we are celebrating at the Dancebee HQ today. The amazingly talented and humble, actor Shahid Kapoor turns a year older and I can't help but keep humming the Birthday Present track by DC Cardwell, which happens to be a favorite. So, our Haider boy is now 34 and trust me, he doesn't look even a year older than 21 to us. For someone who entered the Indian Film Industry at an early age, Shahid has experimented with a variety of different genres, worked with some of the finest directors, production houses and the best female actors. Apart from the films, the actor has time and again proved his incredible dancing and hosting skills at various award functions.
The result? Millions of fans (5.49M on Twitter alone, to be precise) across the globe and multiple fan-bases worldwide, where members keep increasing at the speed of lightening. And those moves! Gosh, how can anyone not love the way he dances? So, picking a few favorites from some 23 odd films is no mean feat, especially if you are someone who has seen all of them on repeat. But still, we present to you our favorite Shahid Kapoor performances.

Let's start off with the film that is currently enjoying an award spell! Shahid's impeccable performance as Haider Meer in this film made sure that leaves the theatre min blown, including me. Hamlet aka Haider was a challenge that Shahid accepted with great confidence and his dedication was hard to miss. He got into the skin of his character with great ease, connected with the audience through an array of emotions, gave the film his all and ultimately, proved that his acting prowess is unmatched. Critics, take that!

Jab We Met
We all love Jab We Met, don't we? And we can't help but fall in love with Shahid Kapoor memorable portrayal of the adorable Aditya Kashyap. Like imagine, The Aditya Kashyap, the guy who falls head over heels in love with the jhalli Geet, and goes all the way till Shimla and Manali looking for her. Shahid breathed life into Aditya (India's answer to Mr.Darcy) with his calm and natural performance. The way Shahid essayed Aditya's character with perfect style and charisma is a good example of how even the most simplest of characters can stay with you for good.

Image courtesy: Yasa Mirlo on Tumblr
Usne F ko F bola, and that was enough for the entire nation to stand up and take notice of him. It was amazing to see Shahid's successful transition from a lover struck boy in Kismat Konnection to playing complex characters in the following year. He took things a notch above by shedding his boy next door for a more rugged, tapori avatar in Vishal Bhardwaj's Kaminey. It made for a visual treat, the kind of cinema that you wouldn't mind watching back-to-back in a cinema hall. The film presented a never before seen side of the actor. In this sinister plot, with the perfect mix of violence and dark humour, Shahid played the role of twins with speech defects and boy, he sure did a fantastic job!


The film did great business at the box office, and it further established Shahid as not just the fun-loving college going boy, but also someone who can play the part of a mature, supportive lover with ease. This film was a high point in Shahid's third year as an actor, as the film earned him a lot of accolades and acclaim. Plus, he played the epitome of love in Sooraj Barjatya films - Prem, quite convincingly. With the perfect blend of emotions, subtle charm and that adorable look, we surely enjoyed watching Shahid in Vivah.

R... Rajkumar

Shahid teaming up with Prabhu Dheva was enough to get us jumping with joy. While most critics may differ with our opinion (I don't know why), R... Rajkumar was one of Shahid's exceptional performances. He was everything that a massy hero of a masala film would require. Action, drama, dance aur emotion; you name it and Shahid nailed them all. The actor confessed that it was quite a task to step into the shoes of a masala action hero, especially with all those moves that Prabhu sir made him do, but we couldn't have had it any other way. Nobody can do a Gandi Baat or Saree ke fall sa like Shahid can. Also, Silent ho ja, varna main violent ho jaunga is one cool dialogue.

So, while I am done with that tough task of putting together a top 5 list (in random order), I would like to add one more film. Although it went largely unnoticed (unfortunately), I really thought Shahid's performance as the ambitious Karan in Badmaash Company made quite an impact.

