The Style Icon Contest - in collaboration with Golmaal Stores

It's been quite some time since I officially launched 'Diary of a Dancebee' (This year in March, to be precise). So I thought, it's high time we have a contest on the blog to give all my amazing friends, readers and fellow bloggers a chance to win something awesome!
So here it is, 'The Style Icon' contest in collaboration with the Super awesome 'Golmaal Stores'.

GOLMAAL, founded in 2005, is a contemporary apparel design and retail concept in womens wear. They offer fast, on-trend and affordable fashion. I've been a fan of their stuff since a long time and the good news is, they are also opening a new store at Khar (Mumbai).
They recently launched an e-store where fashionistas from all over India can shop.
Currently, their new 'Hepburn Collection' (inspired by Audrey Hepburn) is getting some great reviews.

Golmaal Stores and Diary of a Dancebee have collaborated to give ONE lucky participant a chance to win a gift voucher worth Rs.2000 (Inclusive of Shipping charges) from Golmaal Stores, which can be used to buy any item (in the size that you prefer) from their new collection on ShopGolmaal.

To win, answer this simple question

Who is your Style Icon and Why?

The winner can select ANY item from their store within the given amount
(shipping charges included)

If the winner lives in Mumbai, you will be sent an e-voucher which can be used at the Golmaal store (You can personally pick up the item).

This contest is open to everyone living in India. If you live anywhere outside India, you are allowed to participate but please remember that Shipping is not included for international participants.


1. It is compulsory to follow the conditions mentioned below

 Like the Golmaal Stores page on FACEBOOK
Like the Diary of a Dancebee page on FACEBOOK
Follow Diary of a Dancebee via GFC (Click on the tab 'Join the site' on your right)

 2. Only the answers posted in the comment box below this post or on the Facebook post will be accepted.

3. Add the link of the dress from ShopGolmaal that you would like to win along with your email id at the end of your answer (That will help me to contact the winner).

So, what are you waiting for? Answer, Choose your favorite dress and keep your fingers crossed!
YOU may just turn out to be the winner of this contest.

All the best


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  1. Priyanka Chopra: My style icon
    Priyanka Chopra is hot, young, stylish, attractive, sexy, sporty, and she knows it! Her slim and shapely figure looks great in Indian and Western wear. She loves wearing dresses. I just love her style..!!
    Mail id ~ iagarwal4@gmail.com

  2. AnonymousJune 19, 2012

    My style icon - Sonam Kapoor
    Sonam Kapoor needs no introduction to the movie- buff and the fashion conscious. Sonam has emerged as the new style icon. The hottest dresser no doubt.With plenty of spunk Sonam has managed to become a style diva. She mixes designer, high street and vintage into unique looks ranging from eclectically edgy to super-sexy.
    Mail id - neerug42@gmail.com

  3. KannuPriya
    My style icon :Deepika Padukone
    A Lady with long legs.. with big eyes..wearing a beautifull melting smile on her face..
    the way she dress herself..is just mindblowing..love the way she wear sarees n all dress.. she knw hw to carry herself .. she looks like a doll .. such a beautifull lady..her chappals..anklets..hairstyle.. just fanstastic ..
    Mail id: kannu.priya24@gmail.com

  4. sorry posting again .. if my prev. link not wrking here it is.. the same dress..

  5. My style icon: Audrey Hepburn

    What can I say about this woman that hasn't already been said? She was impeccably turned out, no matter where she went, and drove millions crazy with her style. But it wasn't just her dressing sense, it was her persona, that innocence that she exuded, that beguiling look, which made one feel like she needed protecting. Her style was way ahead of her time and yet, she never was out of place - a feat which only a confidently stylish woman can achieve. And who can ever forget the understated chic of the legendary Little Black Dress from Givenchy that she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's? I doubt too many could look as gorgeous and regal at the same time as she did in that little number!

    My email id is rash594@gmail.com
    Dress I liked: http://shopgolmaal.blogspot.in/2012/06/roman-holiday.html

  6. Will definitely come back in a while to take part in this :P Amazing dresses I see :P

  7. My style icon : Priyanka Chopra
    The super kool chick with super hot legs and a million dollar smile knows hw to carry it all :)......she's sexy and we know it ! Short dresses make her look hotter dn ever, even in her simple avatar u gaze at her dnt u ? ...traditional seems like to b meant for her cz she is our Desi girl ! always comfortable in what she wears she can carry anythning! fresh sexy comfortable elegant gorgeous all these words describe dis diva's fashion sense ;) that is y I love her :)
    email id - sky-dreams@hotmail.com
    dress - http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-O1ybypScRds/T9bMrSC3PXI/AAAAAAAAAQM/kJpzbeJ4mCI/s1600/HEPBURN+17.jpgrunnin

