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"Those who follow the crowd usually get lost. I don't know all the keys to success, but one key to failure is trying to please everyone."
There are people who are busy pleasing others, some who follow the rules dictated by their leaders, and then, there are those like me, who love standing out of the crowd. In today's day and age, where fairy-tale like Instagram posts and images of 'The perfect life' rule the roost, and where it is easy for others to influence your opinion (Yeah! Thanks, social media), being a real girl and standing out is no easy task. Despite coming from a simple, middle class family, I have a strong opinion, I create my own rules, and I don't follow what the world says without going through the process of questioning. While I am thankful to my parents, who despite all the hurdles in life, brought me up like this and educated me well. But, things go a lot beyond just the classroom education. It pains me to see several hundred girls still living the life of a clone. They are aiming to be someone else, a personality that does not belong to them. And then, there are others who are trying to show off a personality which is not them at all. Both the kinds belong to the same league, and maybe that's why, I will always prefer being in a league of my own.

The post is serious and questions a lot of issues that our society is currently facing (No! I am not discussing bans), but the outfit is fun! This is one of my favourite go-to outfits for a day out. There is nothing that a comfortable pair of sneakers, well fitted dress and the perfect bag pack can't do.

Of course, taking good care of your skin and exercising regularly is normal, but obsessing over a so-called flaw and trying to be like someone is not. I have often come across comments and conversations, when women discuss how they would do anything to get luscious locks like a particular actress or model. Maybe, that explains the huge demand for fairness products and cosmetic surgeries in the Indian market. This everlasting need to be like someone, to look perfect and to get that right photograph for Instagram (to get several likes and if you don't, you end up buying them) is driving several women into depression and other forms of illnesses. It may hit you, and you will never know. Instead, have you tried asking yourself, "Why do I need to look like someone, when I am perfect, just the way I am!"

Admit it, nobody in this world is perfect and no, I haven't come across any definition of what makes an individual perfect. A pimple on the forehead does not make you look any less beautiful than what you looked like before the zit popped. Having freckles does not make less you pretty, and no, being short or plump does not restrict you from doing anything cool in life. You can still be awesome and rule the world with all these so called 'problems', which according to most of you, are life threatening.  Perhaps, you fear that these so called flaws will affect your future, or maybe, you fear the society!

"Is saal patli lag rahi ho" "What is that mark on your forehead? Last year toh nahi tha" - lines that will make thousands of you cringe. But is impressing the society really your ultimate goal? Is life all about impressing others, and eventually, losing your own personality? No! God has not blessed you with a human life, so that you can just hear random taunts and keep mum. Speak up and learn to answer their questions in a straightforward manner. Keeping quiet will only give rise to more body shaming and notorious comments about a girl's complexion, hair and fashion choices. Someone has to put an end to this circle, so why not you? But before you take the plunge, learn to love yourself first. Because if you can't love yourself, no one will take you seriously. 

I have gone through the whole drill of teenage skin horrors, unnecessary comments passed by extended relatives and societal judgements. But till date, I have never allowed their opinion and my so called 'flaws' to affect me. I simply ignore such conversations with a smile (and then, end up giving a sarcastic response, which makes sure they never mess with me). I have always believed that in the end, it is your work and character that speaks volumes about you, and not your complexion, height or weight. A legendary human being is always remembered for his / her contribution to a specific field of study or the society, not the pimple or freckle on his / her cheek. And please, no fairness cream is going to ensure that you get a job. That's like following a herd mentality. Be happy with what you have and invest in your education instead. 

Wear your favourite clothes with pride, flaunt those curves, stop hiding that pimple and take pride in all that you have. Stop aping people and presenting the girl that you are not. Be yourself, because there is no one like you! You don't need followers and likes to tell you how beautiful you are. Stand out of the crowd and say - This is the real me. Be yourself, and nothing can stop you from being the best! (And the next time anyone passes a taunt, you know what to do).

Being Myself | Outfit Post
Dress: Vero Moda India
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Adidas
Accessories: Aviators - RayBan, Watch - Swatch
Make Up By - Lakme
Hair By - Bed Head by TIGI India
Shot by: Team Dancebee

The Dancebee
 Akshay Kumar is unstoppable, even after ruling the industry like a boss for more than two decades,. Unlike most actors, Akshay loves working on multiple films and the audience can't have enough of him either. While he started 2015 with a fabulous film like Baby, both Gabbar Is Back and Brothers earned him accolades for his performance. For someone who is not bothered by the box office collections of his films, Akshay's only aim is to entertain his audience with characters that are different from the ones that he has done in the past. In the same quest, Akshay has left Happy Singh from Singh Is King behind and has stepped into the shoes of Raftaar Singh in the upcoming Singh Is Bliing (and no, the two films are not related).

