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If there is any piece of apparel that I can trust, even on days when I am down and not really interested in spending several minutes on putting together the right outfit, it has to be a graphic tee. You can never go wrong with them. While a cool graphic tee and a pair of distressed denims happens to be the favorite go-to outfit of most individuals, this humble tee can do a lot more. We give you five ways in which you can wear a graphic tee this summer and look your stylish best at every occasion.

Graphic tee + skirt
Who said skirts are only fit for chic blousons and shirts? Wear your favorite skirt in any color with a fun graphic tee (maybe with a cool slogan) and get set for a fun day out with your gal pals. Opt for a pair of flatforms for a more casual look or ankle strap heels for a fun afternoon. Light make up, loose wavy hair, a watch with some arm candy (bracelets) and voila! You are ready to rock.

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Graphic tee + shorts
Its summer, alright! And who doesn’t love hitting the beach or hanging around in a pair of shorts in fun colors. Shorts, flip flops, a quirky knapsack, and of course, graphic tee with funky prints and we have got the perfect outfit. You can also swap the flip flop for loafers, flatforms in metallic finish or even funky sneakers like the ones at Vans or Nike. Oh, and don’t forget your sun block and a fun pair of reflective Lennon mirror glasses or wayfarers.

Graphic tee + overalls (dungarees)
For those who love to dress up differently! I heart this combination. A pair of denim overalls (full, shorts or skirt) looks fantastic with a graphic tee, giving you a more relaxed vibe. Let your hair loose (or just tie up in to a messy bun), pick your favorite Ray Ban aviators and finish your look with a pair of kicks. Wear it to a movie date or a music concert, topped with oodles of attitude and confidence. Oh, and to add some drama, maybe leave one side of your side overall buttons open.

Graphic tee + blazer
Hands down one of my favorite looks! Blazers are not just meant to look boring with sophisticated shirts and simple tees. A colorful blazer and the right graphic tee is the perfect formula for a cool outfit, which is perfect for a variety of occasions – ranging from a meeting, lunch with friends, event or even a dinner date. While I love pairing ripped jeans with this combination, you can also try wearing it with a pencil skirt or even denim shorts. Sneaker heels or even a pair of pumps are enough to complete this look. Nude lips and loose hair are enough to add some charm.

Graphic tee + boyfriend jeans
Everybody loves this combination, right? There are days when you can’t find any outfit and bam! The graphic tee and boyfriend jeans combination comes to your rescue. The chilled out vibe of this outfit is what makes it a winner. Stepping out under the hot sun in the afternoon? Tie up your hair in a bun, wear your sunnies, wear the most comfortable kicks and taper your jeans for a relaxed look. You can also opt to tie a plaid shirt (raid your boyfriend’s wardrobe) around your waist. Going out for a movie with friends at night? Wear a long cardigan over the outfit, give your hair some soft curls, wear a chunky watch and replace the kicks with a pair of metallic loafers. Finish off the look with a bright lip color.

One graphic tee, so much versatility! Who would have thought, right? It’s all about experimenting with what you have already got in your wardrobe. Still wanna step out and buy these fun tees? Some of our favorite brands available in India that stock up on fab graphic tees include – Forever 21, Mango, Zara, Chimp Wear, Lifestyle, FCUK, Pantaloons and Ed Hardy among others. There is also H&M, which at the moment, is still on its way to India.

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Nike Air Max has seen constant evolution. One look at the Air Max 2015 (worn in my #BleedBlue post here) and we can't help but say how much the Air Max range has changed over the years. This year, the Nike Air Max completes 28 years on March 26 and fans from across the globe are celebrating this day. Let's take you through a quick journey of Nike's popular range of shoes has seen evolution since 1987.

In 1987, Nike Air was not a new proposition. Runners were already familiar with the benefits of the cushioning technology, which first appeared in the Nike Tailwind in 1978. But seeing is believing, right? So, Nike designer Tinker Hatfield set out to make the breakthrough technology visible, so that the runners could understand its cushioning benefits better. He created the Nike Air Max with Visible Air, which gave birth to a franchise that forever altered the course of sneakers.

