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There is a brand new hair care product in the market and we have got a detailed review of this super silky and refreshing silk serum, on our YouTube channel. Watch Priya Adivarekar talk about her experience of using Livon's Moroccan Silk Serum and check out how she rates the fragrance, texture and other aspects of this product.

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The road to fitness is not just about investing in good equipment and fancy food items. A very important aspect, that most people fail to take seriously, is the workout wear. Buying the right pair of shoes and apparel is a must. The market is filled with a variety of options, right from fancy running shoes, to training specific ones and even wraps (perfect for exercises that are traditionally performed bare feet). And when it comes to the perfect blend of fitness and a splash of colors, no one does it better than Nike.

Since childhood, I have been a workout wear hoarder and a trip to the Nike store always topped my agenda while shopping. Why? Well, my reasons as a kid was because I loved the way they play with bright colors (I love my workout gear in happy hues). Then as a teen, I absolutely adored their range of shoes, both for comfort and style (plus, my favorites - Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova wore Nike on the court, so I would always eye their limited edition items). And as years passed by, I suddenly noticed that an entire shelf in my wardrobe is filled with Nike workout gear (apparel and accessories).

One glance at the Nike women range of apparel, accessories, shoes and you will notice that although the brand has successfully stuck to their signature elements, they have never shied away from experimenting. Be it with patterns, colors or constantly churning out different shoe technologies for specific needs, the brand has always dared to be different. A dash of neon green on teal or a stroke of steel grey on purple, every collection and the products part of it are sure to keep you happy. 

But over and above every aspect, be it style, color among others, what I really love about the brand is their mission to offer every individual the technology that athletes swear by. From Dri-FIT fabrics to slim fit cotton tees, or Training shoes with upper mesh that allow room for air, thus improving breath-ability; each product focuses on not just improving your training and keeping injury at bay, but keeping you comfortable as well.

I chose hues of purple and teal for one of my recent trip to the joggers park. Keeping the cold weather in mind, and the fact that I always feel cold, no matter what, I paired this super comfortable hyperwarm mezzo training tights (made in an ultra-soft Dri-FIT jersey fabric, which helps keep sweat away and also keeps you warm) with a slim fit swoosh tee and of course my favourite - a full zip hoodie in cotton blend, to maintain the body temperature and keep it warm post a workout (which is essential). Keeping my feet comfy while I twist, twirl and jump is the Nike Studio Trainer. The fitsole sockliner with cushioned footbed makes this extremely lightweight pair of shoes a complete winner. While dancing (and jumping in between), I can land on the ball of my foot with ease, and the front mesh ensures that there is no trace of sweat inside (which is a boon in the otherwise humid climate that we deal with).

But that's not all, we have got another part of this post reserved for you.
Apart from talks on workout gear and our favorite items from Nike, we will be changing a few things here and there in the same outfit, to show off a different look.
Till then... Keep smiling, switch on your training mode and stay fit!

Outfit Details
Obsessed FZ hoodie
Slim Fit swoosh tee
Hyperwarm Mezzo Training tights
Studio Training shoes - (All) Nike

The Dancebee
19 years! Wow, that's a long time. We have loved, lived and laughed with this film since 1995, a year, when most of the 90s children were tiny tots (I was three) and our parents lovingly took to us to watch this one helluva film, without knowing that it will stay with most of us for life.
Yes, we are talking about the much loved - Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

Rarely do films create such an impact, that their dialogues go on to become an integral part of our lives. C'mon, I am quite sure most of us would have said "Palat" or "Ja Simran Jaa, jee le apni zindagi" in between casual conversations (or best, to pull someone's leg). And what do I say about the legendary Maratha Mandir? The place has become a temple for most DDLJ fans, who hang around to buy tickets and make their mornings special with this romantic saga, which happens to be Aditya Chopra's directorial debut. It may just be a film for some, a romantic bible for a few others, but for those who have seen it umpteen number of times (and add to that, woke up early to catch the matinee show at Maratha Mandir), it is much more than just a film. It is a gift that they will cherish for several years to come. Well, that just explains the reason why even after 19 long years, the film continues to see a decent turn out, everyday, at Maratha Mandir, and has completed a legen (wait for it) dary 1000 week run.

On this special occasion, we list some of our favourite moments from the film.

1. Bade bade deshon mein...

Because after all, aise badi badi filmein roz nahin banti, Senorita!

2. Shahrukh Khan's smile

The reason why most girls born in the 90s had their first crush on King Khan.

