The 14 Day Challenge | Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control Review

I am quite sure most of you have heard about Pantene's 14 day challenge, and how the brand's latest launch - Pantene Pro-V hair fall shampoo and conditioner, promises to get rid of hair fall. Perhaps, the stylish TVC starring actress Anushka Sharma (brand ambassador of the brand) might ring a bell. Well, the brand challenged us to take up the 14 day test recently and we thought it was an interesting activity. Especially since any kind of changes in the weather (which we are experiencing now), plus humidity and all the heat (thanks to styling products) leaves our hair feeling dry and rough at the end of the day (and I love reviewing new products for you guys anyway). So, I took up the challenge and gave the latest launch a spin. Read on to know my experience and how the product fared.

What? - Pantene PRO-V Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner

Price: Shampoo - Rs 110 (for 180ml)
Conditioner - Rs 55 (for 75ml)

What does it promise? - It's time break the hair fall. Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control helps prevent damage and reduces hair fall caused due to breakage. The product strengthens hair inside out, from base to tip and promises up to 98% less hair fall. The result is smoother and more manageable hair.

Shelf Life: 3 years

How to use? - Shampoo: Massage onto wet scalp / hair gently. Rinse off thoroughly.
Conditioner: After shampoo, massage onto wet hair gently. Keep it on for sometime and then, rinse off.

Packaging: Both the shampoo and conditioner come in the regular white Pantene plastic bottles. The smaller ones are easy to carry and don't spill. Over time, we have realised that the golden flip top cover does tend to break quite easily (we have experienced this in the past). So, that's our only grudge with the packaging.

Texture: Smooth and creamy. The shampoo has an excellent texture, which is not too runny and also lathers up well. The conditioner too was thick and super creamy.

Fragrance: Slightly fruity and strong. Similar to all other hair wash products by Pantene. It maybe pleasant for some, but that wasn't the case for us.

The Challenge: So, as per the 14 day challenge, I had to try the Pantene Pro-V range and test it's promises, against an unidentified brand. Now, let me remind you that the hair fall issue in my case was moderate (scalp type: dry) and not too heavy. Like I always say, every individual may have a different experience with the product. So, this is my honest take on the 14 day trial. For the first week, I used the unidentified shampoo and conditioner, which was pathetic. Honestly, I gave up on that product right after the second wash. The post wash results were really bad and I was in no mood to ruin my hair condition in anyway. Next up, the challenger - Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall Control. I used this product thrice a week, starting with the shampoo, which does a good job of cleaning the scalp, and does away with all the residue, leaving it squeaky clean. I followed it up with the conditioner, applying it well, all the way till the tip of my hair. The conditioner was kept on for 10 mins, and then rinsed off well. 

This process was followed thrice a week. While I didn't see much of a difference in the first week, I did like the way it cleansed my scalp. It was only after the 5th wash that I saw a slight difference. My comb had just one or two strands, which felt great and was completely normal. Since I am not a big fan of the fragrance of this product, I followed it up with my everyday serum and was ready to go. I like the texture of this range, which is perfect for Normal to Dry scalp type. Hair felt smoother, lighter and easy to maintain. Also, the product comes in a variety of sizes and of course, is easily available. The fact that it is affordable is definitely a plus point.

Pros: Cleanses scalp very well
Great texture (shampoo and conditioner)
Easily Available
Does a decent job of reducing hair fall

Cons: Packaging (just the flip top area)
Strong, fruity fragrance

Verdict: After the 14 day challenge, I must admit that the product did a fine job of reducing whatever little hair fall we had experienced in the past. Also, it cleanses the scalp very well, making it a favourite for regular use. Though, it is only with continuous use that we can come to a final conclusion of how well it gets rid of hair fall. But as of now, we can definitely vouch for the product and recommend it to all of you. Now, if only the fragrance was a little subtle and less fruity. But hey, the product does it's primary job well, so I am not complaining.

Have you tried the new Pantene Pro-V Hair Fall control? Or has Anushka Sharma convinced you enough to give it a shot? Share your feedback in the comment box below and let us know your experience.

Photography: Ranveer Lovely Dua

Location Courtesy: JW Marriott, Sahar (Mumbai)

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  1. Awesome honest review! Chalo lets buy Pantene and accept the challenge

  2. Jyoti ShelarNovember 13, 2016

    Wow great review and lovely photos. You look very pretty

  3. I like the way you explain this post. Thanks for sharing. I have one question whether this pantene pro V is suitable for men?


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