The story of visible air didn’t begin with Hatfield’s design. Rather, it started when David Forland, Nike’s Director of Cushioning Innovation, joined the team in 1985. In many respects, Forland is the world’s foremost expert in visible air. He has been focused on pushing the technology into unexplored new territories for the past 30 years. He is also the first to admit that the road to Air Max had its share of obstacles. In the ‘80s, Forland constructed encapsulated Air-Sole prototypes by hand. He stumbled upon a critical moment in visible air history when he rotated the bag, placing the seams on the top and bottom instead of on the perimeter.
At that exact moment the light bulb turned on. I built a new prototype right there on the spot - David Forland

And thus, the first prototype of visible Nike Air technology was born, and the Nike Air Max 1 became the first shoe to showcase it. Prior to this breakthrough, Nike Air-Soles were getting thinner, not larger. In an effort to increase the sensory perception of walking on air, Forland quickly changed the approach.
If you look at the history of Air Max, especially from 1987 to 1993, one of the main differences among models was each version held a greater volume of air than the last one, and conversely the least amount of foam. Foam breaks down; air doesn't - David Forland
During the pursuit of increased air volume, Forland had another aha moment. Eliminating the foam between the outsole and the Air-Sole unit might create space for increased Air-Sole volume. With that idea came the Nike Air Max 180, the first shoe to feature a 180-degree visible Air-Sole — which was no easy task for Forland.

The idea was much easier said than done. The Air Max 180 was one of the most difficult Air Max sneakers to create - David Forland
At that point, the Air Max 1, Air Max 180 and Air Max 90 all featured Air-Sole units in the forefoot that were encapsulated in foam. As the quest for a fully foamless running sneaker continued, the team made a monumental discovery: a new Air-Sole construction method called blow molding. First used on the Nike Air Max 93, this technique allowed for the creation of Air-Soles in 3-D shapes that didn't depend on air pressure. Now, Air-Soles could be crafted to fit the curvature of the shoe’s forefoot. Taking full advantage of the innovation, the Nike Air Max 95, which consisted of two separate blow-molded Air-Sole units, was the first manifestation of visible air in the forefoot.

In 1997, Nike designers and developers cracked the code on how to create a full-length Air-Sole, making a monumental leap forward toward the goal of a fully foamless Air Max. The first step was to construct an interconnected heel and forefoot unit. The next task was to figure out how to hold the molten film long enough to close a full-length 3-D mold around it. Many prototypes and one bullet train later, the Air Max 97 came into existence.

After unlocking full-length air, ideas around air seemed endless. Nike began to focus on other forms of cushioning, one of which was Tuned Air. This innovative play on air cushioning first debuted on the 1999 Nike Air Max Plus and used physical structures to augment the stability of Nike Max Air cushioning. The next advancement came with the Air Max 360 in 2006, which finally attained the goal of a foamless shoe — nearly 20 years after the first Air Max. To create the Air Max 360, Forland’s team utilized Caged Air technology instead of foam as the stabilizer.

The all-air accomplishment did not mark the end of Air Max evolution. Forland’s team had fulfilled its mission, but they could not resist the question of how to further improve the franchise. Forland and the team shifted focus from eliminating foam to increasing flexibility. Utilizing tubular construction, they built deep flex grooves into the Air-Soles of the Nike Air Max 2015, resulting in the most flexible Max Air cushioning platform ever.
After the long journey, Forland learned that innovation doesn't come without risk.

I remember the first blow-molded Air-Sole unit. We worked so hard on that and had no idea if people would embrace it. I was at an airport right around the time the first Air Max sneaker launched. I was calling a tech in the lab when someone walked by wearing a pair. I stared at him from the phone booth and said, ‘Somebody bought them. I see the Air-Sole going up and down.’ It was a big risk, but bigger reward. For the Air Max family, it's only up from here - David Forland

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By Team Dancebee
While all eyes were stuck on the shows that were scheduled to take place at the Main Stage Area (MSA) and of course, the grand finale, three designers left us impressed with their collection showcase at the Jabong Stage. These Power Girls of Day 5 at the Lakme Fashion Week S/R 2015, namely Farah Sanjana, Ridhi Mehra and Shilpa Reddy, showcased some of the most beautiful outfits that day, and well, we just couldn't take our eyes off it.