3. The towel and rain dance

Admit it, we have have all tried to act all girly in the rain, while singing "Kaisa hain kaun hain, woh jaane kahan hain," and post shower, tried these towel dance moves A la Kajol.

4. Toh kya hua...

That moment when everyone in the cinema hall goes 'Aww', including me, you and every other DDLJ fan out there!

5. The Hotel scene

We all love Raj, and we can't stop laughing when he breaks the"Kal raat" waali news to Simran.
But seconds into the scene and again, we all go - Awww!

6. And Simran falls down...

And you be like - Say whaa? Isn't Raj just plain crazy?

7. The Sarson ke khet scene + Tujhe dekha toh

The song that made every individual hunt for that perfect patch of Sarson ke khet, only for them to run the Bollywood way and sing "Aankhen meri, sapne tere."

8. Ho Gaya Hain Tujhko Toh Pyaar


The song that makes you see your loved one around, successfully since 1995 (and the track that tops my iPod playlist, every single time. My favourite from the DDLJ album).

9. The train scene

How else will Shahrukh Khan continue to save his lady love and pull her inside the running train, for the next 20 years? On a serious note, this is 'the' moment when Simran is finally allowed to live her life. The moment where the legendary Late Amrish Puri says, "Jaa Simran jaa, jee le apni zindagi."

10. Palat

If someone like Raj, with a mandolin in hand and those magical eyes, says Palat, you might as well do as he says. Again, another iconic scene that went on to inspire several folks.

11. Karva Chauth 
Another one on the 'Aww' list.
Aap convince ho gaye, ya main aur bolun?

In case you are not up to anything important today, just sit back with your favorite food, a tall glass of juice and enjoy this epic, romantic tale of Raj and Simran. A tale of true love, happiness, values, tradition and more. Thank you Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Aditya Chopra and above all, the Late Yash Chopra for asking us to 'Come, fall in love'. Not just with the film, but with its ensemble cast, moments, dialogues songs and of course - Raj and Simran.

(Images credit: KKKG, SRKQueen and others on Tumblr) 

The Dancebee
Good food and fitness go hand in hand, and we personally don't believe in diet fads. Starting today, Diary of a Dancebee will bring you healthy recipes, which are quick, easy to make and good for health too. This week, we have got a fun breakfast recipe - a Quick Egg salad, which is not only filling, but also quite high on the health meter (and let us add, the Dancebee can't eat this. She swears by vegetarianism. So, she whipped up the same dish by replacing Egg with Tofu). 

To make this delicious salad, you will need:

2 boiled eggs
4-5 cabbage leaves (cut in square pieces)
1 onion (finely chopped) 
Some freshly chopped coriander
For the dressing you will need: 

1 tbsp tamarind plup
4 tbsp tomato ketchup
1 tsp chilli powder
1 tsp salt
1 tsp cumin powder


1. Boil water in a pan with 3-4 glasses of water. 
Put the two eggs in the water and let it boil for 10-12 minutes

2. Peel and cut the egg into long pieces

3. Take a big bowl and add the cabbage, chopped onion, green chilli and coriander

4. Take another bowl and mix all the ingredients required for the dressing

5. Once the dressing is ready, pour it into the bowl of vegetables (leave a little bit of the dressing for the eggs).
Make sure the veggies are mixed well with the dressing.

6. On the serving plate, arrange the eggs and place the salad next to it. 
Take the remaining dressing and pour it on each egg.

Your Egg Salad is now ready to serve!

By Humera M A Shaikh
(Photographs courtesy: Author)
So, its been a year since the Shahid Kapoor - Sonakshi Sinha starrer R... Rajkumar hit the screens (Wow! A year already). Yes, you read that right. This high-on entertainment, roller coaster ride of a film released this day, last year and went on to earn the highest opening weekend collection for Kapoor at the box office. Watching the film at a single screen theater for a treat, with people whistling, singing, and some, even creating a group to dance together on Gandi Baat, almost as if the others had gathered for a karaoke party and not a film. Those who know me will tell you that I saw the film four times at different theaters, purely because of its entertainment value (and Shahid Kapoor, of course). 
While we can list down a zillion reasons why we love this film, to celebrate this day, we have got the top five reasons as to why we love R... Rajkumar and can't get enough of its awesomeness.

