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Since childhood, we have all been taught that health is our greatest wealth. To swear by this golden rule in life, people opt for various methods, which include hitting the gym, signing up for various fitness classes, and of course, dieting. The fact that several hundred diet courses are available in the market, only shows its great demand. However, along with such fads come several myths that often lead to confusion. What is a boon in one plan, may turn out to be a bane in the other. So what should one do? Well, just act sensible and find out the right combination of exercise and food plan that works for you. And no, crash dieting doesn't work. We list down 5 myths related to good health.

“I run on the treadmill every day, which means I am fit” - Erm, no! Spending 15 random minutes on the treadmill is not everything. While at the gym, shut off the world (the gym is not a place to gossip) and divert all your attention to the workout. Follow the instructor’s advice and focus on different parts of your body each day. Work on your stamina, track your progress regularly, and make note of your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, include brisk walking, yoga or a fun activity for added benefits. Don’t treat it as a formal drill, make healthy living your lifestyle.

“I am losing weight, because I am on a juice diet” - Juice diet may work as good detox for a day or two, but skipping meals entirely and starving yourself by only drinking fruit juices for days and weeks is insane. During the course, you may end up feeling weak & exhausted, or even worse, falling sick. Your body needs healthy solid foodstuff too. Balanced meals are the way to go.

“I had a heavy breakfast, so I can skip my lunch” - Not really! A heavy breakfast helps you stay on your toes all day, but the lunch will help you cope with the later (more exhaustive) part of the day. A wholesome, nutritious lunch is extremely important. Don’t eat till you stuff your face and feel like throwing up. Divide the day’s food plan into 5–6 small meals.

“The plan worked for my friend, who is the same age, so it will work on me too” - Kidding, right? No two individuals are the same, and everybody has different requirements. A lot of factors, including your BMI (Body Mass Index), internal and external health issues, family health history among other things, have to be kept in mind before you go ahead with a fitness or food routine. Plus, the key areas that need to be worked upon differ too. So, think twice before you blindly follow a family member, peer, or favourite celebrity’s fitness/food plan.

“I had a bowl full of fresh fruits in the morning. Having a plate of French fries now causes no harm.” - If you have committed to following a particular routine, stick to it. Don’t cause disruptions that can ruin your health during the course. A few cheats once a week are fine, but otherwise, junk food items that do no good to your body are best avoided.

While there are several myths, the best you can do for yourself is to take control of your life at the right time. And if you still dread the consequences of all the time that you have wasted earlier, opting for a health insurance plan may be a good choice. We recently came across Royal Sundaram’s Health Insurance Plan, and after learning how they have been at the forefront of innovative insurance solutions since several years, we definitely thought of giving it a serious thought. After all, precaution is always better than cure, and your health is definitely more precious than anything else under the sun. You may act lazy, make excuses, and try convincing yourself that you don’t need to make that extra effort, but remember, in the end, it is YOU who will reap the benefit.

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