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Light, fast and stylish! Everything that a male running enthusiast could ask for and lots more. That's the all new Adidas Pure Boost ZG Prime men's running shoe for you. Super light running footwear, that improves performance, helping you run fast with great energy. Weighing just 8.7 ounces, the Adidas Pure Boost ZG Prime was recently launched in the country, with a special run across South Mumbai. The runners included a mix of professional pacers, members of the Adidas Wolf Pack and select running enthusiasts (including Team Dancebee), who took the stretch from Chowpatty to Gateway of India by storm.

In a vast market filled with different types of shoes dedicated to running, the Adidas Pure Boost ZG Prime is a breakthrough innovation. The upper is designed with adidas Primeknit, which is carefully engineered to naturally expand with your foot while you run, in order to give the runner a more comfortable fit and help reduce irritation. The stretch web inspired outsole flexes and perfectly adapts to your stride, ensuring a smoother run. The midsole has a lightweight cushioning, while the trademark Boost by Adidas ensures that every step ahead is charged with unlimited supply of energy, which results in a better pace.

We tried the Adidas Pure Boost ZG Prime in two trials - one during the South Mumbai run at the launch and later, during a few sessions at the gym. This gave us an idea of how the pair of shoes work in both the natural and artificial environment. Needless to say, this super light yet amazingly efficient pair helped our team member's pace and ensured the run was a smooth affair. The fit was unbelievably comfortable, and one of the best when compared to some other new shoes in the same niche / price range. The pace increased at every subsequent outdoor run and we were extremely happy with the results. Ditto in the gym, where our cardio workouts on the treadmill reached an all new level with these beauties. Plus, the fact that they look stylish is an added bonus! Our only issue? We hope Adidas launches these running beasts in other colours as well (The blue pair available in the US market looks stunning!)

So far, our team member's experience with the Adidas Pure Boost ZG has been a terrific one. If you are looking for a pair that can help better your pace, provide great comfort and look stylish - all at the same time, then look no further. The price you pay for the benefits in return certainly makes the Adidas Pure Boost ZG Prime a true winner.

Outfit Details
T-shirt - Adidas Running
Gym Shorts, Cap - Adidas Originals
Shoes - Adidas Pure Boost ZG Prime

Shot By: Team Dancebee

The Dancebee

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