An Ode to stay-at-home Mothers

House wife, home maker, mother, stay-at-home wives / mothers; you may choose to address them in different ways, but what cannot be ignored is a very simple fact - instead of a regular, mundane 9 to 5 job, she does the "when I open my eyes, till I close my eyes" job. Housework is one department which often goes unappreciated. No one notices when the homemaker does it, but everyone notices or rather, ends up realising their folly, when she is unable to do the same (especially when she is sick). Being a son, living in a house with two other men (my brother and father, respectively), I have grown up admiring the only woman in my house, who chose to spend her life as a home maker - My Mom. 

Currently, we are all going through a very tough time, and have been confined to the four walls of our respective houses. The entire nation has come to a standstill after the major outburst of Corona Virus. Ever since the lockdown has been announced, almost every company has been asked to follow the work from home mode of delivering and managing work schedules. Needless to say, this breakdown has impacted many people in various ways. Introverts are living their ultimate dream (kind of, no offence), as they don't need social environment anymore, while Extroverts are dying for social interaction and moving out of their homes. It's been almost 10 days, and we feel things around us have changed a lot. Some feel lost in their own homes, literally find ways to kill boredom, some choose to laze around and crib about the current circumstances. (yeah, despite my partner constantly telling me to avoid this, I've been through situations where I have cribbed and even accepted the situation, with the will to fight through it). 

At the same time, many of us have figured out new ways to kill this boredom. While some continue to work hard, some have dedicated extra time to their hobbies, others are re-discovering their passion. Social media is packed with hidden master chefs displaying their new cooking skills and experiments, and some are, well, still fighting against the odds. However, this is just the tip of an iceberg. We still have a long way to go. 

Just as I was carefully analysing the situation, an important thought crossed my mind, and struck me hard. My mom came up and I began noticing her routine. I carefully observed how she was taking care of all the small things. At the same time, she was also dealing with our random food cravings, irritation, talks on boredom among others. All this, while maintaining family balance and looking after every individual. Won't deny that we have proactively lend a helping hand, but nothing can match up to her skills. Yes, my mother is a house wife, or rather - a homemaker, by choice.  And while we crib about our work from home routine, stay-at-home mothers like her have a work from home every single day. Beat that, will ya? 

So many of us, including myself, have been cribbing about the lockdown and work from home since more than a week. But, they have been doing it since the day they chose this role and began looking after the family. It hit me that when all of us leave for work, Mom spends almost half the day alone, facing that same horrible boredom. No one to talk to, except a few phone calls here and there, and maybe a trip to the bazaar, for groceries and essentials. She gets everything together at home, while waiting for us to get back, enjoy dinner together and once again, get busy in the ever churning wheel of life. 

Every single stay-at-home mom, whose efforts often go unnoticed and unappreciated, deserve a real round of applause for their selfless efforts. Time and again, every Mother (including mine and even those, who choose to balance work with their home commitments) have proved that none of what we do at our workplace, would be possible without their effort. She is not just a housewife - she is the real hero of every family. Without her, it just wouldn't feel like home. 

A massive respect to their efforts, dedication, and selfless support (Remember, stay-at-home mothers don't even get paid to do all this). How about we go out and thank our mothers, wives and partners with a hug and some love? And remember, while you continue to work from home (or even otherwise), take some time out to appreciate them with a kind gesture. 

I took the step and appreciated the hero in my life. Now, it's your turn!

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  1. What beautiful thoughts!! Ssrly Kudos to mothers!!

  2. Good thoughts !! Heart touching 😞


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