The first time I met Akshay sir was when I was all of 8, on the sets of a dance reality show, where he was present as the judge during Hera Pheri promotions (and when I narrated the story to him after our chat, he refused to believe that our picture together was almost 15 years old. He kept saying, "Both of us still look the same"). Even then, I was quite inspired by his dedication and focus. The actor had made sure that all the props and necessary arrangements were made in time for his performance, and continued shooting till 4 am, till he got all his shots right. 2015 again gave me the chance to meet the Khiladi Kumar twice, but this time, as the creative director of Diary of a Dancebee. First, during Baby promotions, and now, in a between super long day for Singh Is Bliing promotions at a suburban luxury hotel. Dressed in simple casuals, Akshay walks in and settles down quickly, after a short chat (in Marathi) with his security team. "We started these interviews at 6 am and now, it is almost 5 pm. I start my day early, around 4 - 5 am, and sleep on time, around 9 - 10 pm. I always make sure that work does not interfere with my lifestyle," he said. Well, that just confirms, years come and go, but some things never change, and in the case of Akshay Kumar, it is his discipline. Apart from his films, the actor was recently in the news for his donation of 90 lacs for the farmer suicide cause in Maharashtra. But instead of talking about it, the actor chose to keep it low and stated, "I don't like talking about charity. It's a personal thing and everyone must help those in need." In a candid chat with Diary of a Dancebee, the actor talks about Singh Is Bliing, journey as an actor, the mathematics of cinema, memories of ganesh chaturthi, and his encounter with Mufasa - the lion!

You have always stated that comedy is your favourite genre and you are getting back to it with Singh Is Bliing. How excited are you?
To be honest, I am very excited, because since the last two - two and a half years, I have been doing a lot of serious stuff. These films aimed at spreading a message. But getting back to doing commercial cinema has been a great experience. Around the same time, I also got the opportunity to do Housefull 3, which we have started filming in London. Houseful 3 is all about going as wild as one can go. Post that, I will get back to some serious films again, so in a way, it is good to get a breather and feel relaxed in between serious projects. Doing different things always excites me.

But, do you think it can get stressful at times, especially while shifting from one character to another?
Not at all. Firstly, I am not the kind of an actor who will get all serious and behaves like the character 24x7. Its all fake! Let's be practical. As actors, we get fancy vanity vans with air conditioners, the best of food and comfort, bowl full of dry fruits, the best of female actors to work with (laughs), so it is not that taxing. Actually, whenever journalists hear an actor say something like this, you should just say to yourself - "Jhooth bol raha hain yeh" (laughs).

How does it feel to be among the first few actors who started the trend of mainstream heroes doing comic roles?
Actually, it was Bachchan sahab who started the trend and was the first one to do films like Desh Premee. He was the first actor who played the hero and his character had a comic touch. A lot like what Mehmood sahab and Kishore sahab used to do. Very few people did it, and I just followed them. It's great to do comedy, and it is absolutely difficult. But unfortunately, a comic hero is not getting his due in the industry, because we look down on them. Unless you are doing romance or tragedy. Its like, unless you don't cry or scream, you can't get the best actor award. If you are making people laugh, they look at it as buffoonery. I fail to understand this behaviour. Its absolutely ridiculous!

But unfortunately, a comic hero is not getting his due in the industry, because we look down on them. Unless you are doing romance or tragedy. Its like, unless you don't cry or scream, you can't get the best actor award.

While Baby and Gabbar Is Back performed well at the box office, Brothers, unfortunately, wasn't received that well. Did it leave you feeling disappointed?
I don't really see it as a failure. The film did average business, but I am very proud to do a film like this. Brothers was an emotional film, with one of the most amazing fight sequences ever witnessed on screen. Since the film was about mixed martial arts, it is and will always be very close to my heart. Through Brothers, I got a chance to introduce something new to the audience and I am definitely proud about it. There is no room for disappointment.