Got a favorite Shahid Kapoor film or want to wish the actor Happy Birthday?
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While we can't stop going 'Gaga' (quite literally) over the beautiful tribute to Sound of Music by Lady Gaga, or the inspirational speech by Graham Moore that gave 'Stay Weird' a new meaning, let's also shift our focus to some lovely ladies on the red carpet. They turned heads, made the best sartorial choices and stunned everyone with their appearances. Here's presenting the Dancebee's favorite red carpet looks at the 87th Annual Academy Awards.

Emma Stone in Elie Saab 

This woman never fails to disappoint. Trust Emma Stone to win hearts with all her stylish choices. For the Oscars 2015, she opted for a customized long sleeve Elie Saab gown in a stunning golden green shade. And she sure rocked with minimal accessories, bright lips, and a pair of matching green heels.

Dakota Johnson in Saint Laurent

Now that's how you do a red, hot number! Dakota Johnson rocked this shade as she walked the red carpet in a sparkling, fire engine red gown by Saint Laurent. Don't miss the minimal make up, accessories and simple up do. Dakota sure believes in letting her killer gown do the talking. Metallic ankle strap heels finished her the look.

Jennifer Lopez in Elie Saab

If there is anyone who can do justice to outfits with a plunging neckline, and make the entire look appear chic and classic; it is none other than the immensely talented Jennifer Lopez. Every time she makes an appearance, I wonder how she looks like a million bucks (since I have grown up dancing to her songs). Jennifer glowed and how in this beautiful embellished Nude Elie Saab dress. With a matching clutch, nude lips, sleek hairdo and matching earrings, JLo looked every inch a diva.

Reese Witherspoon in Tom Ford

Its what you call a classy appearance, with just a dash of black and white, and minimal accessories. The gorgeous Reese Witherspoon wowed one and all in this chic number by Tom Ford. It fits her so perfectly, and her most coveted accessory - the smile - does wonders too. Double thumbs up for this look!

Lupita Nyong'o in Calvin Klein

What's beautiful, customized and made up of more than 6000 pearls? Ahem, this stunning Calvin Klein gown worn by actress Lupita Nyong'o. While her 2014 appearance in Prada is still fresh in our minds, we love how Lupita did not disappoint us this year too with this halter neck dress with a keyhole cutout in the front. Must say, the girl makes some real good sartorial choices.

Anna Kendrick in Thakoon

Amid a sea of metallic hues, whites, blacks and grays; it was refreshing to see Anna Kendrick in this coral gown, which looked absolutely amazing on her. Anna opted for very little accessories, except a big rock on her finger and a pair of studded earrings by Norman Silverman Jewelry. What stood out was of course, the jeweled collar of her gown, and we like the overall simple look.

Rita Ora in Marchesa

The fairy tale (or should we say, fishtail) gown that we are totally digging, Rita Ora made sure that her debut at the Oscars this year is a memorable one. And it sure was. Apart from her performance, what stood out was her beautiful fishtail gown by Marchesa. We absolutely love how that midnight blue shade blends so well with the hint of gold on her gown. She kept in simple on the make up front, allowing her short crop in fresh blond hair dye to do the talking. We like!

Keira Knightley in Valentino

One of our favourite female actors, in one of our most loved labels. The stunning mommy-to-be, Keira Knightley looked every inch a diva from the Shakespearean era, as she made heads turn in this floral number by Valentino. Well, its amazing how Keira rocks every possible creation by Valentino! This beautiful gown, with intricate designs of floral motifs and words in French, truly looked delightful on Keira. She kept it simple with less make up, and an adorable head accessory finished her look. The actress was glowing as she posed for the shutterbugs, and then some more with her husband James Righton. 

