New 'Bebe' store at Bandra

Last week, I was invited to check out the new collection at the 'Bebe' store in Bandra. As we all know, Bebe is a popular international brand and the first Bebe boutique was opened in 1976 in San Francisco (Well if you didn't know, I am telling you now *wink*). It's a global label that embodies a sophisticated lifestyle. Well, we all know how popular the 'Bebe' basic Tshirts had become in some local thrifted stores some years back. Today, Mumbaikars have 3 'Bebe' stores. One at Infinity Mall (Malad), Phoenix Market City (Kurla) and the 2 month old store at Bandra.

The ambience of this store is nice. Located on the busy shoppers paradise Linking road, near other popular stores like Mango and UCB, the store can easily be located. Also, with four top brands under one roof (Inglot, Charles and Keith, QueUp and Bebe, all the brands are under Majorbrands in India), shoppers will definitely have a good time.

Bebe team had organised a special event on 18th May and the theme of this event was 'Greek Goddess'. The team was all dressed up like Greek goddesses, wearing popular outfits from their new collection and greeting people with a warm smile. They also got personal shoppers to help customers choose what suits their body type, which pair of shoes should they pick up etc.

The collection is a good mix of  Bright colors. Let's take a sneak peek into their new Collection. I clicked tons of pictures, but as usual, will upload pictures of stuff that caught my attention.

Their signature 'Bebe' basic tee with chunky rhinestones are stocked up in tons of bright colors including Lime Green, Tangerine, Yellow etc.

Bandage skirts and dresses have been quite popular worldwide! Bebe has tons of Bandage beauties to choose from. They have an array of Bandage dresses in various colours. You can take your pick. From stripes to monotones and the good ol' Bandage LBD. If dresses are not your thing, opt for the Bandage skirts instead.

I was talking to the Store manager about the response that 'Bebe' got after the first store launch in Delhi, the response it's getting in Mumbai, the collection and various other things. That's when I asked her about the 'Hottest selling item' from their current collection. Without taking any time, she replied back saying, "Two items have been selling like hot cakes at all our stores. It's the tropical print maxi dress and the Tangerine jumpsuit". I turned back to check out these two beauties. The tropical print asymmetrical maxi dress looks lovely. The color combo is just right! The tangerine jumpsuit is another piece of apparel that you wouldn't wanna miss out on. Also, as maxi dresses are perfect for summer and Tangerine is the colour everyones been in love with this season, these two pieces are perfectly termed as the 'Best Sellers'.

Ah! How can they not have their popular sports line. Most of you already know that I love my sweatshirts and jackets and you will always find me in my favourite pair of tracksuit when I am going out for a trip, unless it's a trip abroad (A juicy couture set is SO on my wish list). Anyway, coming back to 'Bebe', one section of the store is dedicated to their 'Bebe' Sports line. They have some comfy tracks, sweatshirts, jackets, T-shirts and more, along with gym backs and flip flops for the 'beach loving' girl in you.

Next stop, the shoes and bag collection! 'Bebe' has a small collection of Bags and Shoes in a corner near the Cash counter. The collection looks interesting, especially the green wedges. The mostly stock up on heels. The bags are designed with a contemporary touch, with most of them available in the good ol' Classic shades, White, Black and Brown.

The Bebe team was extremely helpful. Bebe apparel price range starts at Rs 2000 and above. It's a high end brand and the dresses don't cost less than Rs 4000. For a college student like me, that might sound very steep, but for fashionistas who can afford to splurge, a trip to Bebe should be on the list, at least for their dresses and tees. The sports line was again, expensive. Apart from the stuff that I have mentioned, they also have some pretty blazers and floral tops. Maybe those like me can visit the store during the Sale period and pick up good stuff at a bargain (Only if the discounts are good).

Bebe Stores India,
Basement, Vatsala Niwas 65/B, Linking Road,
Opp: ICICI Bank Santacruz (west)

What you can pick up? - Dresses and The popular Bebe basic tee.
What you can leave on the rack? - Bags, Some shoes and a few Tops.

In the end, the beautiful gang of girls (Team Bebe), all dressed up for the event, posed with me for a group picture! Well, it's not really the perfect picture (We clicked one more picture which turned out blurry, Don't know what the photographer was doing) but it's the only good group picture.

What I wore that day!

Shirt: Zara
Jeans: FCUK
Sling bag: Bangkok
Bracelets and Ring: Colaba
Bangle: Rajasthan

So, do take a look at the new collection of Bebe and let me know your opinion!

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  1. Great pictures and nice review !! Love the group picture :)

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  2. Oohh I like ze review :) Niceee, oh and i like your shirt.


    1. Oh yes! Perfect for this climate :) Thanks!

  3. cool review..finally the brands we keep hearing of on international blogs are making a slow entry in india.


  4. i love bebe! their dress are amazing !

  5. AnonymousMay 25, 2012

    The best part of the post is the photography!

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  6. Got you through indian fashion bloggers! loved your post : how to dress up in those days!
    Welcome me as ur new follower :)
    I've made a blog, to give a virtual bday surprise to my bestie. Would be glad, if you dropped by your wishes! :)
    I and J

    1. Thank you so much :) Would definitely check out your blog.
      All the best!

  7. Hey Priya! Just came across your blog and its lovely! We're so glad we found another Indian blogger! Love your 'Diary' section, have hardly read anything but have to make a mental note to read them! Love your style! Like your review bout 'Bebe'! Love the accessories from their shop. :)


    1. Thank you girls! You've been doing a great job as well. Ditto, Happy to meet another Indian blogger :)
      Much love!

  8. Though I'm more of a tomboy, these pictures make me want to wear these girly clothes! :D

    You look cool! :)

    First time visiting this space. Keep up the good work. :) Nice blog!

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  10. Very Classy bebe dresses and elegant indeed ... sometimes less is more and in this collection everything’s restrained, relaxed and – even better – comfortable, with a pulled-together elegance !! Buying apparels online from Bebe is a great experience. It is truely value for your money


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