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 Oils have always been an integral part of an Indian woman's skin and hair care routine. Our grannies have suggested oil based skincare recipes, so did our mumma and now, our generation has been blessed with facial oils, that aim at revitalising and hydrating your skin from within. Facial oils are fast becoming a skincare must have, especially during winter, when your skin faces major dryness and sensitivity issues. Certain oils available in the market, with special properties, are targeted at specific age groups. One of the latest entrants in the Indian skincare market is by The Body Shop, and is called Oils of Life. Part of a skincare range by the same name, the Oils of Life facial oil is specially targeted for the 30+ age group. If you have been following us on Snapchat, you know that we did a day long series of posts when we got our hands on the product. For this review, we got a female volunteer close to our team (Age: 35) and got her to try the product for a week. Read on to know the results.

What? - The Body Shop Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil

What does it promise?Infused with three precious seed oils and a blend of seven essential oils, we've created the Oils of Life™ Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil. The lightweight and quickly absorbing texture leaves a non-sticky finish, melting onto the skin, leaving it silky and soft. Instantly, skin appears smoother, more radiant, revived, revitalised and nourished. After 4 weeks, the signs of aging appear reduced, wrinkles appear minimised, and skin feels more elastic and firm. 

Price: Rs 3095  Quantity: 30ml
Main Ingredients: Black cumin oil from Egypt, Rosehip Oil from Chile and Camellia Oil from China 

How to use?This dermatologically tested oil can be applied every morning and evening before applying a cream. Apply 1 to 2 drops maximum (2-3 for very dry skin) onto the face and neck and gently massage into the skin.

Packaging: The oil comes in a glass bottle, which of course, is not very travel friendly. But, since the bottle does not weigh too much, it's not too heavy to carry around. Plus, the cap (with dropper) fits well, so no chances of the product spilling out either. The product comes with a glass dropper, which is convenient. You can dispense the right amount of oil, without wasting even a small drop.

Texture: According to our volunteer, this is one of the most light weight facial oils that she has ever used (the volunteer has tried and regularly used two popular facial oils in the past). The texture of the oil is extremely smooth and feels as light as water. The product is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin.

Fragrance: Nothing like the typical facial oils, that smell like umm.. Oil! The wonderful blend of multiple oils in this product (more than 10 - 15, to be precise) result in a unique, subtle fragrance, with light notes of rosemary, olive, lavender and more.

Experience: A good facial oil takes at least 4 weeks to show signs of recovery. Since our volunteer tried the product for a week, we mostly kept a tab on the texture, hydration and other elements. The product was used daily, twice, after thoroughly cleansing the face. After massaging a few drops of the oil, the volunteer used her daily moisturiser. The first thing we noticed was that the oil blends into the skin like a dream, leaving no signs of the oil at all. It does not feel heavy or sticky, and within seconds, leaves your skin like a blank canvas for the moisturiser, BB creams and make up to follow. The oil worked well on hydrating our volunteer's skin from within, even while she gave a presentation in a conference room with 18c temperature (and FYI, she has combination skin). Her skin did not feel stretchy or dull even after hours inside an air-conditioned office. Post office hours, her skin continued to feel fresh and hydrated while traveling. She continued with her night skincare routine, but added The Body Shop's oils of life facial oil as the first step post cleansing (followed by her moisturiser and under eye cream). The next day, our volunteer informed that her skin felt hydrated and supple. Her cheeks usually feel a little dry during this time of the year, but that wasn't the case now. Her skin felt tight, firm and extremely soft. She is looking forward to seeing how the product works overtime, but is definitely happy with the results so far.

Pros: Attractive packaging
Light weight, non-sticky formula
Keeps your skin extremely soft and supple
Perfect for all skin types
No harmful ingredients

Cons: Glass bottle makes it less travel friendly

Verdict: Our volunteer gives The Body Shop India's Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil two thumbs up and has already added it to her daily skincare routine. With almost everything going for it, and no harmful ingredients, this product is definitely a must have this season!

