Five Global Fall Trends That We Love | Fall / Winter 2015

Here’s the deal - I (Ishani Chatterji) currently live in New York and Fall here is an absolutely different ball game, compared to what it is in Mumbai. Out here, fall is about apple picking, walking through Central Park to watch the leaves change colors and drinking gallons of Pumpkin Spiced Latte from Starbucks. In Mumbai, fall falls (see what I did there!) around the same time that Mumbaikars experience their second summer along with the splurge of festivities that require them to look like palettes of colours at most times. Having said all of that, Fall is my favourite time of the year in The Big Apple. So I am going to try and put together a quick five “worldly” set of Fall trends for 2015 (and for those in India, you can take it as a guide to look smokin' hot this festive season).

Black IS the new black
The New York Fashion Week saw multiple designers take the “all black or nothing” route this fall. Gothic like outfits combined with sheers, lace and the works were a big hit. Among my favourites were Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein and Coach who did a perfect potpourri of skirts, bling and leather.

Alexander Wang F/W 2015 showcase at the NYFW - Image source (pinterest)

Mosaic Moods
It’s raining colourful mosaics all over the place. From the conventional fit and flare maxi dress to the jumpsuit and fur coat, Fall is a “mosaic” affair this year. Colours ranged from muted shades, pastels like peach and even warmer hues like wine. The trend was widely seen at the Salvatore Ferragamo showcase.

Mosaics on the runway at Salvatore Ferragamo F/W 2015 showcase - Milan (Image source: nowfashion)

Charming Victorians
Who doesn’t love a good ruffle and a high neckline? Add a bit of aristocracy air and you could just be out of a Jane Austen.  Grand gown-like lacy gestures, elegant peaches and whites with just the right amount of black, a whole new Victorian era was created on the ramps.

Alexander McQueen - f/w 2015 (Image source: notorious magazine)

Looking East
This happened to be one of my favourite trends. Motifs of the fiery dragon by Valentino, Louis Vuitton’s modern dress with the eastern lines and Michael Kors' shiny blingy gold numbers, the East is taking over. 

Valentino - F/W 2015 showcase (Image source: pinterest)

Keep it short
Women are getting comfortable with the raised hemline. Duh, we love our legs! Designers all over are embracing and empowering the mini in blacks, patchworks, warmer hues, eastern motifs and everything under the sun. Love thy body!
Dior Pre-Fall 2015 (Image source: dailymail.co.uk)
So, what's your favourite trend for the ongoing fall season? Got a favourite already? Join the conversation on Twitter at @priyaadivarekar

Text: Ishani Chatterji
Compilation & Editing: Team Dancebee

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