You are one of the few actors who do 3-4 films a year, with an average of one film per quarter. But, do you think it will help if there is a sufficient gap between your film releases?
While I know that my films are lined up once in every 3-4 months, I make sure that my character is different and I am offering something new to my audience. Plus, I ensure that it is made in a certain amount, because I am the producer in most cases. If you look at the mathematics, my films are made at a COP (cost of production) of 30 crores on an average. If you make a film for 5 rupees and earn 8, we are still earning a profit of 3 rupees. So, whatever the result, I am the one who will face it, whether profit or loss. I am happy, irrespective of my film's fate. You know, I recently met a light man, who joined his palms and said, "Sahab, main aapko thank you bolna chahta hoon. Aap inti saari filmien karte ho, toh hamare pass kaam rehta hain." Then, my make-up man told me that he earns the most in this industry. So, I don't see anything wrong in doing multiple films a year.

Are you planning to do any more films based on mixed martial arts (MMA)?
Not yet. But, if there is any suitable script, I would love to do it. Right now, I am focusing on my MMA tournament in Surat. I am looking forward to it and I am thankful, because the Chief Minister of Gujarat will be present. The idea is to take this tournament to every nook and corner of India. I want people to know that learning martial arts or any form of self defence is extremely important.

You are the only actor who loves experimenting with stunts and tries new action sequences in every film. So, is there anything unique that we will get to see you do in Singh is Bliing?
Absolutely! In this film, I shot an important sequence with a lion. His name was Mufasa. That is a big stunt in itself (laughs). Not that I am fighting with him, but this super hug lion is sitting in my car, right behind me. They got him and there was an incident which freaked me out. While shooting, he saw his own reflection in the windscreen and thought that there was another lion in front of him. He got angry and broke the windscreen. I just ran away. People were like, "Aap toh Khiladi ho. Woh kuch nahi karega," and I just said, "Bhai, hum Khiladi the. Main jaunga hi nahi. Woh maar dega or finally, film ke end mein mera photo aayega - Late Akshay Kumar - aisa like ke" (laughs). But it was an incredible experience. Such a good looking, loveable, full grown lion, that you will end up falling in love with him. But working with him was a risk, because if you hang around when he is not in the mood, aap toh gaye bhai.

Whatever the result of my films, I am the one who will face it, whether profit or loss. I am happy, irrespective of my film's fate. 

Both you and Twinkle have a humorous side, which is poles apart. 
Honestly, her humour in books and columns, even at the book launch, was not a surprise for me, because I get to see that everyday (laughs). If you compare our sense of humour, then she definitely has an edge. My humour is different. It is very Punjabi. Twinkle is very sharp and blunt. Even when it comes to the kind of humour used in my films, she has her own choices. She may like slapstick comedy sometimes, but it depends on how everything is presented.

With star kids and actors with godfathers making it big in the industry today, how do you see your journey of becoming a star without any support?
It would be wrong on my part to say that nobody makes it big on their own merit. Just because somebody is an actor's son, doesn't mean that he can become a star without working hard. You cannot survive in this industry without hard work. You can't achieve anything without it. There are many actors who are star kids and perhaps, they haven't worked hard. So, they couldn't make a mark at all.

Do you think there is a different between the content and kind of films that were made a decade back, when compared to the projects now?
Absolutely, and that is because the audience has changed. So, as long as the audience will keep changing, even the content will go through changes.  The writers think according to what the people want nowadays. So, the supply will be according to what both the multiplex and single screen audience demands. I personally think that the changes will be drastic in the coming years. According to me, 2016 will be a golden period for the industry, due to some reasons which I feel will work for the industry. You can expect a lot of changes from October - November.

The country is celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with a lot of enthusiasm. What is your childhood memory of celebrating the festival like?
When I was staying in Bandra east, I used to have great fun and even dance on the roads. Then even when we shifted to Lokhandwala, there was a Ganpati in our building. I remember dancing like crazy and taking the idol to Versova for immersion. We used to be awake all night, play games, organise competitions, do the aarti, go to different houses for prasad, enjoy the food. It was great fun and I have amazing memories. It's a lovely festival, which is extremely auspicious. But at the same time, it is important for us to understand that saving the environment is crucial. The eco-friendly idols are expensive, but at least they are not harming the nature and they quickly dissolve in the water. I stay near the beach and the worst sight after immersion day is to wake up to remains of the idols, hands and legs in different parts of the beach. It is very sad!

