We Love, We loathe

I know that I've been posting quite randomly nowadays. But when you have tons to do, it's becomes slightly difficult to concentrate and write something good! At least, it's that way this side.
So, we are starting a new series called 'We Love, We loathe' today. Every week (On Monday) we will see two looks, One that I love and the other that I don't. It can be anything, anyone (Even Men) and any event. It's a fun series and we won't get too critical about any specific look. Also, my opinions may or may not match with some of you (As they say, every individual is different), so please take this series as some light hearted, fun stuff! 

This week, I've got two celebs from Cannes 2012. Both of them walked the red carpet for the opening ceremony and world premiere of 'Moonrise Kingdom' at the 65th Cannes International film festival. Well, we all know that the French riviera has become a known thing not only for the film festival, but also the red carpet where celebrities are known to put their best fashion foot forward (In some cases, the most disastrous).

This week's
We Love, We Loathe

We Love - Freida Pinto's Look

I love Freida Pinto's look. She looks gorgeous in this bold & beautiful Michael Angel dress. Everyone was reminded of Angelina Jolie's much hyped right leg affair, but I think Freida carried off this look perfectly. The flowing pale pink train with soft peplum detailing and multicolored embellished bodice spells 'Wow'. She carried a bejeweled Louis Vuitton lizard miniaudiere. I also love those stunning silver Louis Vuitton platform sandals. We can also see a silver waistband.
Her hairstyle was quite simple and Chopard emerald tear-drop earrings enhanced her look further.
The makeup was minimal with nude lips and smokey eyes. That's a winner!

We Loathe: Elena Lenina's Outfit

I don't know what this Russian Model was thinking when she decided to wear this outfit! She probably mistook the red carpet at Cannes for a circus or a theme party. She is not known to be a red carpet diva and I don't even know what she is doing here. Her only claim to fame is a reality show!

The tacky hairstyle and the OTT, rapunzel style purple outfit is doing nothing for her. Instead, it's making her look like someone who has just come out of a fancy dress competition.
Also, I don't understand why she has that thick white fur shawl with her?
That Marie Antoinette hairstyle further confuses me. Pink lips and loud eye make up..
Fashion Police, have you arrested her already?

So, that was our 'We Love, We Loathe' for this week!
Next week, we will come back two more people and choose our favorite look and the one that we don't like at all.

Enjoy the new week everyone! Have fun :)

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  1. What a fun and innovative series, Priya! As usual, your blog is light and lovely. <3

    Love, Miffalicious. []


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