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I have a confession to make; I have this massive girl crush on Deepika Padukone. She is definitely among the best Bollywood actresses of our time. Obviously, I am looking forward to her upcoming Tamasha, that releases this Friday. Directed by Imitiaz Ali and paired opposite her once-upon-time-lover Ranbir Kapoor, there is absolutely no room for mistakes in this movie. Padukone has been on the road, promoting her movie all over, with some lovely outfits. Let’s look at some of our favourites!

Layered Up
I am not sure what I love more; the printed long waist coat by Myoho or the white shirt dress by Sohaya.  Maybe the Michael Kors on her feet? Probably the simple ponytail with the winged eyeliner? I don’t even know, this is such a perfect put together ensemble. Full points to you, Deepika.

All Images From: Shaleena Nathani - Instagram

Keep it Casual
For her Bigg Boss appearance, Deepika did some polka dots and lots of blue in Bodice by Ruchika Sachdeva. Add to that, layered necklaces, white Yves Saint Laurent sneakers and a gorgeous yet simple hair do.

More Layers
Clearly, Deepika is loving the layers. The T by Alexander Wang dress was covered up with a chambray jacket and a brown belt. I particularly like her non-ponytailed hair here and the metallic sandals from Dune London. Tara sure knows how to shine.

Whites and Nudes
This is a breathtaking combination of whites and nudes from Deepika’s Delhi promotions. She chose a knitted sweater dress and paired it with a pleated skirt, both by &Other Stories. My favorite are the ZARA shoes and the Dolce and Gabbana earrings. Minimalist at its best!

Anamica Khanna has outdone herself once again with this beautiful printed situation on Deepika. Not to mention Shaleena Nathani for styling Deepika. This one is just gorgeous with its prints and colors. 

Editor's Pick

Glam Diva
Deepika looked every inch a glam diva in this stunning number, that she chose for the film promotions on the sets of I Can Do It. The Shehla Khan brocade pant suit looked perfect on her svelte figure, while the metallic pumps adds an extra touch of bling. A pair of stunning Vinita Michael earrings finished her look. Soft curls and dark berry lips added some more drama.

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Winter is slowly (very slowly) setting in and although most fellow Mumbaikars won't agree (since most parts are still super hot and humid), I have to admit that people have begun complaining about dry skin, rashes, sensitivity already. A lot of us turn to our trustworthy cold creams and moisturisers, one of our favourites being the good ol' blue tin - Nivea. This season, Nivea has launched some really interesting products in fresh fragrances. So, while the blue tin and their super hydrating lotions take care of your face and skin, these new launches will ensure that other important areas too stay hydrated and well taken care of. We are referring to two extremely sensitive areas - underarms and lips. Read on to know our views. 

What? - Nivea Care & Colour: Rose and Red
Price: Rs 200
Quantity: 4.8g

What does it promise? Intensively cares and provides subtle rose / red colour. The pro-vitamin B5 provides long lasting moisture intensive.

Packaging: Chapstick tube with a tight fitting cap. The packaging is perfect and easy to carry.

Texture: Creamy. It glides on smoothly and is not sticky.

Fragrance: While rose stays true to its name, the fragrance of red is like a blend of raspberry and strawberry. What's amazing is that none of the fragrances are strong or over-powering. I was more skeptical about the rose variety, as a lot of products in the market use strong rosy notes, which is a huge turn off. The rose fragrance is subtle and fresh, while the red variety is pleasant and not very fruity, clearly making these two lip care products a class apart and notch above from the typical flavours available in the market. 

Experience: Nivea's Care & Colour is a yummy, smooth and fragrant lip care in a tube. Every lip care in this range has two layers. The inner formula (in white), with panthenol, works on the core edges, while the outer colour coat keeps your lips hydrated and leaves a subtle rosy / red (depending on the chosen flavour) tint on your lips. The product is dermatologically tested and works well in all seasons. Since we have already started experiencing dry skin issues (dehydrated lips are the first signs), this came as a big boon. The ongoing season is such, where everybody needs that one hero product, that can take good care of their lips and save it from drying out. Nivea's care & colour range of chapsticks do just that! Its a no-nonsense, simple formula that hydrates, nourishes and as a bonus, leaves a subtle tint that looks great.

