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The other day, my brother decided to go shopping and ended up buying a small bottle of  shower gel for me to try. Well, Its Lush! Even the apparent small bottle costs nothing less than 600-700rs (for 100ml). I prefer sticking to one brand when it comes to soaps or shower gel (And Pears is my favourite as it suits my skin type). But OH MY GOD, Thank goodness I got to know that a certain shower gel called 'Lush Flying Fox' exists. Why? Because it smells heavenly. Just what you need to use with a Hot water bath after a long, tiring day out.

The fragrance of this shower gel lifts up your spirits and has a calming effect as well. The fragrance is divine and it sure lingers for a while. The aroma of jasmine in this shower gel is not like your typical oil fragrance. It's more towards the sophisticated side and does not completely fall under the floral category as it has some honey too. I just love how the delightful fragrance of this shower gel spreads in the entire bathroom when I'm taking a bath. The 100 gms bottle is the smallest size available for Rs600. It will easily last for 2 months (If used daily) since you only need a 2-3 drops at a time. The use of 4 different kinds of Honey (according to the list of ingredients) does not make it sticky. In fact, the shower gel leaves your skin feeling very soft.

The best part about Lush products is that its 100% vegetarian and neither the product nor any of its ingredients are tested on animals. Also, some of the ingredients on this list are said to control PMS (Good news girls *wink*). So on a Terrible stress filled day, make sure you have a bottle of this shower gel handy. A hot water bath with this divine shower gel is all you need to shoo that stress away. The fragrance of this product is enough to calm things down.

So go visit your nearest Lush store and pick up a bottle of  the 'Flying Fox' shower gel. I'll continue to use 'Pears' as my daily use shower gel. But 'Flying Fox' as definitely made it on my 'Once a week De-Stress products' list. It's gives the experience of a luxurious bath.

PS: I dont know much about its 'sex appeal' claims! But I think the fragrance is strong enough for heads to turn your way :)

Pros: Leaves you feeling calm and soothes your mind
         Rich, Calming fragrance
         Strong fragrance that stays on
         100% vegetarian

Cons: Less lather because of which you end up using the product more

Conclusion: If you do think Rs 600 is good enough for a 100ml shower gel, Then buy this without a second thought!

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