Farah Sanjana's Military Diva, Ridhi Mehra's A Mirror Affaire and Shilpa Reddy's Moon Lit Sand
Farah Sanjana's Military Diva
Every season, designer Farah Sanjana surprises us and how! Last year, we loved how she played with a burst of colors and prints inspired by flamingos. But this season, her ode to the modern women, who does not shy away from dressing up the way she wants, sure turned a lot of heads. The beautiful creations, embellished with the innovative motifs of swords and scimitars, infused sophistication and strong, fierce prints in pretty hues like porcelain, ivory, pale pink, amber, classic black, soft mint and olive green among others, perfectly. Thus, making it the must have garb of an independent, head strong woman. Majestic skirts with strong cuts were teamed with jackets; body hugging skirts spoke of the feminism, while trousers redefined the Spanish silhouettes. Some of our favorites included the shift dresses, cropped tops teamed with gathered skirts, bikinis enveloped under printed capes among others.

Ridhi Mehra's A Mirror Affaire, Shilpa Reddy's Moon Lit Sand and Farah Sanjana's Military Diva
Designer Farah Sanjana takes a bow
Shilpa Reddy's Moon Lit Sand
Elegant, mesmerizing and magical - three words that best describe designer Shilpa Reddy's collection - Moon Lit Sand. True to its title, the ethereal collection was inspired by the moon and  hence, the color palette comprised of some lovely hues like gold, silver, white, sand, royal blue, copper, grey and nudes, giving the collection a timeless edge. We loved the easy going, relaxed silhouettes of the collection. Some of our favorites included the skirts, jackets, tops, blouses, capes, pants and lehenga cholis in luxurious fabrics like malka and khadi silk. The intricate designs with embellishments like beads, sequins and crystals, floral motifs, thread work, embroidery and subtle texturing stood out in each outfit. Moments after the lights dimmed, actress Nimrat Kaur walked in and gracefully took over the runway in a stunning forest green embroidered lehenga teamed with a half sleeved jacket worn over a sensual low cut blouse.

Ridhi Mehra's A Mirror Affaire, Farah Sanjana's Military Diva and Shilpa Reddy's Moon Lit Sand

Designer Shilpa Reddy with Showstopper Nimrat Kaur

Ridhi Mehra's A Mirror Affaire
Designer Ridhi Mehra took the crop top world by storm last season,with her versatile crop tops in various hues and intricate lace work winning several hearts. This season, her glamorous and chic collection titled A Mirror Affaire, was inspired by the intriguing interior decoration of the Sheesh Mahal - the palace of unbelievable beauty. The collection artistically created a melange of the romantic era and the craftsmanship of the Mughals. Pretty, soft-powdered hues like blush, nude, peach as well as bold shades like mint green, orange and dreamy white dominated the color palette.
While Mehra's signature design elements were hard to miss, the creations also included a brilliant mix of aari and mirror work, with hints of zardosi. We just couldn't take our eyes off some beautiful anarkalis, jumpsuits, capes, jackets with peplums, saris, blouses and cholis.
The collection saw the use of Chanderi silk, georgette, chiffon, satin and net, that created airy feminine silhouettes. Showstopper Kiara Advani, who debuted in Fugly last year, graced the runway in a stunning green choli and lehanga enriched with several layers of embroidered fabric.
A word for the gorgeous footwear by Dune London and accessories by Prerto, that further enhanced the overall look.

Ridhi Mehra's A Mirror Affaire, Farah Sanjana's Military Diva and Shilpa Reddy's Moon Lit Sand
Designer Ridhi Mehra with showstopper Kiara Advani

Well, if the power girls of Day 5 created magic, the boys weren't too far behind! Look out for more posts on Lakme Fashion Week S/R 2015.

The Dancebee
By Ree Shik for Team Dancebee

The moment I was informed that I will have to cover the Wendell Rodricks show presented by Philips, I was super excited. And the legendary designer did not fail to impress us with his collection yet again. Popology was a wonderful blend of colors, pretty silhouettes, summery fabrics and more. This weekend show at the Lakme Fashion Week S/R2 2015 sure was a packed one.
Inspired by the Pop Art trend, Rodricks' collection was like a burst of color on stage. One look at the visuals in the background and you will know what we are talking about. This collection was also a referral to the concept of pop-up stores at unusual places, which make it accessible to a wider group of consumers. The designer's idea was to fit into the concept of youthful fashion that made it attainable in an instant.

