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While most of you know my fun, film-loving, dance worshiper side, very few know the book lover that I am (and will always be). Yes, I do possess a decent huge collection of books ranging from fiction, autobiographies, fantasy, romance, sport among a host of other genres. I proudly wear the tag of a bibliophile and don't shy away from confessing that apart from dance, the only three addictions I can never get rid of are books, cinema and music. I am told that I inherit this quality from my grandfather, who loved reading books at any given time of the day, be it while having breakfast, traveling, post dinner or of course, at leisure during the weekend.

In school, while my dance performances and filmy gyaan was well known, I was one of those who would quietly read pages after pages of my favorite book in between lectures, and sometimes, even during the lunch break. This, at a time when the others were busy growing up and playing cupid to one another. My affair was different. Its the kind of relationship where you forget thirst and hunger, and want to solely focus on the time you are spending with your loved one - the book!

Having said that, I wasn't the quintessential geek. I loved studying and would read a lot of books to improve my general knowledge. Right from politics to history and literature, I loved them all (except Math. I hate it, and still do). But at the same time, I enjoyed maintaining a balance of studies and entertainment. Thankfully, my parents were a blessing in disguise, as they never discouraged me from participating in different activities, even if it was exam time. Maybe that's how I got the confidence to multitask successfully and pursue higher studies, while staying true to my other roles (that of a voice actress and dance choreographer).

Channeling your inner geek is alright, but some folks take things too far. Like attending multiple tuition and classes. That's like being an extreme nerd. Nowadays, post school, I see kids hopping from one class to another, only to excel in this ridiculous race, where everybody wants that much coveted '1st Rank'. Very few, who are good at time management, take time out for their hobbies. I never wanted to be that kind of a person who would come first in class, but not know a thing about the Lok Sabha or who exactly heads Yash Raj Films. Again, my parents were quite supportive and encouraged me to do what I liked. So, I never attended extra classes or tuition. Yes, not even in Std 9, 10 or even 12. So yes, I do feel proud about the fact that I have achieved whatever I could, without any classes or assistance. If I was a part of the herd mentality, I would have definitely fainted at the thought of dubbing for a theatrical film, just a day before my final std 12 board exam, and the first paper was French (thinking if I scored less? No! 80 is pretty cool).

Read books, newspapers, enhance your knowledge and do everything that you love. Study enough to become a better person, not just an intellectual ghost, who only knows mugged up definitions. Be a creative geek, who mixes out-of-the-box ideas with intellect. Ask yourself, do you really want to be the next Chatur Ramalingam (read: 3 Idiots) or go the Phunsuk Wangdu way by not just scoring well, but also enjoying life to the fullest? The choice is yours. I have made mine.

As you read this post, I shall slip away in a cosy corner, with a hot cuppa and book (Currently reading: The Brightest Star in the Sky by Marian Keyes) in hand.
Channeling the inner geek chic!

Outfit Details

Jacket: Gift
Basic Tee: Marks and Spencer
Ripped denims: Zara
Shoes: Forever 21
Watch: Swatch
Bag: Zara

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  1. I am totally in love with your shoes. Great choice!



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