Did you have any particular favorite look from this years female nominees and attendees? 
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As you guys know, we have been following up on this piece of news since day one. So, after a rather sad and gloomy Thursday, there were a few rays of hope that we could see in the form of a meeting between YRF and Maratha Mandir. While the decision to run the film for 10 weeks more was to be taken on Wednesday next week, it looks like public demand made the process even more easier. And now, for those who missed watching Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge at Maratha Mandir, do not fret, because the Raj-Simran romance is back at the same, old time slot.
An official statement from the folks at Yash Raj Films confirmed that DDLJ will be showed at 11:30 am again. They added that the sudden announcement of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge being pulled out from Maratha Mandir at the end of 1009 unprecedented weeks, resulted in a spontaneous and an overwhelming outcry from the audience, as well as dedicated fans of the movie, expressing their shock and disappointment.

We all know how ever since this news went out, the management at Maratha Mandir was flooded with requests to reinstate the movie, based on which they decided to immediately reconsider their decision. Now, it has been mutually decided to continue with the 11:30 am morning show - without breaking the uninterrupted run of the film. This, YRF believes, will only strengthen the unconditional love of all DDLJ fans over generations. They ended the note by expressing their gratitude to the management at Maratha Mandir, for taking the demands of the fans into consideration.
So, now that the film is back, who else is ready to 'fall in love... again' at the Maratha Mandir?

Much love,
Team Dancebee
With just three films behind him, actor Varun Dhawan took a plunge, the sort that very few actors his age would even think of. Shedding his lovable, boy next door image, Varun opted for a script that sees his character age from 20 to 40, with an emotional, revengeful journey as the backdrop. To top it all, his look and personality in the film, Badlapur, is a far cry from the usual, cheerful Varun that we are all used to seeing. But the actor took up the challenge quite confidently and after watching the promos, we must say, he has done a damn good job.

We caught up with the extremely talented and lovable twenty-seven-year old at Mehboob Studios on a busy weekday. The actor, dressed in casuals with a Badlapur badge displayed prominently on his T-shirt, was juggling multiple interviews in between several other commitments. But the moment he was informed that the legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar was shooting in the adjacent studio, he ran to catch a glimpse of him and like a true fan boy, got pictures clicked with the legend as well. "It is okay to go all fanboyish in front of Sachin sir" he stated, before settling down for a fun chat. Excerpts from a delightful conversation with the actor: 

You seem to have lost a lot of weight. Any particular reason?
(smiles) Yes, I have and its for my role in ABCD 2. We have got some crazy dance rehearsals going on for that. Also, my Badlapur producer Dino (Dinesh Vijan) is making me dance around a lot.

So, what was the transition from a boy next door to a revengeful, more mature character like for you?
See, if you want to take a revenge, you need to be like the next door lover boy first. It is only when you love someone truly, madly and deeply, that you can go all out to take revenge against someone who has caused harm to your love.

What was it about this script that attracted you first?
The very fact that Badlapur is the kind of a film that the audience is yet to see, and I can vouch for that. Sriram Raghavan is known to make unconventional films, and I am quite sure that will come across once you watch the film. It is much more than just a revenge drama. This film is very hard hitting.

Were there any apprehensions about working with Sriram Raghavan, since his last film, Agent Vinod, didn't do quite well?
Not really. I react more to stories and the kind of rapport that I build with the director. There are several directors who have made bad films, but then, went on to make good films as well. My father has also done bad films and still, delivered some really big hits. I have always felt Sriram is a great director and as a story, Badlapur really stood out for me.

At any point, did you feel you were taking a risk?
To do a film like Badlapur, which most people thought is a risk, I had to tell myself that yes, I have established a connect with my audience. Because only when you make a connect like that, can you convince the audience to accept the actor in different shades and character,

How difficult was it for you to get into the skin of Raghu, your character? 
It was a tough task, no doubt. I am nothing like Raghu. I am a very happy person. After portraying certain roles in the past, I had become a lot like them. But, Raghu is nowhere close to the person that I am, nor do I want to become like him (laughs). The anger and frustration in him is something else, and I don't really get angry so easily. This was the kind of an anger that you can see in one's eyes.
My father has also done bad films and still, delivered some really big hits. I have always felt Sriram is a great director and as a story, Badlapur really stood out for me
  How did you prepare yourself, mentally and physically, for the role?
A lot of mental and physical preparation went into the making of this character. Sriram had planned everything in advance. Major portions of the film were shot in Igatpuri, where we spent several days without electricity. I think that helped, because when you stay away from comfort and gel with the surroundings, you connect with the personality of your character and stay with it. During the filming, I would mostly stay alone and talk very less. So, that was a process that I had experienced for the first time as an actor, and it did affect me a lot. Also, we went through several workshops for the film, before we started shooting.