What? Nivea Fresh Flower Deodorant
Price - Rs 190
Quantity - 150ml

What does it promise? Nivea Fresh Flower Deodorant cares for your underarms. It leaves you feeling fresh all day long. Provides 48 hour odour protection and gentle Nivea care. The product is dermatologically tested and sensitive skin tolerant, with a fresh floral scent.

Fragrance: Very pleasant and fresh. In fact, this is fast becoming one of our favourite deodorant based fragrances. Despite the name (fresh flower), this is a far cry from the usual flowery fragrances available in the market. For us, it was like a refreshing blend of flowers and ocean based tones, that are both subtle and fresh.

Experience: This product can be best explained in five words - A breath of fresh air. Although we would also like to carry this around during the more hot and humid days (read: Spring / Summer 2016), we feel its perfect for the cold days too. The soft, caring texture will ensure that your underarms stay hydrated, and absorb, do away with whatever little perspiration that you encounter. While the deodorant promises 48 hours of gentle care and protection, we felt it did a decent job during our 12 hour long, gruelling work schedule. Post application, you will almost feel like your underarms have got some moisturiser slathered on them. And as mentioned above, we absolutely love the fragrance.

What? Nivea Anti-Perspirant Fresh Natural Roll On
Price: Rs 175
Quantity: 50ml

Packaging: Housed in a glass bottle (just like most other Nivea roll ons), the Nivea Anti-Perspirant may not be your ideal travel friendly option. While the product is well packed, its too heavy and fragile (read: glass) to carry around. The application process is simple, and I personally prefer roll-ons, as they slightly better for the environment (and for personal hygiene reasons, you don't have to share it either *wink*).

Texture and Fragrance: The texture is mostly a mix of gel and water, which feels cool and light post application. Nivea's Fresh Natural has ocean extracts, which lends this roll on its ocean inspired fresh fragrance. So much, that it will almost transport you to a land of cool, breezy virgin beaches. Again, the fragrance is perfect for all seasons and has a long lasting effect.

Experience: If you are looking for a product that really lasts long, and if you are someone with a serious issue of perspiration, then Nivea's Anti-Perspirant Fresh Natural Roll-On is your best bet. One of our team members, who travels by train and faces major perspiration issues, tried this roll-on everyday for a week and noticed that while the fragrance lingered on for a good 6 hours, the anti-perspirant properties actually helped keep all the sweat away. We also used tried this roll-on before a workout and felt super good about the way this formula works. Plus, those ocean notes are just perfect (and so soothing).

Pros: Amazing quality of products at a reasonable rate
The lip care range doubles up as a tinted lip conditioner (multiple swipes will make the tint look darker)
The deodorant moistures and hydrates the underarm skin
All the products have a great fragrances, which is not strong.

Cons: Deodorant contains Alcohol
Roll on comes in a glass bottle, which makes it tough / heavy to carry

Verdict: The new range has something for everyone. While it is tough to choose a favourite, the lip care range definitely gets a double thumbs up. Our daily essential kits feel incomplete without it already.

And as part of our ongoing - The Great Festive Giveaway Month - we have now collaborated with Nivea. One lucky winner can walk away with a Nivea gift hamper! Answer a simple question, follow the rules and get set to win.

Question: Which Nivea product would you like to try this Winter?

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Our super busy lifestyle leaves us with hardly any time to experiment with food items in the kitchen (on our own). Hence, most of us either prefer to eat out, depend on packaged or ready to eat dishes or best, stick to good ol' Maa ke haath ka khana. But, what about days when Mama dearest is busy with urgent commitments? Or for those who stay alone? I personally don't prefer ready to eat, packaged food items, and eating out is a strict no-no on most days (and I have just come out of a horrible week long sick leave, thanks to a bad case of food poisoning). Recently, Faasos introduced me to a super cool DIY Recipe Box by Cheflery, where I could prepare various cuisines using fresh ingredients, right at the comfort of my own kitchen. I was given the option to choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes (Since I am a vegetarian, I opted for the former) and voila! The DIY recipe box was home and I was 40 minutes away from a bowl full of Vegetarian Risotto. Read on to know the full recipe and my thoughts on Faasos and Cheflery's latest offering.