  8. My style icon-My mother,she was a diva in her college she still is ,her style and clothes selection have been you can say "The talk of the town" even now,she gets compliment for her dressing.She truly helps me out with my dress selection as well and selects the best dress for me.All i can see is if i know style its because of her that i know the love and desire for good fabrics,good clothing and great looking personality.I love my mom :)Thank you Diary of a Dancebee for giving me a chance to convey my message out here,and to tell the world that My mom is a true diva :)


  9. my style icon is Kareena Kapoor 'coz she is very stylish and real tren setter. she looks fab whatever she ware indian western chicki .just love the way she carry herself.
    my mail id is ataprajita8@gmail.com
    my favorite dress is http://shopgolmaal.blogspot.in/2012/06/mixie-dress.html

  10. AnonymousJune 20, 2012

    Hi Diary of Dancebee...First of all thanks a lot for giving us the opportunity of this wonderful giveaway...

    here is my entry for the same--

    My style Icon is My Elder sister her name is "PREETY"

    the reason she is my style icon is as she has a great taste and sense of fashion although she is not a fashion designer but still i look up to her when it comes to shopping for me as she is the one whose choices for me always gets me appraise and attention...she is 9 years elder to me and from child hood i looked up to her.... as i have never seen her in bad style or clothes...she knows how to carry her self even in traditional wear..she knows a lot about ongoing trends and all and when it comes to adopting them she s always determined that what ever she wears suites her style ..... and when it comes to me i always ran to her as i believe in her taste as history has proved that when ever i trusted her i have been on top of the world...when ever i need to shop i make sure she goes with me as her choices in fashion are always best for me...so in this whole world i would say my sis is my style icon with whom i live and share my experiences instead of those whom we can admire but they don't know whether we exist in this world or not :P

    Already a member of Golmaal Stores page on FACEBOOK by name--RAJVINDER KAUR

    Liked the Diary of a Dancebee page on FACEBOOK by name of--RAJVINDER KAUR (MAILTORAJVINDER)

    Facebook profile link--https://www.facebook.com/#!/mailtorajvinder

    Followed Diary of a Dancebee via GFC BY name of--RAJVINDER KAUR

    Link of dress From GOLMAAL STORE that i would like to own--http://shopgolmaal.blogspot.in/#!/2012/06/dolittle-tunic.html

    my email id--rajvinderkr@yahoo.co.in

  11. First of all, thanks for the wonderful Giveaway.

    My entry for the Giveaway :-

    My Style icon is My Mother.

    The reason of her being my style icon is that she has a great sense of fashion. Her unique choice of dresses and accessories has been appreciated by one and all who know her. She had been the style diva of her college and she is still very popular in our locality for her unique dressing style. The most important thing is that she knows how to carry herself in all types of attires. She looks marvelous in both her traditional and western outfits. She knows how to mix and match her dresses and accessories to give a feeling of a perfect style diva. Also, she experiments herself with different styles from time to time. She even gets a lot of admiration and praise from the people of our locality for her unique fashion statements.
    I have never to worry about my dresses and accessories as she always helps me in choosing them properly. She has told me how important it is for a person to look good, to look stylish and to have a good personality. So, she is my style icon. I love my mother and I am proud to be her daughter.

    Liked the Golmaal Stores Page on Facebook and the Diary of a Dancebee Page on Facebook.
    My Facebook Name :- Bidisha Banerjee

    My Facebook url :- www.facebook.com/Bidisha.Banerjee16

    Followed Diary of a Dancebee via GFC. My GFC Name :- Bidisha

    The dress which I want to win from GOLMAAL STORE is the GIGI Dress.

    Here is the link of the dress :- http://shopgolmaal.blogspot.in/2012/06/gigi-dress.html

    My Email id :- bidishabanerjee@live.com

  12. Awesome giveaway & a great opportunity for me to win a Hepburn Collection.
    My style icon is Rekha bcoz I have grown up seeing her films n imitating her & thinks she is a diva n ageless beauty,always well attired in gorgeous sarees, looks elegant, carries herself with dignity.At this age also she has the style & still manages to look very fashionable n sexy:)
    My favorite dress: http://shopgolmaal.blogspot.in/2012/06/chareston.html
    My email id:sarangi.surama@gmail.com

  13. just "WOW" giveaway :):)
    i like this a lodd from Golmaal stores:http://shopgolmaal.blogspot.in/2012/06/checkered-tunic.html
    its really cool nd i love check clothes :)
    GFC:Prerana kedia
    following u both in FB as Prerana kedia Ranjan
    My style icon: previously it was ma Mom, bt after getting married its ma Mother in law,(i know its a bit weird,bt its true)coz at this age also she is fit n fine, regular fitness workout(specially yoga) nd alws healthy foods,she alws keep on saying me dat wear wtevr u feel comfortable nd wtevr u wear carry it in the best way u can...she is not into western clothes, bt she still look sexy in Indian wear too..love her in all d way :):) <3<3
    email id: preranakedia@gmail.com

  14. Thanks 4 lovely giveaway....

    Done all steps

    My Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn

    She signified elegance, femininity and timeless fashion which was always in vogue.Style which has passed from generations and is always admirable. From the current style icons, it would have to be Lakshmi menon, who is making Indians all over the world proud by being a top fashion model with impeccable style....