What was the reaction from your family when you first accepted the script?
Comedy is an amazing genre, where everything that you do is great fun. Even when you are doing a comedy film, you feel happy from within. But when you work in an emotional drama like Badlapur, you start behaving and talking in a different way, and the character takes over your personality. Maybe that's one reason why my father was a bit scared initially. Thankfully, it was Sriram sir's belief in me and my work, as well as my brother Rohit's encouragement, that helped me to confidently go ahead and work on this project wholeheartedly. Also, solely focusing on this film helped.

From a student to lover boy and now, you have also graduated to playing a father for the first time in a film.
(laughs) Well, I tried to pick up nuances from here and there. And although I am twenty-seven in real, there are several people who get married at a young age, so playing a father wasn't really tough. I also observed my brother, who is married, as well as a few other cousin brothers, who are now fathers. I noticed how they behaved, turned into kids in front of their wives and how they spoke to their kids among other things.

Were you expecting the kind of response that Badlapur's first look and promos received on the social media?
The response was overwhelming. And honestly, the media's constant support  also played a key role. Badlapur is not a big film, as it is made only on a budget of 25 crore, including P&A (promotions). All of us in the film have taken a fee cut, but if Dino can support a film like this, then that is the least we can do (smiles). So, this is actually my least expensive film. Also, a lot of people felt that this is a niche film, so despite all those assumptions, the kind of coverage and buzz that this film has received was incredible.
It was Sriram sir's belief in me and my work, as well as my brother Rohit's encouragement, that helped me to confidently go ahead and work on this project

Did you add your inputs in the promotional activities? 
All these Badlapur tees, sweatshirts, jackets and badges that you have seen me sporting during all the promotional activities was my idea (smiles).

When the first look of Badlapur released, a lot of people compared your look to that of Shahid Kapoor in Haider. How did you react to that?
That is a good thing, because I have seen Haider and I absolutely loved the film as well as Shahid's performance. The only thing important for me is to see Badlapur do well. I want to see how the audience reacts to my performance and the film.

How difficult was it for you to move from a film like Badlapur and then, start shooting for Any Body Can Dance 2?
Very difficult. I would actually end up taking my angry mood home. But fortunately, with ABCD 2, we started by filming two songs. So there, I had to just learn the choreography and dance. It was only later that we started working on the important scenes. In a way, ABCD 2 is like a complete rehab for me (smiles). Although its too early to talk about the film, I have tried several different dance forms, and contemporary is one of them.

So, how excited are you about ABCD 2?
A lot! Again, its not like any other usual dance film. We are doing a dance film in 3D, and that requires everything to be done in a different way. The positions, requirements and the shooting style is different. That's something new for me.
Major portions of the film were shot in Igatpuri, where we spent several days without electricity. I think that helped

Will we see you working with your brother, Rohit, anytime soon?
Of course, my next film is with Rohit. The film is titled Dhishoom and will also star John Abraham and Jacqueline Fernandez.

How do you think have you evolved as an actor?
I have learned how to disconnect from everything when I am filming. As in, disconnect from the technical process. It is important to just focus on your character. Like, while working on action oriented scenes or a gimmick, you need to be aware of the technicalities to create that atmosphere. But when it comes to an emotional film, you have to forget ki koi technicality exist bhi karti thi, So, one has to unlearn a lot of things according to the situation.

What is your biggest takeaway from Badlapur?
The fact that family means everything. If I ever imagine a life without my life, it would be very difficult.

-- By Priya Adivarekar --