Based on a wave of nostalgia from the 1960’s style and silhouettes, the line brought a very fashion-forward touch to the ramp.  The signature style carried out by Rodricks, who is known to excel in his craft and expertise, was clearly evident as the models hit the runway. The collection included some fun pieces in an array of hues like sunshine yellow, burnt orange, olive green, pale mint, dove grey, black, candy pink, pale lilac, Turkish blue, turquoise blue and signature white. Each garment sent out a precise Pop Art statement in terms of the cut, color and freshness.

It was a treat to watch the models dancing and sashaying down the runway to upbeat music. The clothing line commenced with a black Lycra bikini and hot pants under silk crépe rectangular beach shirt. Soon, it was the 60’s silhouettes like the purple crépe silk dress featuring a yellow satin stripe, olive and dove grey ribbons that were worn over yellow linen capris. The collection transported us to the virgin beaches of Mauritius, where we could dance it out on with the waves and certainly do with one piece each from the collection.

Show stopper, Waluscha Robinson, took us by surprise, as the lights dimmed to neon blue and she walked out wearing a jet black swimsuit over a wool crépe pleated peplum skirt. It was a treat to watch her on the ramp in that outfit. Absolutely refreshing! Popology by Wendell Rodricks presented by Philips was a vibrant, fun, young line of clothing that we couldn't get enough of. And it matched the youthful and zestful spirit of styling products by Philips very well. So, the next time you hit the beach, you know what to do. Get your beachy waves on with the Philips Kerashine Hair Styler, pick a fun outfit from Wendell's collection and get set for a bucket full of compliments!

Wendell Rodricks, Waluscha, Arunita Chopra (Business Head - Personal Care, Consumer Lifestyle: Philips India) and ADA Ratnam (President - Consumer Lifestyle, Philips India)

It was great fun covering this show for Team DancebeePhilips and Blog Adda. Thank you guys!
Don't be confused with the background of my photographs and the title of this post. I am not holidaying in Goa (at least, not yet). These images were quickly shot in between attending shows, makeovers, video shoots and more on Day One of the Lakme Fashion Week. I can't stop going gaga over how much fun I had at the LFW Apartment once again. The set up is wonderful as always, providing some quick relaxation and makeover opportunity for those like me, who are always on their toes during the fashion week (and otherwise). While I shall keep you posted about my experience at the LFW Apartment and the outfit put together by me from the curated items by Reliance Brands Limited, here's a glimpse of what I wore on the first day - getting into the bohemian print vibe!

Outfit Details
Bohemian print top, trouser - Only
Thin knit cardigan - H&M
Shoes - Zara
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger
Aviators - RayBan
Hair styled by - Bed Head TIGI

Images Credit: Dayle Pereira

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Stay tuned for an exclusive vlog and more posts that highlights all the action from here.

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Hola! Now, you must be wondering - didn't I attend the Art of Oiling event several weeks back? Well, the answer to that is, Yes! But sometimes, technology can play spoilsport and that is exactly what happened in this case. Post shooting a fun video for Parachute Advansed with Actress Nargis Fakhri, the video clip was saved and transferred to my old hard disk. Unfortunately, the hard disk got corrupt just a week after this event and as a result, I lost all my images and video clips, including this one. What's more? I had deleted these files from my computer as well, so I had no back up left. I gave up sometime back, and began filming a new set of images for the other reviews. But well, miracles do happen and it turned out, that I had accidentally copied this file to my Mom's pen drive weeks before, and she still had it on her. God bless Mumma Dancebee, really! And with that, ladies and gentleman, I got my video clip and it is now for all of you to see.

Here's the gorgeous Actress and Model Nargis Fakhri teaching me an Art of Oiling massage technique (mastered by Champi expert Moses Chundi). The technique also happens to be her favorite and is called - The art of Instant Energizing. Click on the image, sit back and enjoy the video now!

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Never mind the erratic behavior of our climate (come rain, come sunshine is the way I would describe it), we are in the month of March and it is technically the time we welcome spring. With Spring comes a host of new trends and colors that we can't stop crushing on. Every season, I get obsessed with a set of lipsticks that I can't do without. The whole of Autumn/Winter last year was a lot of wine reds, deep mauve and bold red. But, I have got my favorites for the current season already and since most of them happen to be MAC lipsticks, I thought of introducing my top 5 must haves.

