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Accessories can make any dull piece of apparel look good. One must always pick up accessories that they like instead of looking for an exact copy of a friend's necklace or earrings. So after a long day, attending one lecture after another at college, I decided to hunt for some accessories. After all, a little bit of 'Accessory Splurging' doesn't hurt anyone, except my pocket! Got a few good stuff that will spruce up any plain Tee or A pastel or neon dress. Take a look! :)

Round ring Metallic Necklace

This neckpiece can add that extra glam quotient to any dress, plain kurta or a Tee. What I really like about this neckpiece is that its not heavy. I don't like wearing heavy neckpieces during summer, so this is perfect!
Butterfly pendant with Chain

This piece is perfect for a light day out with friends or a day at the theatre. It looks great with Plain tees and skirts and Colourful jumpsuits.

Finger ring 1: Chunky finger ring with diamante
Finger ring 2: Finger ring with blue stones

Chunky rings brighten up my ensemble. I love wearing colourful, chunky finger rings! The first one caught my eye because of its unique design. It goes well with Indian apparel as well. As for the second one, those blue stones were enough to make me pay up for it. Plus, a finger ring in this shade of blue looks royal. These rings were definitely one of my favourite buys that day.

Oh wait! Did I introduce my latest favourite hair accessory to you?

I must thank my mom as she was the one who managed to find this for me. I was so engrossed in picking up finger rings and other things that my eyes missed out on this little beauty. Again, I love this colour. This little magical piece is the perfect thing you need to put an icing on your overall look. I loved it so much that I asked the manager of the shop to keep me informed when the stock comes in. I so don't wanna miss out on this piece in Orange or Lime green.

I wore this piece today, but the picture isnt that clear!

So now I have quite a few good accessories for my upcoming trips & of course, My Birthday.
And as they say, a day out shopping for accessories always ends up giving you a big smile! :)

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