Parachute Advansed | Art of Oiling Vlog with Nargis Fakhri

Hola! Now, you must be wondering - didn't I attend the Art of Oiling event several weeks back? Well, the answer to that is, Yes! But sometimes, technology can play spoilsport and that is exactly what happened in this case. Post shooting a fun video for Parachute Advansed with Actress Nargis Fakhri, the video clip was saved and transferred to my old hard disk. Unfortunately, the hard disk got corrupt just a week after this event and as a result, I lost all my images and video clips, including this one. What's more? I had deleted these files from my computer as well, so I had no back up left. I gave up sometime back, and began filming a new set of images for the other reviews. But well, miracles do happen and it turned out, that I had accidentally copied this file to my Mom's pen drive weeks before, and she still had it on her. God bless Mumma Dancebee, really! And with that, ladies and gentleman, I got my video and it is now for all of you to see.

Here's the gorgeous Actress and Model Nargis Fakhri teaching me an Art of Oiling massage technique (mastered by Champi expert Moses Chundi). The technique also happens to be her favorite and is called - The art of Instant Energising.

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