There are many actors who are star kids and perhaps, they haven't worked hard. So, they couldn't make a mark at all.

How does it feel when younger actors like Tiger Shroff look up to for inspiration? 
I feel good about it. Even Tiger is one of the few actors who loves martial arts and parkour. He indulges into a lot of physical fitness activities. He is one of the few people I know who does not indulge in extra products, which a lot of youngsters do use as a shortcut for a better physique. Hats off to him!

You have completed 25 years in the industry. How do you look back at your journey in the industry so far?
It has been a good one, nothing less than a roller coaster ride. The kid in me loves such roller coaster rides. There is a lot more left and I shall keep up with it in all my upcoming films.

What's 2016 going to be like for your fans?
There is Airlift in January. I have also started working on Housefull 3, and then there is Rustam with Neeraj Pandey. Currently, all my energies are focused on these project. If there is anything new that comes my way, I will end up announcing it anyway.

By Priya Adivarekar
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In part one of this feature, we discussed 6 important changes in our lifestyle, that can help beat the unnecessary stress and tension in our lives. In this part, holistic health guru Mickey Mehta discusses 6 exercises and workout routines, that will help beat stress and leave you feeling energetic, calm and cool.

Cardio Workout: They help to improve blood circulation and oxygenation. Exercises like spot jogging, jumping jacks and activities like skipping, swimming, brisk walks among others can benefit an individual a lot. You can begin with some of these as a warm up  exercise and gradually, increase the time devoted to each activity. It helps in breaking your otherwise mundane routine, and leaves you feeling refreshed.
Strength Exercises: These are extremely beneficial for those feel tired and lethargic very often. Exercises like biceps curls, triceps extensions, push ups, squats and lunges helps strengthen your bones, ligaments and muscles. Regular routines will promote stamina and endurance. Say goodbye to Monday blues and unnecessary stress.

• Stretches: Perform suryanamaskar, tadasana, side stretch, neck rotation, arm rotation, shoulder shrugs among others on a regular basis. This will allow your body to get flexible and will relax your muscles, making you more agile. It will also help to alleviate neck pain, lower back pain, wrist aches, and other problems, that are often faced by those who sit in front of the computer for long hours in office.
• Yoga for Core Strength: Yogasanas like bhujangasana, naukasana, pawanmukhthasana, paschimotasana, sethubandhasana, plank pose among others are excellent for overall core strength and stability. Yoga builds your immune system and protects you against not just stress, coronary heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes and obesity. 

• Deep Breathing Exercises: Pranayam helps in keeping your mind, body and soul calm. It helps in inner balance and revitalizes the body, clears clutter and confusion; thus bringing clarity to the mind. When stress builds up, it is important to allow your mind and body to relax. 

• Have Realistic Goals and Targets: Being healthy is extremely important and that includes having the right balance of strength, stamina, tone and energy, with special emphasis on keeping your-self stress and disease free. A mix of yoga, right breathing techniques, sensible eating plan, meditation, simple exercises, adequate rest and relaxation is the perfect mix for a healthy, stress-free life!

By Mickey Mehta 
for Diary of a Dancebee
Got a query or topic that you would like Holistic Health Guru and our celebrity columnist - Mickey Mehta - to answer or discuss? Send in your suggestions / questions on Twitter at @priyaadivarekar
Just one more fortnight and we will be down to the last quarter of the year. One of the most crucial ones for Bollywood, honestly, because this is where most of the big ticket projects will hit the marquee, thanks to the ongoing festive season. Most films have already reserved a festival date for themselves, way in advance, in order to ensure that not just their target audience, but every cine-goer enjoys their dose of entertainment during the long weekend. While there are several films, like Jazbaa, which marks the return of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Talvar (based on the Arushi Murder Case), and even the well promoted Akshay Kumar starrer Singh Is Bliing, which looks promising; we have shortlisted 5 films which are not just making the right noises, but have also left the audience curious and excited for the film's release. Let's take a look at the top 5 films that we can't wait to watch this year (in order of release date)!

Right from the motion poster, to the trailer and finally the first song launch, this film is killing it with its fun and quirky appeal. Most Bollywood fanatics have been quite curious to see just how well will the Shahid - Alia jodi fare, considering it is the first time they are doing a film together. And well, not only did the trailer shun the naysayers with some sizzling (and cute) chemistry between the two, the endearing chemistry shared by Shahid and his off screen papa, Pankaj Kapoor, also left a delightful smile on our face. With Vikas Bahl helming the project after his award winning and much loved, Queen, and the Karan Johar + Phantom + Fox Star Studios producing it, Shaandaar is gonna be one helluva joyride. Save the date! It's coming this Dussehra (October 22).

