Calvin Klein Jeans Fall/Winter Collection 2012

"I am crazy, and I don't pretend to be anything else." Nothing could have defined Calvin Klein Jeans Fall/Winter collection better than a quote by the founder of this fashion house, Calvin Klein himself. 
The collection is Eclectic, Crazy, and Glamorous with an edge. Its all about shimmer (the party season is coming up, remember?) this time.
 I was recently invited by the CKJ team to review their collection and I found their range of Jackets, T-shirts and Denims very interesting. I visited the CKJ store at Palladium and was really impressed by the efforts taken by the staff of this store, in helping me check out all the items. Take a bow, guys!

Now, let's take a look at what caught the Dancebee's eye this time!

Bold, comfortable and shimmery jackets, T-shirts in warm hues and Tops in Oxblood, Bronze along with various other colors, the collection was a dream come true for anyone who has been waiting to splurge on some Fall/Winter fare for a long time.

Bags in a variety of prints and signature CKJ belts were there too. Also spotted were sunglasses, and some amazing fragrances.

These jackets are tempting enough to make you step out in the cold, early morning breeze for a long walk!

Shimmery tops, cardigans and jeggings are perfect for this festive season. The shimmery jegging was very comfortable (so much so that I could do a full split wearing it). The white and grey striped cardigan has entered my wishlist already.

I think this top looks lovely! Its grey, it has a patch of leather and I think it will look amazing on a pair of colored jeggings. Come Summer and you can flaunt it like a dress!

Oh! And I liked something from the Men's collection too! Green Moccasins, anyone?

What to pick up?

Jackets, Tops, Cardigans and Bags

What to leave on the rack?

 The regular range of jeans, which is a CKJ staple. You can buy it anytime you want.

Final Verdict

CKJ has hit the bulls eye with the new collection. It has everything that one needs for the festive season. I am definitely going back to buy the Grey cardigan and the Brown fur sleeveless jacket.

So, have you picked your favorites already?

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