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Who doesn't love a bright lippie? I sure do. You will always find a bright red lipstick in my bag. Most of you already know that I love stocking up on lipsticks in shades of red, coral and pink. So when the folks at Maybelline launched their all new Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet collection recently, I was quite excited to test the range. A similar collection with the same name was also launched in the UK and the one in US got a slight twist, with the name Rebel Bloom. With six exciting shades (and the kind that suit the Indian skin tone really well) and the trademark 'gorgeous' Maybelline packaging, Rebel Bouquet certainly looks exciting. But, is it worth your money? Read the review to find out. 

Product: Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet Lipstick
Price: Rs 450

Shades available: 6 (Reb 01 to Reb 06)
Shades tested: Reb 01 and Reb 05

Quantity: 3.9g

What does it promise? -  Super-saturated pigments give fresh-picked pastels a bright kick. Sumptuous feel, with color bloom technology and enriched with honey nectar. 6 flirty, vivacious shades.

Packaging: As mentioned above, the packaging of this lipstick is in Maybelline's trademark style (and a lot like the previous Color Sensational range) - transparent cap in a bold color and the metallic lipstick tube. What I really loved about this particular range is the addition of floral detailing, which stays true to its name. Unfortunately, you have to part with it, as the floral details are only on the seal. Wish they were engraved on the cap too.

Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet - REB 05

Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet - REB 01

Color: We tested two shades - Reb 01, which is a lovely deep red (or more like, blood red) hue, and Reb 06 - a coral hue. Two swipes should be enough to give you the perfect bright shade (don't swipe it too much, as otherwise, the product might just bleed).

Texture: The texture of these lipsticks is extremely smooth and creamy. It is well pigmented. Just a few swipes and you don't need anything, not even your lip balm or gloss. The glossy effect makes for a good addition, which appears after the product has settled. At a time when I have been stocking up on several matte lipsticks, the Maybelline Rebel Bouquet range made for a nice breakaway from that routine. It glides on very well and is perfect for those with dry lips.

Overall experience: I tried these lipsticks during different occasions and noticed that it has a decent staying power. Without meals, it stayed on for a good 4 - 5 hours. Even when we had lunch, I quite liked the post - meal effect, which left a tint that didn't look bad (most lipsticks leave behind just the corner marks, which can be embarrassing sometimes). When I tried the Reb 01 on for a meeting, I noticed this product's biggest drawback - it transfers and leaves behind prominent marks, be it on a coffee mug or even a simple glass (thankfully, this was just an in-house team meeting). But on the brighter side, the product kept my lips well hydrated during a film screening and the color looked lovely, even after 2 hours 40 minutes of being in a cinema hall. Both these colors are suitable for the Indian skin tone and are my go-to shades for almost every season. The packaging is perfect and travel friendly. Despite the fact that the Reb 05 traveled with me all the way to Delhi (where we were boiling in 47 degrees of heat), the lipstick did not melt. Brownie points for that one! And as usual, this Maybelline lipstick scores well in the price section as well.

Pros: Sturdy, travel friendly packaging
Well pigmented
Smooth and creamy texture
Stays on for 4 -5 hours (without meals)
One - two swipes are enough to get the perfect shade

Cons: Transfers quite easily
More variety of shades would be great

Verdict: Light on the pocket, looks lovely on the lips and perfect for the season; the Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bouquet collection is all that and much more. I will definitely give it a thumbs up! Try it and this might just become your new go-to lipstick.

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