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo
A Diwali release + Salman Khan = can't you hear firecrackers bursting out loud already? Prem Ratan Dhan Payo marks director Sooraj Barjatya's return as the captain of the ship after 9 years (his last directorial venture being Vivah, starring Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao). While we all saw actors like Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor taking over the lead as Prem for sometime, in 2015, the original Prem - Salman Khan is all set to get into the groove once again. The actor will be seen opposite Sonam Kapoor and the film is said to be yet another Barjatya style family drama, filled with emotions, grand set ups and melodious songs (we hear this album will have as many as 10 tracks).  With Sunny Deol's Ghayal Returns pushed to a later date, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo will enjoy a solo release during the Diwali week. Dear BO, hope you are ready to handle the madness on November 12!

Imtiaz Ali, Ranbir - Deepika, and exotic locations. Now, do you still need a reason to watch the film? Tamasha has got everything going for it, right from the cast, crew to stunning locales that one can see in all the official stills. The film marks hit pair Ranbir - Deepika's return and it also happens to be the second time these good looking actors will be working with Imtiaz Ali (while Ranbir has worked with him in Rockstar, Deepika did Love Aaj Kal). While the buzz around this film in both social and print media is very strong, the makers are currently using social network platforms like Facebook and Twitter to put up fun sneak peek videos. One of the recent ones even had Ranbir messing up all the official social media handles of Tamasha. Exclusive stills from the film are also being shared from time to time, which is generating a strong buzz among film lovers. We are quite sure this terrific combo is all set to break records once again!

Bajirao Mastani
Sanjay Leela Bhansali's epic saga, Bajirao Mastani, is one of the most anticipated films of 2015. We all know this was SLB's dream project, that kept waiting in the wings due to cast issues for several years. Now that the film is on the verge of completion, all the updates and teasers are leaving us excited and thrilled. For someone who has grown up reading a lot about the Maratha and Peshwa history, it will be a delight to watch SLB's version of the classic Bajirao - Mastani love story, on the big screen. Keeping in mind the kind of larger than life films that he is known for, we are quite sure that SLB's dream project will win our hearts. With a stellar star cast that includes Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra, who look their part and have got into the skin of their characters with ease, this is one film to watch out for on December 18! We can't wait for the theatrical trailer and music album now.

What better than watching two of our favourite romantic leads - Shahrukh Khan and Kajol - making a return to the silver screen after My Name Is Khan. Ever since the first look still of Dilwale was officially released, all hell broke loose. People on social media went crazy, tweeting and posting updates, while expressing their thoughts about the return of SRK - Kajol. Director Rohit Shetty is one lucky fella. He got SRK to do the 'Lungi Dance' in Chennai Express, and now he is making the actor run around in snow (this time with Kajol), while shooting a song in Iceland. The film is almost complete and it also stars teenage heartthrob Varun Dhawan and actress Kriti Sanon. The ensemble cast will also include Johnny Lever and Sanjay Mishra. But while Dilwale promises to set the cash registers ringing, it will also ensure a major clash with yet another big film. Dilwale will release during the Christmas week - December 18, which also happens to be the release date of Bajirao Mastani. It won't be wrong to call this the clash of the titans. But while their ultimate fate will only be known on the 18th, one thing is for sure - On December 18th, love will be in the air!

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The Dancebee
My first epilator was by Braun, a simple hand and leg epilator that I had purchased with my own money during degree college years. Waxing or creams are not really the ideal ways of hair removal for someone with sensitive skin. Though I must admit, there have been days when I couldn't spend too much time and would prefer making a stop at the salon for a quick wax session. And all hell would break loose after a few days, when red bumps would say hello and not leave until I would apply fresh aloe gel. Razors? I am not even getting there (and I haven't tried them either). So, the epilator was certainly a boon, but it did have a few setbacks. The cord would restrict my movements, the epilation modes were limited, I had to spend several minutes to make sure that my hands look clean and feel smooth, and of course, I had to ensure that there is enough light nearby.
But recently, when Braun introduced me to the all new Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa, I was told that it had a solution to all my worries and more. So, does it really have an answer to all the above mentioned problems? Read the review to find out.

