A Sporty Soiree with the Audi Autumn Collection 2015

Think luxury, elegance, style and remarkable performance, the German car brand Audi, which boasts of an ever evolving journey since 1885, is all that and much more. Always swooned at the sight of a luxurious and classy Audi? You may have noticed how a few others around you on a busy street must have 'sighed', as the gorgeous automobile passed by all of you. 

Now imagine this - 5 new cars from Audi's stunning new sporty collection, zooming ahead on the runway, leaving all the car loving folks wanting for more. Well, I witnessed something similar at a recent event in Mumbai, where the perfect amalgamation of Fashion and Cars was showcased. The Audi Autumn Collection 2015 event saw an audience full of fashion enthusiasts and automobile fanatics, who just couldn't stop trying to get a perfect photograph of their favorite cars, on their respective phones, iPads and DSLRs.  

And yes, I was one of them. You must have noticed my Twitter timeline already, eh?

Designer Varun Bahl was roped in by the German automobile company, to present a collection inspired by the three categories of cars - Sporty, Sophisticated and Progressive - for their launch event in Mumbai. The evening kicked off with the first showcase, Sporty, a trend which is huge on the runway abroad. Models were seen sashaying down the ramp in some lovely outfits (dominated by the colour white) created by Bahl. Within minutes, strong head lights turned everyone's attention to the side wings of the stage and all eyes were stuck on the first set of Audi cars, the sporty A4 and A6, that was revealed on the runway; thus ending the first collection showcase in style. 

The Progressive collection came next, with outfits in gorgeous silhouettes, perfect fits, peplums, ruffles and more. Shades of white, beige, steel grey among others dominated this collection, with rose tinted retro glasses adding some color. Again, it was the luxurious and spacious Q7 and powerful, agile Q3 that took everyone's breath away, as they turned and parked themselves under the spotlight, allowing the shutterbugs to capture their beauty from every angle.

Finally, it was time for the Sophisticated collection to take over. An old world glamorous charm, vintage chignon, intricate designs, oxblood lips, velvet, bling and more; it was like being transported to the 60s. The classy collection sure made heads turn, but the highlight - A6 - in all its glory, was hands down the center of attraction, with almost every audience member ringing in a round of applause on its arrival. Oh, and we loved how Bahl made an entry on the runway in an Audi RS 7 Sportback and took a bow with the models, before allowing the precious beauty to take over the center stage.

Just when the audience thought that the glittery affair has come to an end, the breathtaking mean machine and absolutely enchanting R8 made an impressive entry from the center door. The moment this enchanting red beauty was revealed, I just couldn't take my eyes off it. This stylish performance car, along with actress Katrina Kaif (looking elegant in a grey Roland Mouret sheath) and Joe King (Head - Audi India), were the perfect showstoppers of this chic evening. As King rightly put, "Fashion is all about being on the cutting edge. With the Audi Autumn Collection 2015, we are putting our best fashionable foot forward. Designer Varun Bahl’s breath-taking designs are inspired by our cars and they perfectly complement our stunning collection."

With futuristic side blades, a sporty look, an S gear 7-Gear-dual-clutch transmission, light space frame, amazing color options and more, there was just one thing that perfectly defined the R8 - Stunning! I was in love with it already and just couldn't stop gushing about the car during conversations with my friends and folks at home the next day.

With a wonderful melange of the best in fashion and cars, the perfect mix of style meets luxury and a dash of sport, this was one affair to remember!

L to R: Host Jay Jay, Designer Varun Bahl, Joe King (Head - Audi India), the stunning Audi R8 and Actress Katrina Kaif

As I always say, impossible is nothing. So, I shall keep working hard and strive to buy this beauty on my own someday. But for now, posing with my favourite car - Check!

Outfit Details

Dress - Mango
Scarf - Miss Selfridge
Shoes - Zara
Belt and Bag - Forever 21
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger

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