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Every shopaholic dreams of having an exquisite piece of jewelry, some fabulous designer clothes, pretty shoes that can earn them compliments, Bags that make a statement and accessories that adds a magical touch to your outfit. But, what if I told you that all this can be found with a single click on
your desktop mouse or laptop's touch pad? Yes! I am talking about Pret-Amoda, your one stop online
 luxury fashion shop, where you can indulge in some seriously amazing retail therapy
(Plus, no need to step out of your house).
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Most of you already know this, but for those of you who don't, Pret-Amoda is an online shopping destination, which brings together some fabulous designer items from India, directly to your doorstep. It's an exclusive boutique that features individually handpicked pieces of the latest fashion from India’s most coveted fashion designers. 
Pret-Amoda recently got a 'Re-Birth'. With a fresh new look, the website has been relaunched with many more designer collections. When you see the collection, you can notice a great mix of established designers along with some talented, new designers. Currently, they are working with some of the bigwigs of the fashion industry including Abraham & Thakore, Prashant Verma, Nida Mahmood etc. Plus, Pret-Amoda earns extra brownies points, simply because their range of fashion accessories and clothes which starts just at Rs 500. Awesome, isn't it?

I am staying away from splurging on anything for sometime, but making a wishlist doesn't hurt anyone, right? Moreover, in India, you have tons of reasons to celebrate almost everyday. Be it the fact that you passed your examination with a good grade or Be it a festival like Raksha Bandhan, Diwali or Christmas, we all love giving and getting gifts. Hence, I've made a wishlist which I might hand over to my family & expect them to gift me some stuff this year, one by one (Or worst, once I get my results, I might buy something myself).

Here's my Wishlist from Pret-Amoda

1. Clothing

(LtoR Top) Amar Chitra Katha Dress by Retarded Velvet, Floral Pop Tube dress by Malini Ramani ,Sapphire Dress by Geisha Designs. (Down) Boardroom shirt - Frou Frou by Archana Rao and True Blue jumpsuit by James Fereira 

Their 'Clothing' line has lots to offer. From tops, dresses to Cardigans, jumpsuits and more. Plus, they have a great mix of quirky and chic apparel. I ended up choosing around 10 items from this section, but ultimately, these 5 items, especially the Amar Chitra Katha dress by Retarded Velvet (Trust me, I love their work) on your left, won my heart.

2. Jewelry
(LtoR) Radhika Jesrani Turquoise Tribal Neckpiece, Glam it up Kiss me necklace and Glam it up double trouble Key ring

Their 'Jewelry' section has an amazing range of some beautiful rings, neckpieces, earrings etc. These 3 items caught my attention purely because they are unique. I haven't seen such beautiful, quirky pieces anywhere. Plus, they are quite affordable too!

3. Bags

(L to R) Cupidity Rainbow Clutch, Toshe tribal pop yellow and Cupidity elanor clutch

My favorite section! People who know me can tell you how much I love colorful bags and clutches. Pret-Amoda stocks up on Briefcases, Sling bags and Shoulder bags.
The cupidity rainbow clutch tops my Pret-Amoda wishlist. 

4. Shoes

 From flats to wedges and ballerinas, their footwear range is perfect for your casual outings, dinner dates, festival shopping day out and other special events. Plus, they are available in some fabulous colours like Orange, Turquoise, Pink etc.

Apart from Clothing, Jewelry, Shoes and Bags, Pret-Amoda also has accessories like scarves, belts, brooches etc on sale. What I really like about this E-store is that they have something for everyone. When the item is delivered to your door step, you will realise that the money that you have paid for it
is totally worth it. In other words, 'Paise Vasool'.
Also, Pret-Amoda has a wonderful Magazine and a Blog which is packed with some awesometastic posts and tips, which you must read.

The best part about shopping at Pret-Amoda is that their collection is updated on a regular basis. So, every time you come back, you will find a new range of fashion accessories and clothing.

So, that the fashion paradise Pret-Amoda for you! After that sneak peek, are you in love with their collection already?
So, what are you waiting for? GO, Shop at Pret-Amoda.com now.

Also, Don't forget to tell me about your Shopping experience!

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  1. Absolutely loving the collection you have picked up from the pret-amoda collection. Loads of colors for the spring/summer season.


  2. It is not too happpy because the chic wedges shoes which makes me look fashionable.


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