1. Saree ke fall sa and Gandi Baat

They were playing it here, they were playing it there. Well, they were playing these songs everywhere. Both Saree ke fall sa and Gandi Baat became an anthem of sorts, especially during the marriage and party season last year. In fact, the fever did not die down till Holi this year, where we heard people blasting this number on full volume at celebrations. These two fun, quirky tracks were also a favourite at the Ganpati immersion processions this year.
PS: The Dancebee has got these two songs on the loop, all the time.  


2. The Dialogues
Admit it! If you love a good, masala drama, then chances are that you have laughed your heart out while watching this film. Especially at some insane dialogues and situations. "Silence ho jaa, varna main violent ho jaunga" is one favorite dialogue that we will all swear by. Then we have got the scene where Shahid tries to save an old man, who instead of being thankful, says - "Paani, paani. Ice milega?" Then you have got the evergreen Asrani, who keeps the humor flow going with his Bhavishyavaani. But the 'height' of humor (quite literally) is the conversation between Shahid and Sonakshi, where she tells him - "Teri toh height bhi nahin milti mujhse," to which he says, "Height veight se kuch nahin hota. Pyaar dil se hota hain." That's what we call, 'heights of filmyness'. 

Credit: OhSoFilmy - Tumblr

3. The Choreography
Have we told you, innumerable people have tried their hand (and feet) at the signature steps of songs like Gandi Baat, Saree ke fall sa and Mat maari among others? Yes, its true. Vishnudheva and Prabhu Dheva have done an impeccable job with the choreography. If there is anyone who has pushed Shahid to come out of his comfort zone as a dancer and experiment with new moves, it is them (and Shahid confessed the same during an earlier interview, where he mentioned that Prabhu Dheva comes from a totally different school of dancing, which was a challenge for him). Be it the floor chunk of movements performed by Shahid and Prabhu Dheva or solo chunk performed by Shahid in front of a mahal and earlier, in the song opening of Saree ke fall sa, we can't help but laud the choreography in this film. If you haven't tried those moves already, do it, I say. We have already got a routine ready.

4. The Cast and Director Prabhu Dheva
Instead of roping in several people and having a huge ensemble cast, Prabhu Dheva just had a few key characters and each actor chosen to play the part did perfect justice to their respective roles. Be it Sonu Sood as the baddie Shivraj or Ashish Vidyarthi as the crazy Mamaji and even Mukul Dev. Even Sonakshi was perfect as the muffat village girl, who doesn't give a damn. Shahid Kapoor? *coughs* Let's reserve this for later. And of course, how can we forget Prabhu Dheva, who churned out this mass entertainer, which made people turn back to the cinema halls for watching this film again and again.

5. Shahid Kapoor
Let's just say we couldn't have asked for a better Romeo Rajkumar. Everyone who has seen this film will agree that Shahid Kapoor was the soul of this film. He danced all the way into our hearts, in a never before seen avatar. At a time when haters and negative folks were busy pooh-poohing his choices, he took up the challenge of turning into a village romeo, mouthing filmy dialogues and performing stunts like never before. Falling down, injuring himself while dancing and venturing in to a new zone was definitely a huge risk. But he eventually came out with a beaming smile and tons of success, something that all the Shanatics (and I am) quite proud of.

So, this weekend, in case you are planning to just take the cosy route and snuggle up inside a comfortable blankie to watch a film, watch R... Rajkumar and be entertained!

The Dancebee

(All photographs are taken from Tumblr under the label - R... Rajkumar)
I happened to meet the face of all things action, the person who took a quirky dialogue like 'Aata majhi satakli' to the league of 'Mere pass maa hain', the personality who is synonymous with the name Bajirao Singham, on a quiet and pleasant Saturday afternoon. Co-incidentally, it also happened to be the day when he marked his debut in the Hindi Film Industry, with the super hit 1991 romantic-drama Phool aur Kaante. "Wow, really? I have completed 23 years in the industry today? Didn't remember that. Thanks for informing me. It sure has been a long journey," he said, when reminded about the special day.

Actor Ajay Devgn, who is making waves with his brand new avatar in Prabhu Dheva's Action Jackson, is a busy man, as apart from focusing on his production ventures (one of the recent ones being the Marathi film Vitti Dandu, which was a treat to watch), he is also gearing up for his second directorial venture, Shivay.

Excerpts from a fun conversation with the talented actor, where he talks about his new release Action Jackson, directorial venture Shivay, and why he doesn't promote the concept of six pack abs.

Picture courtesy: Jitu Savlani

Your look in Action Jackson is very different. Did you undergo any particular fitness regime to achieve it?