What? - Braun Silk-épil 9 Skin Spa
Price: Rs 10985

What does it promise? Braun introduces Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa: the new standard of epilation excellence combined with an innovative sonic exfoliation brush. With a 40% wider head, the new Silk-épil 9 covers more area and removes more hair in one stroke for faster epilation.The MicroGrip tweezer technology introduces Braun's most innovative tweezers with an improved geometry to increase the plucking and feeding performance and gently remove more hairs in one stroke. The combination of these two features results in faster hair removal, even on the shortest hairs (0.5mm) that wax cannot catch, for up to 4 weeks of smooth skin. The exfoliation brush removes dead skin cells thanks to its massaging micro-vibrations that visibly improve skin's appearance by exfoliating it 4x better than a manual treatment alone. The Wet & Dry cordless usage allows you to use it in the bath or shower for a gentler epilation. When used regularly, epilation is virtually painless.

Packaging: The main body (with the extra wide epilation head) and the exfoliation brush are all neatly placed in the box. All the additional parts have been packed separately in a plastic bag inside the box. The kit comes with a handy manual, which has tips and step-by-step processes on how the product can be used. It also includes the warranty card.

How to use (Epilator)? -  Use the epilation head and attach either the massage cap or the skin contact cap (depends on whether you are used to regular epilation or not. If you are a first time user, go with the massage cap, seen in the picture above). Select the speed, depending on the kind of epilation that you want (I for gentle and II for efficient). In case you are trying the dry usage method, make sure your skin is free from any grease or cream. If its the wet method, make sure your skin is moist. Stretch your skin and make sure that the epilation area is in close contact with your skin. Move the epilator slowly, without any pressure, against the hair (in the direction of the switch). For better results, guide the product in different directions, as the hair growth may differ. The manual includes points on how the product can be used with other parts, for a complete hair-free experience.

Epilation Tips: ☻ It is advisable that you epilate a day before an important event / meeting. This ensures that you have enough time to let any possible post-epilation reddening subside. 
☻ Make sure that you follow up with a good moisturiser or aloe gel after the epilation.
☻ If the hair length is long, it is advisable that you first shave and then, let your hair grow back to at least 0.5mm.
☻ If you are using the shaver head attachment (image given below), make sure it is done only on dry skin.

Overall Experience: Fuss-free and absolutely painless! That's how I can describe my trial. The subsequent trials helped in adjusting to the product and over time, the process became a super fast way to get rid of unwanted hair. I always opt for the wet usage method and the fact that this epilator is cordless and safe to use in the shower is the biggest boon. I use the exfoliation process at least a few days (mostly a week) before the epilation, to ensure that the dead skin cells are gone. I tried the exfoliation brush with my new favourite - The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea Scrub and the result was supremely smooth skin. The exfoliation helped, as the epilation that was followed a few days later ensured that there are no in-growths left. I am yet to test facial epilation and so, the moment I try it, the experience shall be posted on our social media handles. So far, I am satisfied with the way it has treated my skin - no irritation, pain or damage. Plus, the fact that it is so handy and quick to use is a big win, especially keeping the kind of lifestyle that we live in mind. The smart light is saviour, as it helps you keep a tab on every strand of hair, no matter how big or small. The exfoliation brush makes it the perfect skin spa and is one of the highlights of this kit. The kit is travel friendly, with the main product, additional parts and exfoliation brush hardly weighing a few grams. The Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa is everything that you need for a complete hair-free experience, that is painless and absolutely convenient.

Pros: travel friendly
multiple benefits
quick process
easy wet usage method of epilation
excellent exfoliation
well priced (keeping in mind the amount one ends up paying for every wax session or hair removal cream tube)
Available in different colours (including pink)

Cons: None so far!

Verdict: To sum it up, the Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa is a must have for every woman on the go. Try getting used to his hassle-free epilation process, you will get your weekly bi-monthly wax appointments.

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The Danceebee
It's rare for someone like me (with sensitive skin) to come across a scrub that is not just gentle, but also extremely hydrating. So far, I have always stayed away from trying body scrubs, because they often lead to de-hydrated, dry skin. And when The Body Shop recently launched their all new Fuji Green Tea collection and sent us products from the range, I thought I'll give the scrub a miss. But while checking out the texture of each product, I was quite impressed with this scrub and curious to know if it will change my perception. Curious that I am, I decided to take a risk and test The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub. The result (and honest opinion) - I am hooked, and how!

