Review - Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Hair Spa Mask

I believe in magic and this product has some 'magic' in it (basically, keratin micro technology) which has the power to shoo away those awful 'Bad hair days'. I reviewed the Shampoo and Conditioner from this range some weeks back (Click here to read it) and now, its time to see how much the Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Hair Spa Mask scored on Dancebee's Product Ratings.

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 What I love about the Mask:

- Almost everything! That pretty much says a lot about this product. 
- If you regularly use this mask once a week, you will notice that your hair is smoother than what it was before.
- Reduces breakage pretty effectively
- It has a non-greasy texture, which works very well.
- I like LOVE the fragrance of this mask. It smells delicious!

What I don't like about the Mask:
- I have been using this mask since three weeks and to be honest, I haven't found anything negative about this product (If I do, I will update this post *wink*)

My experience:
This product is like a god sent gift for those who don't have the time to get a Hair spa done at a professional salon. I have been using it once a week since three weeks now and trust me, the results are amazing. The fragrance of this product lingers in your hair for a long time. After using this mask, my hair felt shiny, soft and pretty smooth as well. When they say that this product gives you 'Salon like results', believe me, they are saying the truth.

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The Advanced reconstruction program range - Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask

Rs 400 (200ml)

Value for Money:
Yes! Hair Spa at any salon will not cost you less than Rs 700. So, this product has great value for money. Plus, the quantity is good.

Final Verdict:
This mask should top your list if you have been fighting a battle with your damaged or rough hair. Even if you have normal hair, this is a must buy. This product won't disappoint you.

Product rating:

Note: This product was sent by Sunsilk for review. 
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  1. I usually do oil massages, conditioning and hair masks on a regular basis and so I've never felt the need for a Hair Spa till I recently felt I should try a mask on probably a monthly basis.
    This seems like the perfect pick :) Thanks Priya :)


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