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"Those who follow the crowd usually get lost. I don't know all the keys to success, but one key to failure is trying to please everyone."
There are people who are busy pleasing others, some who follow the rules dictated by their leaders, and then, there are those like me, who love standing out of the crowd. In today's day and age, where fairy-tale like Instagram posts and images of 'The perfect life' rule the roost, and where it is easy for others to influence your opinion (Yeah! Thanks, social media), being a real girl and standing out is no easy task. Despite coming from a simple, middle class family, I have a strong opinion, I create my own rules, and I don't follow what the world says without going through the process of questioning. While I am thankful to my parents, who despite all the hurdles in life, brought me up like this and educated me well. But, things go a lot beyond just the classroom education. It pains me to see several hundred girls still living the life of a clone. They are aiming to be someone else, a personality that does not belong to them. And then, there are others who are trying to show off a personality which is not them at all. Both the kinds belong to the same league, and maybe that's why, I will always prefer being in a league of my own.

The post is serious and questions a lot of issues that our society is currently facing (No! I am not discussing bans), but the outfit is fun! This is one of my favourite go-to outfits for a day out. There is nothing that a comfortable pair of sneakers, well fitted dress and the perfect bag pack can't do.

Of course, taking good care of your skin and exercising regularly is normal, but obsessing over a so-called flaw and trying to be like someone is not. I have often come across comments and conversations, when women discuss how they would do anything to get luscious locks like a particular actress or model. Maybe, that explains the huge demand for fairness products and cosmetic surgeries in the Indian market. This everlasting need to be like someone, to look perfect and to get that right photograph for Instagram (to get several likes and if you don't, you end up buying them) is driving several women into depression and other forms of illnesses. It may hit you, and you will never know. Instead, have you tried asking yourself, "Why do I need to look like someone, when I am perfect, just the way I am!"

Admit it, nobody in this world is perfect and no, I haven't come across any definition of what makes an individual perfect. A pimple on the forehead does not make you look any less beautiful than what you looked like before the zit popped. Having freckles does not make less you pretty, and no, being short or plump does not restrict you from doing anything cool in life. You can still be awesome and rule the world with all these so called 'problems', which according to most of you, are life threatening.  Perhaps, you fear that these so called flaws will affect your future, or maybe, you fear the society!

"Is saal patli lag rahi ho" "What is that mark on your forehead? Last year toh nahi tha" - lines that will make thousands of you cringe. But is impressing the society really your ultimate goal? Is life all about impressing others, and eventually, losing your own personality? No! God has not blessed you with a human life, so that you can just hear random taunts and keep mum. Speak up and learn to answer their questions in a straightforward manner. Keeping quiet will only give rise to more body shaming and notorious comments about a girl's complexion, hair and fashion choices. Someone has to put an end to this circle, so why not you? But before you take the plunge, learn to love yourself first. Because if you can't love yourself, no one will take you seriously. 

I have gone through the whole drill of teenage skin horrors, unnecessary comments passed by extended relatives and societal judgements. But till date, I have never allowed their opinion and my so called 'flaws' to affect me. I simply ignore such conversations with a smile (and then, end up giving a sarcastic response, which makes sure they never mess with me). I have always believed that in the end, it is your work and character that speaks volumes about you, and not your complexion, height or weight. A legendary human being is always remembered for his / her contribution to a specific field of study or the society, not the pimple or freckle on his / her cheek. And please, no fairness cream is going to ensure that you get a job. That's like following a herd mentality. Be happy with what you have and invest in your education instead. 

Wear your favourite clothes with pride, flaunt those curves, stop hiding that pimple and take pride in all that you have. Stop aping people and presenting the girl that you are not. Be yourself, because there is no one like you! You don't need followers and likes to tell you how beautiful you are. Stand out of the crowd and say - This is the real me. Be yourself, and nothing can stop you from being the best! (And the next time anyone passes a taunt, you know what to do).

Being Myself | Outfit Post
Dress: Vero Moda India
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Adidas
Accessories: Aviators - RayBan, Watch - Swatch
Make Up By - Lakme
Hair By - Bed Head by TIGI India
Shot by: Team Dancebee

The Dancebee

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