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For students, the start of summer would mean end of exams and a good break from early morning lectures, making notes and running around the college for other activities. Anyone would agree that summer holidays were also the best part of childhood. You could play for hours without worrying about homework, plan vacations with your family and simply relax. I am quite sure many of you have already planned their Summer getaway, or perhaps, just got back from one. But, if you are one of those who does not have the privilege to enjoy a long week off or haven't planned anything yet, Imagica is just the place for you! The fact that it is just 70kms away from Mumbai makes things all the more easy and convenient.

This one amazing place where fun begins and never ends. In fact, you will never have enough of all the rides and interesting activities at the beautiful Imagica theme park. Just off the Mumbai-Pune expressway (near Khopoli), Imagica is one of the best amusement and adventure theme parks in Maharashtra. With a variety of fun rides and attractions dedicated to different age groups, this place has something for everyone. I took a day off and visited Imagica to soak in the sunshine and enjoy their amazing attractions. Right from the stunning sights of India in I for India to re-living the popular Anil Kapoor starrer Mr India in an animated motion simulation form, riding through the eerie corridors of Salimgarh to experiencing the fury of deities in Wrath of the Gods; you get an opportunity to witness state-of-the-art technology, that is at par with International amusement parks. Though, you need to be alert and make a note of their show timings, otherwise you might end up missing some of these attractions (like we did). I still regret missing Alibaba aur Chalis Chor.

Attraction: i for India

Among the thrill-filled rides, our team had a blast going cray in Nitro - one of Imagica's star attractions. While I gave Nitro a miss, I challenged myself to take up Dare 2 Drop, where you shoot to the sky and drop to the ground with force. For someone scared of heights, this was quite an achievement for me (and great fun too). You can clearly see my reaction, when the ride took its first drop. I kept moving my hand to calm down and closed my eyes during the first drop. It looked like I have invited unnecessary trouble, but the moment this ride got over, I realised it was all worth it.
The attractions at Imagica are divided country wise. So, the surroundings, attractions and even restaurants are designed accordingly. Don't miss the Scream Machine, a gigantic rotating pendulum ride, which is certainly not for the faint hearted.

Attraction: Scream Machine
Attraction: Wagon-O-Wheel
They have also got some really adorable rides for kiddies, and guess what? Some of them actually allow adults to sit along with their kids. It was cute to see parents enjoying Tubby Takes Off (a merry-go-round kind of ride) with their toddlers. But our favourite has to be the great variety of family / group rides. Summer holidays are the perfect time for families to bond and have a great time together. The same goes for a group of friends or colleagues. Rides like Rajasaurus and Bump It Boats are cooler when you enjoy it together. Great time to bond and chill in this heat. A special mention for the attendants at all the rides, who ensure everything is safe and secure before you enjoy the ride. Even the in-park security is top notch. The park guides are also very helpful. For the foodies, Imagica has ample of options ranging from diners, authentic indian restaurants, pirate styled café and more. What I really loved was the fact that water stations were available at considerable distance. You didn't have to check the map or go hunting for them. Also, it great to see multiple ice cream stands. What better than a good family ride and some ice cream to beat the heat? 
Our only concern were the limited number of rest rooms. We noticed how a few adults and kids ended up feeling nauseous after some rides (which is normal for some, especially in roller coasters). For a theme park which is so well maintained and clean, an individual may feel guilty and embarrassed to simply puke anywhere. So, increasing the number of washrooms near the attractions will help.

With several rides dedicated to every age group, exclusive never before seen attractions, tons of food options and a huge space to hang around, relax and enjoy; Imagica makes for the perfect family holiday destination. Plus, it's proximity to the island city and Pune (read: easy travel, thanks to multiple modes of transport), makes it a convenient option, even if you plan a last minute getaway. Currently, they have got a special Magic show and the newly opened Snow Park up and running. Head to Imagica's official website for more details on pricing and grab some fab discounts while pre-booking your holiday. Clearly, as their new tagline says - Yeh Badi Interesting Jagah Hain.
Read on to know how you can reach Imagica (and get a glimpse of the water park - Aquamagica as well).

Dancebee Verdict

Rides & Attractions: 
Food and Snacks: 1/2
Service and Security: 

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Have a fabulous summer holiday, dear readers! Enjoy these special days with your loved ones and have a blast. Don't forget to add us on Snapchat (Account ID: priyaadivarekar) to see what we are up to this summer.

Location: Adlabs Imagica, Khopoli
Photography: Team Dancebee

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