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We have all been fans of the white musk range by The Body Shop for a long time now, haven't we? And then, we saw the success of their 2015 launch - Red Musk, a spicy and strong fragrance. This year, The Body Shop is back with a new launch and it is none other than a new addition to the Musk fragrance range family - The Black Musk. The new launch includes an EDP (eau de parfum), EDT (eau de toilette) and one of our favourites - a perfume oil. We were introduced to the range a little before it was formally launched at stores and their official website, and after experiencing it for a fortnight, here's what we think of The Body Shop's Black Musk range.

I have always loved The Body Shop products for their 'cruelty free' promise. And the Musk range - be it white, red or the new black - has always lived up to it. The musk used in these fragrances are cruelty free. It contains Community Fair Trade organic alcohol crafted from sugar cane that is harvested by co-operatives in South America. So, it's all good for you and our adorable animal friends.

The Body Shop refers to their Black Musk range as one of their most darkest and sensual fragrances. Well, I do agree with them on the sensual part, but this is definitely not one of their darkest fragrances. The range - comprising of an EDP, EDT and Perfume Oil, come packaged in elegant black glass bottles with a hint of fuchsia pink. The fragrance is a blend of sweet and sensuous note, which stays true to their 'Nice and Naughty' campaign. Although it has a few sweet notes, the musky and sensual notes do their job well, ensuring that the fragrance does feel overpowering. The opening notes feel like a blend of bergamot, pear and pink pepper (and trust me, that's where your affair with the fragrance begins).  

As we further continued to test the fragrance, the middle notes began their work. While we can still feel the aroma of pear, there are hints of heliotrope, marzipan, almond, ylang ylang that linger on. Not to forget, notes of liquorice as well, which are very peculiar. Finally, as the fragrance begins to settle well, some of favourites including black musk, black vanilla, earthy patchouli, vetiver and chocolate set the end notes perfectly. All these notes help the Black Musk range of fragrances get its sensuous and not too overwhelming aroma, which is fast becoming one of our favourites.

The Body Shop Black Musk Eau de Parfum (EDP)
Quantity: 50ml
Price: Rs 3295

Our experience: We love the beautiful melange of the sweet and sensuous notes. It is perfect for a special evening occasion and is perfect for the festive winter mood. Just spritz it a few times and you are ready to go. The tiny elegant bottle is perfect to carry, except for the fact that it is not very travel friendly (glass bottles have their disadvantages). This is one of those few perfumes that can actually make you feel special and that too, without burning a huge hole in your pocket. The fragrance is intense and lingers on strongly for a good number of hours (in our case, a good six - seven hours).


The Body Shop Black Musk Eau de Toilette (EDT)
Quantity: 60ml
Price: Rs 2195

Our experience: Well, the fragrance is same and so are our views on it. The aroma is a little less intense than the EDP and Perfume Oil. But, what really surprised was the fact that despite being an EDT, the lasting power of this product was actually very good. While most EDTs last anywhere around 2 hours, this one almost stayed on for 3 - 4 hours. I love wearing this EDT after a post-workout / run shower. It just makes me feel like I have walked out in a 'pure bliss' mode. 

The Body Shop Black Musk Perfume Oil
Quantity: 20ml
Price: Rs 2095

Our experience: One of our personal favourites, the Black Musk Perfume Oil reminds us of the traditional 'Attar'.  Even the glass bottle with a dropper reminds us of those tiny attar bottles that you would find at most vintage shops. The oil is non-greasy and lingers on for a good 4 hours. It's the tiniest bottle from this range and can easily slip into your bag, without adding any extra weight. Oh, and don't worry about any spills (unless you end up breaking the bottle, of course). The bottle is neatly packed and the cap is well fitted. Despite being an oil based fragrance, the aroma is intense.

Final Verdict: This warm, sensuous blend has become our favourite already. We would prefer using this range more during the fall - winter / festive season, thanks to its warm notes, especially liquorice. If you loved the strong and spicy notes of the Red Musk range, then you might be a bit disappointed with the more warm and sweet notes of this fragrance. But still, I would recommend that you visit the store and give a product from this range, especially the EDP or Perfume Oil, a shot. It's a sophisticated fragrance that is a perfect mix of sweet and sexy and will definitely not disappoint you. The delightful notes will ensure that you fall in love with this fragrance, slowly and steadily.

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