What? - The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Body Scrub
Quantity: 250ml
Price: Rs 1295

What does it promise? The product perfect for cleansing and exfoliating, the crisp and refreshing scent of Fuji Green Tea™ Body Scrub helps to lift away dead skin cells, detox the body, and prepare skin for moisture. The Green Tea range of products helps in lifting away dead skin cells. Infused with replenishing green tea from Japan, which helps you get healthy looking skin. Enriched with Community Fair Trade Honey from Ethiopia.

How to use? - Use a spatula or spoon to get the required amount of product in your hand (I prefer using it this way, as it does not waste any product and this process is hygienic). Apply to damp skin in a circular motion, then rinse thoroughly for refreshingly smooth skin. For best results, use two to three times a week. 

Packaging: A sturdy plastic jar, which is transparent (and cute). The product is easily visible through this jar, so you can keep a tab on the amount that you are using. The metallic cap fits well and ensures that the product does not spill. Safe to carry while traveling.

Texture: Smooth, gel based scrub with micro-granules. The granules are not harsh and the product is extremely light weight.

Overall Experience: This is exactly what I was looking for! A light weight, gentle scrub that does its job well, without drying your skin out. Right from the delightful fragrance to the texture, packaging and introducing a refreshing ingredient like the Fuji Green Tea, The Body Shop has nailed it in every department. The product starts working the moment you start massaging it on your body in the shower. Within minutes, you start feeling relaxed, hydrated and squeaky clean; all this, right after the first use! 2-3 trials later, I was in love. I noticed that the scrub helped in exfoliating and ensuring that my skin remains soft, while getting rid of the dead cells (this is where the gel + micro-granules formula comes to the rescue) and even some pesky in-growths.  What’s also amazing is the fact that a little product goes a really long way, which means, the jar will last you for a good 6-7 months, depending on the way you use it. Honestly, using this scrub feels like a trip to the spa. And the best part? It works well on all skin types. One of our team members, who has oily skin, tried the scrub and made a trip to the TBS store to pick up her own jar. Now you know what I mean by getting hooked on, right?

Pros: Delightful fragrance
Refreshing mix of ingredients
Gentle texture
Works well on all skin types
Well priced for a 250ml jar

Cons: None

Verdict: The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea Scrub has fast become one of my favourite skincare products. I am totally stocking up on this, and so should you! 

Have you tried any product from The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea range?
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Last Sunday, The St.Regis Hotel (erstwhile Palladium Hotel) was buzzing with activities, thanks to the fact that it was the venue for one of Mumbai's most renowned fashion events - Lakme Fashion Week. And the atmosphere at 5 pm was quite something. After all, it was the final showcase being presented at the main stage area and that too, by none other than popular designer Tarun Tahiliani. The showcase was presented by Reliance Trends. If you have been following our updates on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you would know how I was on the hunt for the perfect outfit from Reliance Trends and ultimately,  you guys helped me choose a floral twin set for the showcase. I opted for a sleek ponytail, deep marsala lips and no accessories (check the complete look here). Reliance Trends invited us to watch the showcase and needless to say, just like every season, Tarun Tahiliani (who has collaborated with Reliance Trends for the second time) left everyone in the audience mesmerised with his stunning collection. And well, showstopper actress Chitrangda Singh in a gorgeous black velvet jacket with intricate gold details, only helped the temperatures rise on an otherwise gloomy Sunday.

The 2015 Autumn/Winter line from Tarun Tahiliani presents a couturier’s skill in the form of a prêt a porter collection. The ready-to-wear line is a homage to construction, albeit in the form of exotic prints. The beautiful Russian influences in bold and colourful stripes and chits remind you of the rich visual intensity of Central Asian textile tradition. On the other hand, the Shiraz inspiration (named after a city in Iran) could be easily spotted in the form of lovely mosaics and kilim weaves. The collection also took a lot of inspiration from carpet weaves, as the concentric borders of the woven-art were included in vibrant hues of rust, olive and blue prints on several outfits, including kaftans, tunics and shift dresses. The collection included a wide variety of drapes, dhotis, kedia jackets, wraps, tunics and skirts.
According to Tahiliani, the idea was to tone down the palette for fall (which was a breakaway from his rather colourful showcase - The Singh Twins - last season). The silhouettes were more easy, that allowed space for clean, sensually draped capes, jumpsuits, and sarees. While talking about his collection, Tahiliani stated that the idea behind this collection was to connect with the past, while forging an identity with the future.

