Dear Human, I trusted you | The tragic tale of Kerala's Pregnant Elephant

Once, there lived an Elephant. Her humble abode was what they refer to as ‘God’s own country’. She was gentle, caring and did not harm anyone. She was pregnant, and had a month old foetus growing inside of her. One day, she was hungry and walked out in search of a few morsels. All she wanted was some ‘Food’. She trusted those whom she met along the way, and did not harm anyone. Her only aim was to find a little bit of food, enough for herself and a little bud, growing inside of her. 

However, humans had other plans. A pineapple was offered to her, which the elephant gladly accepted with complete trust. But lo! It turned out to be a deadly trap, as the pineapple was filled with firecrackers. Little did the poor soul know that those people, whom she blindly trusted, would lead her to a tragic injury and ultimately - a very unfortunate death. 

Even in torment, she did not harm. She did not ravage the streets or village. She did not trample or crush people in a fit of rage. Instead, she quietly walked up to the River side, and tried to heal the pain. For days, she tossed and turned, crying her heart out. She stood in the river water hours, trying to save herself from the excruciating pain. Alas! She lost the battle. Despite believing some wretched humans, and displaying kindness even in her final moments, all she got back in return was - Pain, Mistrust and ultimately - Death. And with her demise, a young life lost this battle as well, rather prematurely. 

This is human race at it’s worse. Since the beginning of 2020, cases of animal abuse have come from every part of the country - be it the brutal killing of a Pregnant dog in Odisha (April), stray cats being killed by a Psychopath on the streets of Mumbai (May) or a pregnant Elephant losing her life due to a disgusting act committed in Kerala. Not that 2020 has been the only year where we’ve witnessed such heinous crimes. Those who’ve worked on animal rescues, horrific cases of brutality and witnessed animals going through torture - they have endless stories to narrate from the years gone by. And yet, despite all the rage and anguish, the criminals go home, completely free of any charges or severe punishment! Meanwhile, as you read this, an animal is being hit, dragged or pelted by stones, in some corner of the country. While all that some people can do is walk away in dead silence, and consider it as yet another "Yeh toh roz hota hai' incident. 

One can make a change, only if they are willing to. Willing to speak up when they see an act of abuse. Willing to take a stand, and save a life! Willing to be a voice for the voiceless. One can only pray and hope that the authorities shall take a strong stand against this disgusting act. Without an impactful action, there will always be a section in this society, who will continue to feel empowered by such neglect. Such ignorance will give them the mileage to carry on and clearly, this brutality (animal abuse of all forms) won't stop.

Artwork by Bratuti

How difficult is it to understand that - Animals are not your property. They aren’t your source of entertainment. Try offering a helping hand, and stand by them. Make a difference! I hope, this incident teaches people to open their eyes. Despite all the inhumanity displayed by human beings, animals will continue to 'trust' the not-so-trustworthy race. Their loyalty, trust and love won't change. So, who's the 'real wild animal' here? Where's the so called 'humanity'? Think about it!

All Lives Matter. Learn to coexist!

Farewell, gentle one! Both you and the little one deserve a better place, away from the shackles of inhumanity and mistrust of some really cruel people. May god bless your pure soul.

The Dancebee

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