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Indian Film Industry's very own Greek God is back in action. After the period - drama Mohenjodaro last year, the actor is back on the big screen, this time with a romantic-thriller titled Kaabil. The film is two days away from release, and Roshan is excited to see the response to this love story which is close to his heart. The actor will be seen as a visually impaired voice artiste in the film, which is also his first collaboration with film maker Sanjay Gupta. In between promotions for the film, we caught up with the handsome actor for a candid chat. In this tete-a-tete, Hrithik Roshan talks about Kaabil, the year gone by, his advice for generation next artists and more.

2016 was quite a roller coaster ride for you, with controversies taking over and overshadowing your work. How do you look back at the year gone by?
It has been a memorable year. I think we all grow because of the adversities. It's like the pressure in the gym. You can't lift the weights, so you make all the more effort to lift it to build your muscles the next time. Adversities in life are like the gym for your mind. It makes you grow stronger. You evolve more and you become more aware. So, it is always good that life becomes a bit of struggle or you have stress. Your mind is searching how to overcome and go past of it all. 

Will we see you doing more films now?
I want to do more work. I am doing a lot of work. It's a continuous process. I should get that kind of movies. Kaabil is one of those films which was shot in 60 days. I should find those kind of producers and directors. 

Your father (Rakesh Roshan) and you make a terrific combination and bring out the best. How's it working with him again, this time as a producer?
My father is a producer who goes to any length to make me comfortable and make the best movie. When people around me are doing their best, it encourages me to work hard and do my best too. 

Image Credit: Hrithik Roshan

Tell us a little bit about Kaabil.
Kaabil is an endearing, powerful story. It's one of my most favourite love story from all the love stories I have done. How a blind man overcomes all troubles in life and how he takes revenge. 

What was your prep work for the character and film like?
Very difficult and different. First of all the story was so deep, that I had to find the depth in myself. I had to research and visually impaired people. There was dance and action too, which we have only seen and heard so far, but here I had to do being blind. I got to see and live that part.

Do you feel Kaabil will finally break the jinx at the box office for you?
I have given my heart and soul to the film and since I have put in so many years of hard work, it comes back to me. I have so much of myself. It comes back in some way or the other. It may not be through box office, but it does come back in some form or the other. 

How was it working with Yami Gautam for the first time?
We saw a screen test and we approached a lot of actresses. It was a ten-minutes screen test and I saw six minutes. I said this is the girl.

And what about Sanjay Gupta?
It could have been an art film but he has given it a twist. He is madness when it comes to action and emotions. 

What are your thoughts on the causes for Visually impaired?
I don't know what I can do in the future. But, I must say that eye donation has been on my mind since quite sometime. That was when I saw Aishwarya Rai (Bachchan) doing an ad for them. 

Many say 2016 was a mixed year at the cinemas. What is your take on the Indian film industry's performance last year?
I can't analyse that. Maybe, it is a good thing that star system is diminishing a little bit. I think it will give scope for many makers to introduce more actors. We need a lot more actors who can do well, instead of having just four or five names in the industry. Hollywood has so many actors and we can't even count names. Star system is such that everyone wants them in their films. It doesn't give much scope for other actors.

Image Credit: Hrithik Roshan

What would you like to tell the new breed of actors - The Gen Next?
 Actors should realise that we are not here for fun. We have to prepare and study. The Gen Next is misguided. They feel it's all about having six or eight pack abs. But, the reality is far different from this. An actor's job is to emote and you have to interpret your life. 

What is your take on Hollywood?
I haven’t found a good platform. Also, no good scripts that I could sign. Though I have read a few scripts, but then I didn't like them. When makers surprise me with the roles they approach me for, I like that and it gives me more confidence. 

Do you feel maturity brings realism with it?
Maturity, awareness and losing the need to please people just to add your self-worth and to stand your ground so that you don't get conscious while performing.  Sometimes to impress, you get angry, but that is not what you do. You have to learn the process of your character and that is what I look for. I follow this process consistently to get there. 

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