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The title of my post maybe slightly misleading (you might think I am going to talk about my media studies experience). But hell no! Today, I am going to post three looks that I have created, using apparel and accessories from 'Splash'. This post is also my entry for InFb's amazing contest, where one lucky winner will get a chance to attend the Splash spring-summer 2013 fashion show, to be held in Dubai. Sounds great, right? I am keeping my fingers crossed for this one, but even if I don't win, this post will help you change the common misconception that students don't have the time to dress up (especially students like me, who have assignments piled up at the study desk everyday). Be it college, movie date with friends or an important class presentation, staying stylish is your right (Sadda Haq! There I said it).

Look One: It's time for Lectures!

Most of us end up attending lectures early in the morning. Some of us are too bored to even get out of our comfy beds. That's when colorful colors come to the rescue. Ensembles like these can cheer you up (and in some cases, the  people around you). This is a perfect outfit for a cold winter morning. Pack all your books in that colorful Cambridge Satchel Company bag, pair it up with this knit sweater and orange denim from Splash. Lastly, throw on a collar necklace (Splash) and an adorable pair of glitter shoes from Miu Miu (if you are travelling by public transport, flats are your best bet. If you are a diva who can carry off a pair of pumps, replace these flats with blingy pumps). You are ready for college! Now hurry up, it's time for class.

Look Two: Friends Forever

Got a day off? Step out and plan a lunch or movie date with your friends. Well, the shopaholics can plan a 'Shopping Day Out' too. When you are with friends, there is no dress code involved (Read: Yes! We have dress codes in college. So no shorts allowed). This comfortable pair of shorts can be paired up with a basic T-shirt (for that Oh-So-Casual feel). I love blazers, and I think this Coral blazer is just what you need to spruce up your outfit. Roll up the sleeves to make it look more relaxed. If you are planning to leave during the afternoon, then a pair of shades is a must (It's a day out, duh!) Finally, wear a pair of coral peep toe boots and you are ready to go (you can replace this with a pair of coral flats, if you are shopping).

Look Three: Presentations Galore

Wearing those typical formal shirts and trousers is a thing of the past. You are making a class presentation in college, and the last thing you need is a boring outfit. Add some color to your formal ensemble. There is no restriction when it comes to choosing colors for a class presentation (unless there is one, which is rare). The only thing to keep in mind is that you must avoid wearing blingy accessories. Too much of glitter is not good for a formal presentation. I think pastels are safe, and fun too. This peter-pan collar top looks adorable. Wear it with a pair of light pink trousers (which also has a thin belt). If the top is a bit long (depends on your height), you can also tuck it in. Wear a simple black cuff and a pair of Turquoise suede pumps. Ta Da! Your class presentation outfit is ready.

There you go! Three awesome looks for three different occasions (something which is a part of every student's life).
Let's see if this makes the cut in the InFb and Splash contest!
Wish me luck

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