Birthday Special | 8 Times Shahid Kapoor Burned The Dance Floor Like A Boss

We are celebrating Shahid Kapoor's birthday! So, when ones talks about this multi-talented artist, how can anyone not discuss his dance moves? For someone who is legendary Kathak performer and actress Neelima Azim's son, dance has got to be in his genes. Although Shahid did try to learn a few Kathak moves during his childhood days, he did not continue to completely master the art. Instead, he enrolled at the Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts during his teens and became an instructor (Did you know? His batchmates and colleagues have great things to say about him). 

He went on to perform at several shows, and was even seen shaking a leg next to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Taal. But when it comes to Shahid taking the centre stage, he performs like a true boss. He owns the spotlight and gets into the groove like a true dance lover. The actor has given us some delightful dance performances, in both his films and stage shows. Here's presenting a list of our favourites.

Gandi baat - R... Rajkumar

Trust Prabhu Dheva to make Shahid dance like a true blue tapori at a desi daru adda. When the first glimpse of this song was released, the entire nation went berserk. From the floor section moves to those fun, quirky expressions; Shahid nailed this Prabhu sir's style of choreography like a pro. Though Shahid confessed that this wasn't his kind of style and it was difficult to learn the moves (he even injured his toe), like a real focused artist, Shahid showed us that nothing is impossible. Masses at the single screens went ballistic when this song came up, and were even seen performing in front of the screen and throwing money as well.

Bismil - Haider

If there is any song in the recent times that has left us with goosebumps all over, it has to be Bismil. This visually stunning piece was a treat to watch on the big screen. Suresh Adhana's choreography, matched with Shahid's perfect movements and expressions made this song undoubtedly the best of 2014. It was also Shahid's first tryst with an out-and-out Kashmiri folk dance on screen.

Shaam Shaandaar - Shaandaar

Look at those moves! I mean - JUST LOOK AT THOSE MOVES. While Shaandaar may not be one of your favourite films starring the actor, we were thankful to the almighty (and the choreographer) for giving us a glimpse of the Kapoor boy's impeccable moves. In a red hot jacket, the actor makes a smashing entry and literally OWNS the dance floor with his flawless performance. The song - Shaam Shaandaar, continues to be a hot favourite during the wedding season, and needless to say, we can't help but shake a leg à la Jagjinder Joginder!

Mauja hi Mauja - Jab We Met 

Talk about Shahid's best dance performances and how can we not feature the incredible Mauja hi Mauja? We have lost count of the number of times we have aped Shahid's flawless moves from this song at dance shows and college festivals. Every one around was keen on performing to this track, while doing the signature step. The song went on to become one of the top party numbers in 2007, and even today, people can't stop themselves from shaking a leg when this track is played on radio, television or at an event.

Tu Mere Agal Bagal - Phata Poster Nikhla Hero

Admit it! No one could have done that doggie step the way Shahid has. During an earlier interview, choreographers Bosco - Caeser had confessed to us that it was Shahid's enthusiasm and dedication that made it easier for them to try something unique. The actor is always game for something fun and the fact that he enjoyed performing on this number translated on screen. Everybody was in love with the quirky moves and the way Shahid had added extra charm to it. Even we couldn't stop ourselves from doing the doggie dance on repeat.

Sang mere bol hadippa - Dil Bole Hadippa 

Another party number that became an instant rage. Shahid Kapoor's smooth moves and suave personality made this one a must watch. And we think he looked super cool while matching steps with Rani Mukerji. Again, the choreography was decided keeping in mind Shahid's excellent potential, especially his foot work. This song too, like some of his other popular dance number, was a hit among the youngsters.

Dhan te nan - Kaminey

That one track which shook the country, making everyone rise their hands up in the air with a fist pump to do the signature step. Kaminey was an important film in Shahid's career, but it was this song that became his trademark style. Wherever he went, the song would immediately pop up and the audience would request him to shake a leg on it. The two Vishals - Dadlani and Bhardwaj, created pure magic with this number, with Shahid getting into the groove with great ease and style.

Mujhpe Har Haseena - Ishq Vishk

Click the image to watch the full song
This is where it all began. This is where we saw the 'Rise of a Star'. Shahid Kapoor's debut film made him the actor to watch out for. But above everything else, it was his performance in the medley 'Mujhpe har haseena' that made his female fans go weak in the knees. With some flawless air splits, insane moves and an affectionate smile that remained intact throughout the song, this was one helluva dance track. And, how can you just say no when a handsome guy asks - Kya mera chehra romantic hain?

Dhating naach - Phata Poster Nikhla Hero

Everybody loves some tapori dance, which you are most likely to see at Ganpati visarjan or marriages. When Shahid does it, he sure does it in style. Dhating Naach is one song that is still played at Baaraats and Ganesh immersion processions. Shahid's quirky expressions and 'Imma dance without inhibitions' moves were loved by one and all. And to think of it, this track was choreographed and shot in a tight schedule, with Shahid getting very little time for rehearsals. Hail Sasha!

Honestly, the list of our favorite performances is quite exhaustive. There are SO MANY of them!
Saree ke fall sa, Aai Paapi, Shabe Firaq, Aashiqui; the list is endless. But if there is anything that you must leave all your work for and sit in front of the laptop to watch, it is Shahid's first MJ tribute at the Filmfare awards in 2010. One of our favorite and hands down, Shahid's best stage act till date.

Click on the image to watch!

Boy! Is there anything this guy can't do? And who else got goosebumps while watching this act? We sure did, thanks to Shahid's perfect moonwalk and that unmatched footwork.

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