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Those who know me will tell you how much I love photography. Although I must add that I am not a professional, the camera has always been my best friend (it has joined the club with my dancing shoes, iPod and books). My journalism course gave me the chance to learn some technical aspects of photography and experiment with the settings of my camera (Like my teacher used to say, 'Think out of the box'). The photography module also made me buy a new DSLR (because my adorable Sony NEX wasn't accepted by them). So now, I am a proud owner of Canon rebel T2i.

As part of our module, we had to visit the Hideout farm at Vikramgad (a small village in the Thane district) for three days. I must add that it was difficult taking a cold water bath everyday (especially since it was raining and the weather was quite cold, breezy). I can live without food, I can live without TV or any form of entertainment, but I just cannot stand ice cold water! Anyway, talking about photography, I clicked more than 800 pictures at various locations during this trip. We visited the village school (where we interacted with the students and I even got a chance to teach them 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars' and 'Yere Yere Pausa'), Khand dam, a Warli painting workshop, local rice farms and Jawahar. Throughout the trip, we got the opportunity to interact with the locals (I could see the happiness on their face when I spoke to them in Marathi), who belonged to different age groups. As part of our module, we captured images, while experimenting with the aperture and shutter settings. It was a memorable trip, not only because of the vast variety of photography genres and settings that I worked on, but also because I had a great time connecting with nature and spending time with my classmates.

Take a look at some of the photographs that I captured during this trip (and please keep in mind that I am still an amateur photographer).

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  1. Babe this is a lovely collection. I am looking forward to way more from you!

    Love, Miffalicious. [www.miffalicious.com]

  2. amazing pics, i loved the one with the dogs the best.

  3. Exactly, even I just got a new camera, photography is so much fun!
    Love your pictures! :)
    Love from Bindigasm

  4. Oh damn the puppies are so so cute!! <3



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