Not really, but I did lose a lot of weight. Prabhu wanted me to achieve a lean look and stray away from the look I had worked on for Singham. The main reason behind this was the fact that Martial Arts is an integral part in the film, so I worked on getting a leaner body. Also, I had not trained with swords since quite sometime, which I used to do earlier, so I took a little time to get back to it as well.

Is it difficult to maintain a body like the one you have achieved?

Not very difficult, because we maintain a decent body. If you have to get into the kind of look that I am sporting in the film, then it takes at least a month to tone up completely. Starting from scratch would be a problem, so we always maintain it. Also, I don't believe in six packs, because it is technically not good for one's body. For Action Jackson, we went for a lean body with zero fat on the stomach.

Do you see any difference between the kind of action and stunts that are shown today, as compared to your earlier days in the industry?

Absolutely! It was much more difficult that time. Stunts and action is a lot more easier because of the new techniques, technology and the safety measures. People can use harnesses today, which wasn't the norm back in time. But, I try to avoid using a harness as much as I can, unless the stunt really requires me to use one.

Your character in this film is a breakaway from the image of a good cop that you have built with the Singham franchise. Were there any apprehensions about playing a baddie?

Well, it is not just a breakaway from my role of a good cop. I have done various films and have convinced the audience with each portrayal. If I did Singham, then I have also done something like a Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, where my character and performance was equally appreciated. Then there was Company. So, I have done a lot of films that belong to the Underworld genre. That way, I have always done a mix of good and bad roles. Hence, there weren't any apprehensions.

A lot of your fans have been asking if they will see you in a comedy film anytime soon.

But, Action Jackson has a lot of comedy. Though there is tons of action, you will see a lot of comedy as well. We all know that the Prabhu Dheva style of humor is fantastic and hilarious. Personally, I do not like the buffoonery kind of comedy. But, Prabhu's style of comedy is not just like ki bas kuch ulta seedha bol diya. It is not about the dialogues, but a lot to do with the comic timing, which is fabulous.

You have worked with various directors, including Rohit Shetty, who just like Prabhu Dheva, is known for his masala action/comedy entertainers. Do you personally believe their approach is similar?

Not at all! Both the directors are completely different. Its true that they direct entertainers, but their style of film-making is completely different. Prabhu has a different approach towards a particular subject, while Rohit believes in a different style all together. Prabhu presents his characters in a very stylish and sleek way, while Rohit keeps things very real. Even their approach towards action is dissimilar. In Action Jackson, the action is stylized.

Several people who have worked with Prabhu Dheva before call him a demanding director. What was your experience?

Every good director has to be demanding. Its mostly with the newcomers that one has to be strict, because they are fresh, raw and their potential needs to be extracted in the right way. But on a personal note, I think he (Prabhu Dheva) is a very cool guy. It was fun working with him.

And what about the dance? It is a Prabhu Dheva film, after all.
How was it dancing in the song, Keeda?
(laughs) Honestly, I was quite prepared. Even during the script reading sessions, I trusted him completely, because I believe he is the best choreographer we have in our country. And Keeda (laughs) well, I really don't know what I have done.

You have always stayed away from booking festival dates and the entire release monopoly.
How would you comment on this fight for release dates as far as 2016?

I have always stood by the fact that no monopoly is good for this industry and in the future, it will eventually decline. No one can just get up and decide ki yeh date humne book kar liya hain. We need to understand that several films are being made and everyone is eyeing a good release date. Either you need a holiday or a long run. Like for Action Jackson, we haven't got a Holiday, but we have got two weeks before the next film (PK) comes up. So, multiple films will clash and that is exactly what happened with Jab Tak Hain Jaan and Son of Sardar. Both the films did well. If there is space for two films, then everything is fair. Whatever is good will eventually be a hit. Plus, distributors have also balanced things out.

How was heading towards the Marathi film industry as a presenter like?

When the script of Vitti Dandu came to me, I really liked it and decided to back the film. The story really inspired me. Its a touching story about the relationship of a grandfather and grandson and is set during the 1940s.

Are all your energies now focused on Shivay, since you don't have any release in 2015?

Yes! And that is exactly what I have been planning since the last three years. I wanted to take an entire year off and concentrate on this project, which I will be directing. We start shooting in January. I will also be acting in the film. In Shivay, you will see a lot of action, but there is also an emotional base. There will be a lot of intensity and drama in the film. You won't see item numbers. There will be romantic songs, but not the unnecessary kinds. They will be used to take the story forward. Many people have asked me if the emotion in this film will be similar to my directorial debut (U, Me aur Hum) and my answer is that it will be emotional in a different way. U, Me aur Hum dealt with Alzheimer, which many people did not understand. But Shivay will be different.
Apart from Shivay, I will also be presenting Gangaajal 2.

