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My first epilator was by Braun, a simple hand and leg epilator that I had purchased with my own money during degree college years. Waxing or creams are not really the ideal ways of hair removal for someone with sensitive skin. Though I must admit, there have been days when I couldn't spend too much time and would prefer making a stop at the salon for a quick wax session. And all hell would break loose after a few days, when red bumps would say hello and not leave until I would apply fresh aloe gel. Razors? I am not even getting there (and I haven't tried them either). So, the epilator was certainly a boon, but it did have a few setbacks. The cord would restrict my movements, the epilation modes were limited, I had to spend several minutes to make sure that my hands look clean and feel smooth, and of course, I had to ensure that there is enough light nearby.
But recently, when Braun introduced me to the all new Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa, I was told that it had a solution to all my worries and more. So, does it really have an answer to all the above mentioned problems? Read the review to find out.

What? - Braun Silk-épil 9 Skin Spa
Price: Rs 10985

What does it promise? Braun introduces Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa: the new standard of epilation excellence combined with an innovative sonic exfoliation brush. With a 40% wider head, the new Silk-épil 9 covers more area and removes more hair in one stroke for faster epilation.The MicroGrip tweezer technology introduces Braun's most innovative tweezers with an improved geometry to increase the plucking and feeding performance and gently remove more hairs in one stroke. The combination of these two features results in faster hair removal, even on the shortest hairs (0.5mm) that wax cannot catch, for up to 4 weeks of smooth skin. The exfoliation brush removes dead skin cells thanks to its massaging micro-vibrations that visibly improve skin's appearance by exfoliating it 4x better than a manual treatment alone. The Wet & Dry cordless usage allows you to use it in the bath or shower for a gentler epilation. When used regularly, epilation is virtually painless.

Packaging: The main body (with the extra wide epilation head) and the exfoliation brush are all neatly placed in the box. All the additional parts have been packed separately in a plastic bag inside the box. The kit comes with a handy manual, which has tips and step-by-step processes on how the product can be used. It also includes the warranty card.

How to use (Epilator)? -  Use the epilation head and attach either the massage cap or the skin contact cap (depends on whether you are used to regular epilation or not. If you are a first time user, go with the massage cap, seen in the picture above). Select the speed, depending on the kind of epilation that you want (I for gentle and II for efficient). In case you are trying the dry usage method, make sure your skin is free from any grease or cream. If its the wet method, make sure your skin is moist. Stretch your skin and make sure that the epilation area is in close contact with your skin. Move the epilator slowly, without any pressure, against the hair (in the direction of the switch). For better results, guide the product in different directions, as the hair growth may differ. The manual includes points on how the product can be used with other parts, for a complete hair-free experience.

Epilation Tips: ☻ It is advisable that you epilate a day before an important event / meeting. This ensures that you have enough time to let any possible post-epilation reddening subside. 
☻ Make sure that you follow up with a good moisturiser or aloe gel after the epilation.
☻ If the hair length is long, it is advisable that you first shave and then, let your hair grow back to at least 0.5mm.
☻ If you are using the shaver head attachment (image given below), make sure it is done only on dry skin.

Overall Experience: Fuss-free and absolutely painless! That's how I can describe my trial. The subsequent trials helped in adjusting to the product and over time, the process became a super fast way to get rid of unwanted hair. I always opt for the wet usage method and the fact that this epilator is cordless and safe to use in the shower is the biggest boon. I use the exfoliation process at least a few days (mostly a week) before the epilation, to ensure that the dead skin cells are gone. I tried the exfoliation brush with my new favourite - The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea Scrub and the result was supremely smooth skin. The exfoliation helped, as the epilation that was followed a few days later ensured that there are no in-growths left. I am yet to test facial epilation and so, the moment I try it, the experience shall be posted on our social media handles. So far, I am satisfied with the way it has treated my skin - no irritation, pain or damage. Plus, the fact that it is so handy and quick to use is a big win, especially keeping the kind of lifestyle that we live in mind. The smart light is saviour, as it helps you keep a tab on every strand of hair, no matter how big or small. The exfoliation brush makes it the perfect skin spa and is one of the highlights of this kit. The kit is travel friendly, with the main product, additional parts and exfoliation brush hardly weighing a few grams. The Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa is everything that you need for a complete hair-free experience, that is painless and absolutely convenient.

Pros: travel friendly
multiple benefits
quick process
easy wet usage method of epilation
excellent exfoliation
well priced (keeping in mind the amount one ends up paying for every wax session or hair removal cream tube)
Available in different colours (including pink)

Cons: None so far!

Verdict: To sum it up, the Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa is a must have for every woman on the go. Try getting used to his hassle-free epilation process, you will get your weekly bi-monthly wax appointments.

Have you tried the Braun Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa or got a feedback for epilators in general?
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