What's it about? - Faasos and Cheflery's DIY Recipe Box comes packed with all the ingredients required to make a particular dish, giving you the chance to cook a healthy, home made meal, without stepping out to stock up on grocery / vegetables. 

Price: Recipe kits start at Rs 269 onwards

What we got? - Vegetable Risotto with Parmesan & Mascarpone Cheese

In the Box - Arborio Rice, Garlic, Olive Oil, Butter, Fresh Cream, Onion, Thyme, Parmesan Cheese, Green Peas, Zucchini, Parsley and Mascarpone Cheese

What you need from the kitchen? - A saucepan, Salt (to taste) and Pepper (to taste)

Cooking time: 35 - 40 Minutes  Serves: 2 people

What to keep in mind before cooking?
Read the full recipe
Consume / cook the ingredients within 12 hours of receiving the box
Adjust salt & pepper according to your taste

1. Finely chop onion, garlic and parsley. Pluck the thyme. Split butter in 2 equal parts.
2. In a hot non-stick pan over medium heat, add oil and then, chopped garlic. Saute the garlic till it turns golden brown and then add chopped onion. Saute the onions till they turn slightly brown. Add butter (1/2) and stir for a minute.
3. Continuing on medium heat, add arborio rice to the mixture and stir for a minute. Add 100ml water and stir for a minute. Then, add peas and 1/2 teaspoon salt. Stir for a minute. Add 100ml water again, followed by 2 pinches of pepper and stir for 4 minutes. Add 100 ml water again and stir for 4 minutes. Add 100 ml water again and keep stirring for 8 minutes.

Preparation (contd..)
4. Add diced green and yellow zucchini to the rice and stir for 4 minutes. Add 40ml water and stir for 3 minutes. Add mascarpone cheese and stir again for 3 minutes. Add the remaining portion of butter, followed by fresh cream and keep stirring continuously for 3 minutes.
5. Add parmesan cheese (3/4) and mix well. Finally, stir for 3 minutes.
6. Place the risotto in a plate / bowl, sprinkle the remaining portion of parmesan cheese and garnish with chopped parsley. Serve hot.

Experience: What we loved about the DIY recipe box was the fact that each ingredient was well packed, especially items like oil and butter, which can get messy if not packed properly. The vegetables were fresh and packed separately too. All the main ingredients were packed inside, except salt and pepper, which of course, a staple in every house. So, that's the only requirement from your end. The box came with an instruction sheet, which had the entire recipe and other details mentioned neatly. While the cooking time was exactly 40 minutes, the entire process of unpacking, chopping among other things, took the total time to an hour. So, on the time front, it's the number of hours spent for your trip to the market that gets saved. While the pros top the list, there is a tiny con too. The cook needs to have a proper idea of the timings and portions. For e.g: Adding water. If you end up messing this part, your entire dish goes for a toss. If you are new at cooking, try making this with your mom or an expert first. Getting an idea of the right mix of ingredients, spices, water and time spent on stirring is very important. Taste wise, the risotto was lip smacking. It had the right mix of flavours, cheese and a lovely aroma of thyme. The rice wasn't too sticky, and tasted yum. Unlike the terrible taste of frozen peas, the green peas used here was fresh and perfect to chew. We finished the portion with a huge smile on our face.

Verdict: A value for money meal, with fresh, healthy ingredients. Saves time, stops you from going out to gorge on unhealthy street side food. The portions are huge and fit for two individuals (or one person who is super hungry). They have got some interesting recipe kits available currently, which includes Mexican Bean Casserole, Pan Seared Chicken among others. All you have to do is download the Faasos app and order your kit (or like the Cheflery page on Facebook and pre-book your kits). Try  it out and you won't be disappointed!