And what about Raajneeti 2 and Satsang? Will you present and act in them?

He is still working on these scripts, so I can't really comment. The idea of that film (Satsang) is pretty good, but we will still have to figure things out. As far as acting in them is concerned, a lot will depend on how the final script eventually turns out.

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge will complete 1000 weeks on December 12. Tell us a little bit about the first time you saw this film.

(laughs) Honestly, I still haven't seen this film. It just so happened that I never got the chance to watch it. And once the film has released and it has been long, you don't really get back to it. In fact, I hardly get the time to watch my own films. There are several films where I have worked, which I still haven't seen. I watch a lot of International cinema and also take keen interest in some Indian films as well.

The Dancebee

Here's presenting the second part in our Master Class with Ramona Braganza series, where the celebrity trainer answers a query submitted by several readers. Beauty and Fitness. Does it really go hand in hand? Watch the video to find out.

We have also got an exciting contest for our all book-loving, fitness freaks. As part of our ongoing Fitness Month, we are giving three lucky winners a chance to win celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza's brand new book - Feel Fit Look Fantastic in 3-2-1, where she shares the fitness secrets and exercises, which were used as part of the fitness regimes of Hollywood A-listers like Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Zac Efron among others. Watch the video and answer a simple question to win.

Don't forget to participate and Get fit!

The Dancebee

Fitness is not just about hitting the gym, pumping the iron and achieving the much coveted six pack abs. It is also about inner peace. A de-stressed mind, body and soul is the perfect example of overall fitness, than someone who carries all the stress and tension from his/her daily life to the gym area. While we continue to discuss fitness in our Master Class series, The Dancebee tried to master the art of de-stressing with Parachute Advansed, International Massage expert Moses Chundi and actress Nargis Fakhri at an event recently. Here's a sneak peek into the awesomeness called 'Art of Oiling'.
PS: The set up at Villa 69 was all things fun. We loved how pure coconut water was served to all the guests in a blue glass (blue being the colour of Parachute oil bottles). Plus, the oiling kit on our tables were super adorable.

Our everyday life has become extremely hectic. Spending hours behind the computer and some more while commuting (and add to that, traffic if you are traveling by road) ends up making us feel exhausted. Taking out a day for yourself to indulge in a spa session is definitely recommended, but it is a luxury that not everyone can fit into their hectic weekly schedule. Keeping our fast paced lifestyle in mind, Parachute Advansed Knowledge Centre has introduced a much needed campaign, called Art of Oiling, which aims at to re-introducing the age old tradition of Champi, which has been well known across the globe, in making one feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

The campaign has associated with International massage expert Moses Chundi, who has developed a special, signature line of DIY massage techniques, and the gorgeous Nargis Fakhri (who is also the face of Parachute Hot Oil). These techniques are quick and simple, but come with plenty of benefits. Not only are they relaxing, but also energizes your body and mind from within. Psst! There is a special technique for instant facial glow as well. Cool, isn't it?
At the event, Moses demonstrated the Art of Facial glow and we noticed how Nargis was more than happy to get into the Art of Oiling mode.

Nargis confessed that she is a big fan of Champi and loves promoting benefits of oiling. She mentioned that the Art of Oiling is a widely accepted home-grown technique, that is gaining prominence in the West. While most massage centres have masseurs who perform the techniques on an individual's head, those alone at home who want a quick massage need not worry. They can invest a few minutes to indulge in some DIY massage techniques. Now you know, those age old oiling secrets that our grandma shared with us are extremely precious.

For a DIY massage, all you need is a bottle of oil, a towel (to save your clothes) and some 'Me' time. Here's how a quick guide to the Art of Facial glow, demonstrated by Nargis Fakhri and Moses Chundi.

Well, that's not all. For those who have been following our Instagram feed know that we have shot a fun video with Nargis Fakhri, where she discloses some fun info about her favorite Art of Oiling technique. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and keep an eye out for this video, which will be out very soon.

Note: As part of our ongoing Fitness Month campaign, we have got a contest coming up tomorrow. Don't forget to watch the second part of our Master Class with Ramona Braganza series, to get a chance to win something special.

The Dancebee