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"Give a girl the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world." Who said this line was only valid for stilettos and fancy pumps? Ever tried putting on a pair of running shoes, only to conquer the world, one race at a time. Well, if you haven't, then you better start now. Because running (or even a fast jog) can do wonders to your overall health, skin and can help balance your lifestyle in many ways more than one. And imagine, this comes from someone who has done all things fitness and dance, but never tried her hand at running in school. Nope, not even in college. I stayed away from the sports day and would often use such days for dance rehearsals instead. 

But somehow, I got attracted to running and slowly began my weekly training. This happened a few years back, when I realized that its not necessary for anyone to be a college champion, in order to be successful at running a marathon (full, half or even a 10 km race). Back in school, I never liked participating in 100 or 400 meter races. Blame it on my health and stamina. But today, I push myself everyday, in order to make sure that I set a new goal every week. Its all about focusing on breaking the record timings set in the past. Running is 90 per cent mental and 10 per cent physical. A lot depends upon your approach and then of course, the diet, lifestyle and fitness levels. If you still haven't taken the plunge, I suggest you do it soon. Nothing can be more refreshing than a long run in the open space. Its a lot better than a treadmill, trust me. And if you have got the right pair of shoes (like I found my 'sole-mate' in these gorgeous Nike flex 2014 running shoes) and running kit, then no one can stop you! A good pair of track pants or tights is a must. Must add, this pretty Nike Dri-Fit tee that supports the We Run Mumbai campaign was just what I needed at the marathon to flaunt my love for both running and the beloved city. And now, I wear this super comfortable outfit to my regular jogs and runs too.

Still need inspiration? Head to the Sports Authority of India Complex at Kandivali (Mumbai), every Saturday at 6 am. Join the Nike+ Run Club and get your runner's high on.

Outfit Details

Blue dri-fit We Run Mum tee
Women's dri-fit track pant
Pink flex 2014 running shoes (All) - Nike
Wayfarers - RayBan

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