Wonderful vision of Saibaba

As I finished reading the main chapters of Sai satcharitra yesterday, baba blessed me with this wonderful vision to prove that he is with me forever. I saw myself taking darshana in the shri saibaba samadhi mandir. There I saw baba's murti adorned and decked with around 5-6 gold necklaces and the temple was empty! The priest then asked me to perform a puja in the Gurusthan with some other priests and offer 251 belpatra leaves along with milk on the Pindi (which is inside the gurusthan temple).

I performed the puja after which, my parents and I proceeded towards the Dwarkamai temple where the priest gave us food from the Hodge - Podge (which was a custom followed until recently,where naivedya brought by all bhaktas was mixed & distributed after the aarti) and made us sit in two rows in front of the dhuni and baba's picture. 

I woke up to this dream to see that the time was 10 am. I couldn't believe all that I saw in my dream. My hair stood at end and I looked at baba's picture which is right next to my bed and slowly whispered, "Om sai ram. Thank you for this heartwarming vision! Baba, I LOVE YOU."


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