1. Ruby Woo
This is an all time favorite. A shade that I can't do without and also happens to be one of MAC's fastest selling lipstick shade (ask the MAC team and they will tell you how this one color is always out of stock). Perfect to give you a classic, soft vintage look; you can wear Ruby Woo with your favorite floral print dresses or even a plain, white lace dress. This is one shade of bold red that goes very well with the Indian Skin Tone.

2. Lady Danger
We are crushing on all things orange this season and what better than to stock up on another MAC favorite, Lady Danger. Though it is actually a bright coral - red color, it ends up looking a bit of a bright and bold orange. This lipstick is perfect for days when you pair your favorite skirt with a chic blouse and are ready to go for a fun day out with your girls. Despite the matte texture, it glides on quite smoothly.

3. Mineralize Rich - Style Surge
The Mineralize Rich range promises to moisture and nourish the lips with a non-sticky formula and trust me, it stands by every word. This super moisturizing lipstick glides on like a dream and stays on for a good 5 hours. What I really like about the shade - Style Surge - is that its not your usual coral. Its a subtle shade that is perfect for day meetings or formal events, where you don't really need a bright shade of lipstick. This incredibly light weight lippie is a must have this summer.

4. Lustre - Sea Sheer
What looks like a mix of coral and nude (I am always crushing on coral, always), Sea Sheer in lustre finish can be worn anytime, anywhere. Its such a versatile shade. Mix it with another color and you get a new shade, or just wear it on your lips for a classic look. Again, another shade that is perfect for meetings or days when you are hopping between various events. This shade is perfect for the Indian skintone and the hue is just what you need for this season - not too bright, not too opaque. The creamy texture is perfect and stays on for a good number of hours.

5. Viva Glam - A74
We have enough reasons as to why we can't stop loving the Viva Glam range. The color is absolutely gorgeous and one of my go-to lipsticks for a glam evening. Be it a simple off-shoulder dress or a high on metallic co-ordinate, this lovely brownish-red lipstick will spruce up any outfit. Apart from the lovely packaging and beautiful shades, it feels amazing when you know that your small contribution can help make a difference in someone's life. Every penny of your shopping amount goes to the MAC Aids Fund, whose mission is to serve people of all ages, all races and all sexes affected by HIV and AIDS. 

Recently, I was invited for an exclusive preview of a film titled It's Not Over, that traced the journey of three HIV/AIDS affected individuals from different walks of life and countries (India, United States and Africa). Their perspective on life and determination to bring about a change left me teary eyed, but their confidence and courage sure made me proud. In a society that is filled with all things negative, it was wonderful to see a story of courage. Kudos to the MAC Aids Fund and Film Maker Andrew Jenks for presenting this beautiful tale. The feature length documentary will soon be available on iTunes. Do watch!

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“Give a woman the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world” – one quote that every girl can relate to. We have all had those days when we enter a mall or log on to our favorite online shopping site, only to fill our bags (or cart, if online) with tons of shoes. Sneakers, wedges, platform heels, boots, loafers, moccasins, and pumps among others, there is so much out there for shoe fanatics. C’mon, who wouldn’t love seeing a pair each of these divine beauties in their wardrobe? While there are a variety of brands that stock up on footwear, there are some that leave us wide eyed with their stunning collections. For those who are on the lookout for a brand new pair this season, we have got together a list of footwear brands in India that we can't stop loving (in no particular order).

 All the fellow sneakerheads in the house will agree that we can never get enough of the vast variety that Nike offers us, be it for training, running or just for everyday swag. Nike is one brand that keeps experimenting with shoe technology. After falling in love with the Dunk Sky-Hi and Air Max 2015, we have now got our eyes on the brand new Nike Roshe Flyknit, which was launched on March 5. These shoes are all set to take comfort to another level.

Charles & Keith
 One look at some of their yummy footwear and we challenge you to leave without buying a pair. On a personal note, I have always been a fan of their ankle strap sandals and platform heels in classic hues like white and nude. Their latest collection includes some stunning flat sandals with gold detail, colorful wedges and loafers in fun prints that can spruce up any outfit.

Steve Madden
When the heart wants to splurge, a pair of Steve Madden is what it needs. We all love their sexy peep toes and platform heels, don’t we? Especially those that add just the right amount of bling to your party outfit. And some of their new metallic slip ons look gorgeous.

 Love pairing your dresses or that favorite sweatshirt with a funky pair of slip ons? Or are high top sneakers totally your thing? Then Vans is sure to steal your heart. They have got some really interesting pairs in different colors, patterns and silhouettes. Wanna get creative? Then customize your shoes and show the world your own quirky art. Creativity meets style. This is fun!