Separates dominated the collection. The idea was to allow an individual to mix and match, take their own decision and put together the outfit in a way that defines their personality. The melange of a sari with a jumpsuit gave the Concept Sari a perfect makeover, with pleats, a draped dupatta and only a single zipper. This style was definitely the biggest highlight of the showcase (and Team Dancebee's personal favourite as well). The showcase saw an interesting mix of colour palette, ranging from bridal reds to steel, gray and a lot of black and gold. One could also see saris and kurtis paired with gilts and capelets, thus making the entire outfit look more hip. Each outfit had an ethnic charm, with twists that were more young and edgy.

Amidst a claps and cheers, Chitrangda Singh sashayed down the ramp and posed for the shutterbugs, and the models took a bow, as the showcase came to an end. The collection left everyone spellbound, as audience members walked out, discussing their favourites and talking about how they would love to style a few elegant pieces for the upcoming festive season. Clearly, the Reliance Trends presents Tarun Tahiliani show was the perfect mix of glam meets elegance, and we are totally eyeing those stunning concept saris for Diwali this year!

What do you think about the collection presented by Tarun Tahiliani this year?
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Since childhood, we have all been taught that health is our greatest wealth. To swear by this golden rule in life, people opt for various methods, which include hitting the gym, signing up for various fitness classes, and of course, dieting. The fact that several hundred diet courses are available in the market, only shows its great demand. However, along with such fads come several myths that often lead to confusion. What is a boon in one plan, may turn out to be a bane in the other. So what should one do? Well, just act sensible and find out the right combination of exercise and food plan that works for you. And no, crash dieting doesn't work. We list down 5 myths related to good health.

“I run on the treadmill every day, which means I am fit” - Erm, no! Spending 15 random minutes on the treadmill is not everything. While at the gym, shut off the world (the gym is not a place to gossip) and divert all your attention to the workout. Follow the instructor’s advice and focus on different parts of your body each day. Work on your stamina, track your progress regularly, and make note of your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, include brisk walking, yoga or a fun activity for added benefits. Don’t treat it as a formal drill, make healthy living your lifestyle.

“I am losing weight, because I am on a juice diet” - Juice diet may work as good detox for a day or two, but skipping meals entirely and starving yourself by only drinking fruit juices for days and weeks is insane. During the course, you may end up feeling weak & exhausted, or even worse, falling sick. Your body needs healthy solid foodstuff too. Balanced meals are the way to go.

“I had a heavy breakfast, so I can skip my lunch” - Not really! A heavy breakfast helps you stay on your toes all day, but the lunch will help you cope with the later (more exhaustive) part of the day. A wholesome, nutritious lunch is extremely important. Don’t eat till you stuff your face and feel like throwing up. Divide the day’s food plan into 5–6 small meals.

“The plan worked for my friend, who is the same age, so it will work on me too” - Kidding, right? No two individuals are the same, and everybody has different requirements. A lot of factors, including your BMI (Body Mass Index), internal and external health issues, family health history among other things, have to be kept in mind before you go ahead with a fitness or food routine. Plus, the key areas that need to be worked upon differ too. So, think twice before you blindly follow a family member, peer, or favourite celebrity’s fitness/food plan.

“I had a bowl full of fresh fruits in the morning. Having a plate of French fries now causes no harm.” - If you have committed to following a particular routine, stick to it. Don’t cause disruptions that can ruin your health during the course. A few cheats once a week are fine, but otherwise, junk food items that do no good to your body are best avoided.

While there are several myths, the best you can do for yourself is to take control of your life at the right time. And if you still dread the consequences of all the time that you have wasted earlier, opting for a health insurance plan may be a good choice. We recently came across Royal Sundaram’s Health Insurance Plan, and after learning how they have been at the forefront of innovative insurance solutions since several years, we definitely thought of giving it a serious thought. After all, precaution is always better than cure, and your health is definitely more precious than anything else under the sun. You may act lazy, make excuses, and try convincing yourself that you don’t need to make that extra effort, but remember, in the end, it is YOU who will reap the benefit.

-- This post is written in collaboration with Royal Sundaram --

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