Have you tried the DIY Recipe Kits by Faasos and Cheflery? Let us know your feedback on Twitter at @priyaadivarekar

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Music has no boundaries, be it religion or nation. Katyar Kaljat Ghusli puts this message across in a wonderful way. The film, based on a very popular 1960's musical by the same name and written by Purushottam Darvhekar, hit the screens last week. While the main plot of the film revolves around the rise and a fall of an artist due to ego, it also hints that art is immortal and cannot be controlled or ruled by anyone. Every artist has the freedom to express himself, and Katyar... conveys this message, thus making it an important film of our times! After earning accolades from the audience, the film has now been nominated for the prestigious UNESCO's Fellini award, and we wish the team all the luck for their journey ahead. We saw the film last week (wish we could also witness the original play live, as well) and have got 5 reasons that make Katyar Kaljat Ghusli a must watch for one and all.

☻ What do we say about the extremely talented veteran actor, Sachin? As Khan Saaheb, he delivers an award worthy performance! He perfects the roller coaster ride of emotions that Khan Saaheb goes through, rather effortlessly. And, it's a treat to watch him mouth those Urdu lines and get into the skin of his character with ease. Don't think any other actor could have done justice to this important character, as brilliantly as Sachin did. Hats off!

☻ Personally, I have always been appreciative of  Subodh Bhave's work (his portrayal of Balgandharva being my one of my most favourites till date). His dedication in presenting the perfect film adaptation of Katyar... is no different. Bhave has done perfect justice to the two roles, that of an actor and director of this film. With a flawless treatment, Katyar... looks nothing like Bhave's directorial debut. In fact, it almost makes him look like a seasoned director. Also, it's a delight to watch him act. There are moments in the film (especially the jugalbandi) where you end up believing that it is Bhave and not a singer, who is crooning behind the mic. Truly, an actor class apart.

☻ Great to see one of the most soulful singers, Shankar Mahadevan, make his acting debut with a subtle yet impressive performance. As Panditji, Mahadevan emotes beautifully. While he puts up a perfect act, he does an equally great job (or perhaps) of singing some really fine songs. Sur Niragas Ho being  a favourite, which sounds heavenly enough for the gods to come down and bless the singer.

☻ The ensemble cast, mainly comprising of Amruta Khanvilkar, Pushkar Shotri, Mrunmayee, Sakshi Tanwar among others also do a good job. The casting of this film was perfect. Brownie points to Subodh Bhave for being firm on his choices and extracting the best of each actor's potential for their respective characters. From the technical team, a special word for designer Nachiket Barve's research on the bygone era, as his outfits create magic on the big screen. The sets are enough to transport an audience member back to the golden era of music. The screenplay, dialogues and editing were all bang on. Despite 2 hour+ length of the film, not a single audience member was seen getting up from their seats or checking their mobile phones.

☻ Apart from the cast, another hero of this film is the music. The album has 17 tracks, composed by Pt. Jitendra Abhisheki and Shankar - Ehsaan - Loy. Since the film is a musical, songs play a crucial and each of them do perfect justice to the setting and flow of the film. Rahul Deshpande as the voice of Khan Saheb is splendid (incidentally, he also essayed the role of Khan Saheb in a newer version of the play) and creates magic with his phenomenal voice. Mahadevan sings his own tracks. Bhave's Sadashiv is voiced by multiple singers, ranging from Arijit Singh, Divya Kumar to Rahul Deshpande. You may end up falling in love with the music all the more, especially after watching the film. Our favourites? Tough to choose, but Dil ki Tapish and Ghei Chhand are absolutely divine. 

Final Verdict: Very few films have the power to leave you speechless! Katyar Kaljat Ghusli will do that to you and more. If you are looking for a visual definition of a cinematic treat, this is it. The film creates a strong impact with its impressive cast, performances, delightful music and an incredible presentation. 100-200 crore club films may come and go, but films like Katyar Kaljat Ghusli stay in your heart forever! Do yourself a favour & watch it.