When it comes to footwear, Metro is one brand that caters to consumers from all walks of life. Right from affordable sandals for everyday use to studded heels for an evening affair, they have got everything under one roof. Metro is well known for their variety that includes all kinds of styles, right from casual flats to studded wedges and even Kolhapuris. Metro is also frequented by those who look for comfort over style.

Adidas Originals
These guys are making us fall in love with their street style vibe, one collection after another. The face of sneakers is fast changing, with constant evolution and experiments, and Adidas Originals is nailing it big time in that department. This season, we can’t stop loving their collaborations with Rita Ora, Kanye West and of course, we are looking forward to the much anticipated ‘Superstar’ collaboration with American music artist Pharell Williams.
Got a favorite footwear brand that you swear by? Let us know on Twitter - @priyaadivarekar and we shall collect the top tweets to check which brand stands out as the most loved.

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We all love a good change of hairstyle or a haircut. But thankfully, those days of sticking to just the same old bob or what some call the 'layer cut' are gone. We are slowly getting into the experimental zone, where we don't shy away from short bobs, lobs and even asymmetrical cuts, with a dash of color. Every year, trends change, and this year too, we have got a host of tips and trends that are dominating the hair scene worldwide. We got Bed Head TIGI's creative director - Ralf Boss, to talk about the hot trends of 2015, his favorite Bed Head products and why he wants us Indians to experiment a lot more with our hair. Click on the image to watch the video and know more (don't forget to hit the subscribe button)!

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Tis' the season of cricket, where we all get together to scream our lungs out, every time Team India is out on the field to play against the opponent. Empty streets, nail biting moments and loud cheers have become the norm every weekend these days. Now, with Team India becoming the first team in Pool B to qualify for the quarter finals, everyone is quite excited to see our Indian boys get a clean sweep with a win over Ireland in the next match. With a great batting line up, excellent fielding and decent bowling skills, Team India is fast becoming a hot favorite to defend the title. So much, that every time we see a match involving India, the stadium looks more like Wankhede than an Australian venue.

This sure is turning out to be one interesting edition of the World Cup and what makes it even more special is the incredible 'Bleed Blue' campaign by Team India's official apparel sponsors - Nike. I get emotional every time I see the men in blue stand in respect for the national anthem. And of course, another proud moment is to watch a sea of Team India fans in Australia/New Zealand, clad in their brand jerseys, bleeding blue with pride for their nation. After all, cricket is not just a game, it is a much revered and loved religion, where a match win ensures an early Diwali (read: firecrackers bursting) in every little by-lane of India. Bleed Blue (the campaign), that was first launched in 2011 ahead of the cricket world cup that year, has fast become two integral words that every Indian swears by. It stands for the color that unifies the hopes and dreams of more than 1 billion people.

For someone who has been brought up in an environment where cricket talks are an everyday thing - irrespective of the format, tournament or team, it is no surprise that I am a proud cricket fanatic. If you have been following me on Twitter, you already know that I get this fanaticism from my Dad, an ex-cricketer, with whom I can talk all things cricket non-stop. Girls can't talk cricket, some say. "They can only chat about Virat Kohli and Dale Steyn's latest hair do." Wrong! There is a lot more to cricket than fashion or good looking men. I can easily tell a cover drive from a hook and square cut. Oh, and I love cricket in its purest form - the test format. One doesn't have to talk cricket statistics all day to be a fan of the game. Cricket, for those like me and dad, is not just a game. It is a way of life. And when it comes to cheering for India, everything else can wait.

If I had to describe the all new Nike Team India jersey in one word (or two), it would be - super comfortable. I can live in this the entire day. No wonder, the men in blue are all smiles, whenever they step out looking their finest best in those uniforms. With just one match left before we hop on to the crucial QFs, here's wishing Team India all the very best for the journey ahead. Kill it, boys! Don't give that beauty back.

Have you ordered your Team India jersey yet? If not, head to a Nike store or order it online here.

Outfit Details
Men Blue ODI SS Stadium Jersey
Legendary freeze frame tights
Air Max 2015 shoes {All} - Nike
Watch - Swatch
Aviators - RayBan

Photography - Team Dancebee

The Dancebee