    I love all the dresses from Golmaal Store bt I like the most Rex Dress :) http://shopgolmaal.blogspot.in/2012/06/rex-dress.html

    GFC- Hema Thakur
    Email Id- hema.thakurr@gmail.com

  15. Style Icon...would be Kareena Kapoor for the only reason that she carries herself with such grace and charm.

    I would like to get my hands on http://shopgolmaal.blogspot.in/2012/06/chareston.html

    GFC-Nalini Desai


    email.. nalinidesai12@gmail.com

  16. My style icon would be Victoria Beckham.
    Love her style. So effortless and so well made. She is one of the few ones in Hollywood who does not use a stylist. Love how she dresses now compared to her Posh Spice days, still bringing that Posh label along but in the most modern and stylish way ever.
    I also love her style mantra (which I try to follow) - If it fits you well and looks good, get it in every color!

    Love the Roman Holiday dress - http://shopgolmaal.blogspot.in/2012/06/roman-holiday.html

    GFC - roxstar_mcr
    Facebook - Roxanne Kimberely
    email - roxannekdsouza@gmail.com


  17. My style icon is Grace Kelly and Parveen Babi
    The reason I have given two Style Icons is that, both were ruling ladies of 20th century.
    Parveen Babi, who brought minimalism into fashion, was always impeccable, not overdoing it even once.She had the charm to hold eyes with her simplicity and natural beauty.
    Similarly, Grace Kelly was the famous fashion icon of Hollywood who embodied the perfection in style. Her personality was enchanting, pleasant and simple, straightforward and shy. Princess Grace was one of those beautiful women, whose personality was truly captivating.Till now no one can beat their style and personality they had.
    This is my tribute to both the lovely ladies who had the charm to make an everlasting impression on everyone and are still ruling...So they are the style inspiration for me...:):)

    Loved the Ella trousers- http://shopgolmaal.blogspot.in/2012/06/ella-trousers.html
    GFC- taniya.meghnani
    Joind Golmaal Stores and Dairy of Dancebee, Name- Taniya Meghnani
    Email- taniya.meghnani@gmail.com

    1. Great Reply Tanya !! Truly deserved the prize

  18. Hi,
    Thanks for the giveaway,my first participation in a giveaway !!

    I love this dress http://shopgolmaal.blogspot.in/2012/06/gigi-dress.html

    I hope I can participate as if I win,I would gift it to my daughter-in-law who is just like a daughter,would surprise her,she is very hardworking & caring,so a stylish dress like this will add to her beauty.

    My favourite Bollywood Stylish Icon is SRIDEVI.She has charmed with her style in Chandni,Lamhe,Chaalbaaz and films one remembers for lifetime.Her graceful beauty is mesmerising,people would watch her movies to see her,her style.She has still maintained herself & her style & beauty is intensifying day by day.She is an epitome of Indian beauty.She looks good in Western dresses,Sarees,Chaniya Cholis,just anything & everything.Her 'Adayein' upscale her to the most vivacious fashionista.Sridevi's style has fascinated & inspired many actresses & models.She is always well dressed,sophisticated,with neat accessories.

    My GFC name: Bhavana Trivedi

    My email id: bhavana.trivedi16@gmail.com

    Liked both pages on facebook from www.facebook.com/bhavana16

  19. Among women my style icon will b the evergreen Rekha Ji.The reason is very simple & tht is her ageless beauty & charisma.At this age also she manage 2 luk so gud & graceful.She made kanjivaram sarees popular among & proved tht beauty increases wid passing time.2nd reason is the way she carries herself & I never saw her discomfortable & she is the lady full of confidence & grace

    Among men I'll say Shahid & Hrithik coz I always found thm comfortable wid their clothes & I personally feel fashion is not following others or aping other but being comfort in ur attire which furthermost enhance ur personality.

    My dress link-

    E Mail- kapoor.shrishti5@gmail.com

    FB A/C- https://www.facebook.com/#!/shrishti.jhamnani

  20. Yikes!!
    I hope I'm not too late.

    There are a lot of beautiful people who I find inspiring.

    But undoubtedly

    My Style Icon: Marilyn Monroe.

    She was a woman with style, presence and confidence. Everything she said and did was and is, iconic. She remains a style icon of Hollywood and inspires women to be proud of their sensuality and sexuality. ^_^

    My Dress: http://shopgolmaal.blogspot.in/2012/06/gigi-dress.html

  21. This contest is now closed!
    Results will be declared soon :)
    A big thank you to everyone who participated!


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