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The anti-ageing skin care department is filled with tons of items by various brands today, giving the consumer a variety of products to choose from. Among the well known names, Pond's has been a favourite with many women and their Age Miracle range of products have always received a great response. Recently, the brand launched a new line under their Age Miracle range, that focuses on firming and lifting the sagging skin. The 'Firm & Life' line has three products - Targeted Lifting Serum Massager, Face & Neck lifting day cream and an Eye contour lifter. Since the products are targeted at a certain age group (and I clearly don't fit under it), we got a female volunteer (Age: 35) to accept the challenge of testing and experiencing the products for a period of 30 days. Read on to find out more about these products and our volunteer's overall verdict.

What? - Pond's Age Miracle Firm & Lift range: Targeted Lifting Serum Massager, Face and Neck Lifting Cream and Eye Contour Lifter

What does it promise? - This range aims at identifying the need for consumers to care for the sagging skin around their jaw and neckline – termed as the y-contour. The new range provides powerful anti-aging formulations that strengthen and tighten fibres from the inside to reveal a smoother, firmer and lifted y-contour on the outside.

Price: Pond's Age Miracle Firm & Lift Targeted Lifting Serum Massager - Rs 1299 for 25ml
Pond's Age Miracle Firm & Lift Face and Neck Lifting Cream - Rs 999 for 50g
Pond's Age Miracle Firm & Lift Eye Contour Lifter - Rs 899 for 15g

Application: Twist the tube cap (where the word 'on' is written) and squeeze out the required amount of serum. Apply twice a day near the neck and jaw line. As part of a three step skincare routine, this should be your first step.
Texture: Gel based. The formula is very light and absorbs into the skin very quickly.

Experience: The volunteer used this product everyday twice and felt that the targeted areas were more hydrated and firm than before. It does not make the skin feel too tight. Regular application of the serum ensures that the targeted areas are worked on constantly. The packaging was perfect, as the product did not spill.

Application: Apply every morning to a thoroughly cleansed face.
Texture: Very Creamy. This formula is perfect for the ongoing winter season. 

Experience: The volunteer used this product once (in the morning) everyday and followed it up with her usual BB cream. The result was hydrated and supple skin, that would stay fresh for a good 5-6 hours (keeping in mind the Mumbai humidity, this experience was decent). Although the texture is creamy, it does not feel greasy or heavy at all. A little bit of the product goes a long way. Again, just like the serum, the cream made my skin feel firm and tight, but did not dry or stretch it in anyway. While our volunteer loved the beautiful glass jar, in which this silky cream is stored, she added that it is unfortunately not very travel friendly.

Application: Apply every morning and night using the cooling applicator, around the eye contour area.
Texture: This product has a cream based texture, which is super smooth and silky. This creamy texture ensures that the eye contour area stays hydrated.

Experience: Our volunteer used this product in the night everyday (and twice a day during the weekend). The cream works very well to make the eye contour area firm and keep it moisturised. This was one of our volunteer's favourite product from the range, as it helped her get rid of some sagging eye bags, that were troubling her since quite sometime. The cooling applicator is a great add-on, as it makes the application process easy and keeps the eye contour area cool (according to our volunteer, this process is almost like a 5 min stress buster for the eyes). The tube is light weight and perfect to carry around and the packaging ensures that the product does not spill.

Final Verdict: So far, our volunteer is satisfied with the experience and has continued with the regular use of these products. The entire range is perfect for all skin types, and with winter setting in, it is a boon for people who issues where their facial skin becomes too tight or stretchy. As mentioned above, our volunteer's favourite product was the Eye contour lifter, but she is happy about making this skincare routine a part of her daily lifestyle. After all, not many products solely focus on firming and lifting, and hence, Pond's has certainly hit the bull's eye with this range.

As part of our Great Festive Giveaway Month, we have now collaborated with Pond's for a major giveaway challenge! One lucky blog reader / follower will win big! The winner will walk home with a Pond's Age Miracle Firm & Lift hamper, use the products and get featured on Diary of a Dancebee's Facebook page. All you have to do is answer a simple question, follow the rules and win big.

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The Dancebee