Clash of the Creams: Garnier BB vs Lakme CC cream

Keeping in mind the BB vs CC cream debate (and the fact that people can't get enough of these products), we thought of doing a comparative review of popular products under the two sections. While for the BB cream, we picked Garnier's miracle skin perfector, among the CC creams, we opted for Lakme's All In 1 Instant Skin Stylist. The idea was to see how well these drugstore BB and CC creams work. We tried both the products for one week each and decided to put up a comparative review, along with decoding the mystery behind BB and CC creams.

Difference between a BB and CC cream: BB stands for a beauty balm and works like a multitasking wand. It serves as a non-brightening primer, basic foundation, moisturizer with SPF.
CC cream generally means color corrective and contains a skin brightening primer, light foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen, anti-aging ingredients and also works on issues like redness. While the BB cream is on the heavier side and works best for dry skin, while continuously working on prevention and maintenance, the texture of a CC cream is lighter, works well on acne-prone skin and focuses on concealing existing issues.

Let's move on to our product reviews now

1. Lakme CC cream

Price: Rs 250
Quantity: 30 ml
Available shades: Beige, Bronze

What it promises: This instant skin stylist brings together all the goodness of your daily skin cream, with just the right touch of make-up, to give you skin that looks styled by an expert, everyday.

What works for us: Lakme likes to refer to their version of the CC cream as Complexion Care. We opted for the Beige tone and after using it for a week, we came to the conclusion that it definitely makes for a good all-round product. Right from the creamy texture to the way it blends, Lakme CC cream has got most of its promises right. It doesn't appear patchy and gives an even skin tone, with medium coverage (doesn't work on scars, blemishes or acne). Once settled, the cream gives a natural sheen, that stays for a good 5-6 hours. The product works best on dry skin. In case you have got an oily or combination type, then use a compact to make sure that the oiliness doesn't break out too soon. And yes, it has the signature fragrance of Lakme that stays on for long. 

What didn't work for us: It has to be the shade selection. While Bronze is too dark, Beige is light and there is no shade in between, which is a little worrisome.  In humid cities like Mumbai, it doesn't take time for the natural sheen to turn oily. So, if you have got an oily T-zone, then be prepared for regular touch-ups and keep a compact handy.

2. Garnier BB Cream

Price: Rs 119, Rs 199
Quantity: 18g, 40g
Available shades: One universal tint

What it promises: The Vitamin C derivative in the cream helps boost skin glow and brightness. Enriched with mineral pigments, BB cream instantly beautifies your skin. It instantly spreads evenly for a flawless finish. Its light - weight and comfortable texture blends perfectly into the skin. Lets skin breathe. It is an 8 moisturizing formula with Almond extract. Its SPF 24 filter helps protect the skin from UV.

What worked for us:  More than a BB cream, the Garnier version serves as a good tinted moisturizer. It gives minimal coverage and hence, works best for days when you don't want to wear anything heavy on your skin. The texture is light and it blends really well into the skin. The cream spreads out wonderfully (at least on my skin, it did). It stays on for around 3 - 4 hours and if used with a compact, extends the staying power to around 5 hours. Although it comes only in one shade, the tint is universal, so it will work well on most Indian complexions. I quite liked the matte finish that it gave me, which is completely opposite to the dewy sheen that the Lakme CC cream gave. The BB cream works best on combination skin.

What didn't work for us: The moisturizer may not work for those with dry skin, as it is not hydrating. You may have apply your daily moisturizer before applying the BB cream. 

Verdict: Keeping all the aspects in mind, like the coverage, texture, price among others; the Lakme CC cream has a slight edge over the Garnier BB cream. Lakme's CC cream does a good job of moisturizing as well as providing decent coverage. Moreover, the dewy finish is good. But I must add, Garnier BB cream works as a good light tinted moisturizer for those on a tight budget and days when you don't want to wear anything heavy on your face. Plus, it is the cheapest BB cream alternative in the market. Hence, both the products will have an audience of their own. For me, the Lakme CC cream worked best, as I am not too fond of heavy creams on a daily basis. The dewy effect is just perfect and the texture is not very heavy on my skin.

Have you tried any of these creams?
If yes, do let us know which one worked for you.

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  1. very nice review dear, i like lakhme CC cream, i like the texture and citrus smell of it.

  2. Both the product is gives best result just get confused which one is better for face glowing.

    1. Depends on your preference, and what would suit your requirement best. I don't personally vouch for products as a 'face glow getter'. But, if you are looking for a good moisturiser based product, then go for a good BB Cream.

  3. Which is good for 16 years old girl....bb or cc?? Which would be skin friendly?? Please tell!!

    1. A lot would depend on the individual's skin type. Allergies, if any, also have to be taken into consideration. If it's for occasional use, then a BB cream should be good. Try one that suits your skin type.


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