We Love, We Loathe (Week 2)

It's Monday and we are back with the 'We Love, We Loathe' of this week.
Last week, we saw Freida Pinto and Elina Lenina at Cannes. While the former won our vote for the look we love, the latter got our vote for the look that we loathe. (Read the first post from this series Here)
This week, we move on, from Hollywood to our very own Bollywood.

IIFA Awards 2012 was held in Singapore this year! With Farhan Akhtar and Shahid Kapoor (Yay! Shahid) as the host and performances being choreographed by Prabhudeva, I am looking forward to the telecast of this event.
The International Indian Film Academy awards (known as IIFA) started way back in 2000 with their first venue being London. From London to Singapore, they have covered 12 countries in the past 12 years and have entertained bollywood fans across the globe (and also gave them a chance to meet their favorite actors).
 Naturally, the who's who of Bollywood turned up, dressed in their best gowns, sarees and tuxedos! After looking at some pictures, I had to make my list of favorite looks and the ones that made me cringe.

So here it is! The 'We Love, We Loathe' look of this week.

Image source: Pinkvilla and BNB

Many celebs decided to wear a saree at IIFA, that too with a twist. We love Sarees, don't we? Experimenting with the saree is alright, but we don't like it when someone ruins the whole look with bizarre stuff. While the lady on the left experimented with her saree, the lady on the right just.. Well what do I say!

The look 'We Love' - Nargis Fakhri

Image source: BnB

Nargis Fakhri took a step ahead and decided to take a risk with this contemporary saree. She looks gorgeous in this Anaikka saree which has an incredible twist in the form of a blouse which looks like it's inspired by a suit of armour. The cobalt blue saree is simple yet elegant with border work at the bottom, which also matches the blouse.The pallu of her saree goes through a lapel on one shoulder. I love how Nargis has kept it minimal with a silver clutch and a gold cuff (Well, how I wish she could avoid the latter).

The minimal makeup look gets a thumbs up as anything OTT would have ruined the look. The pouf and the hair tied back in a ponytail with an almost there lipstick totally wins.
What do you think?

The look 'We Loathe' - Rituparna Sengupta

I don't know what to say and where to begin. Her outfit is a complete disaster. That saree could have looked good, but when it's draped on Rituparna, you cannot definitely cannot expect anything. The biggest eyesore is her bra strap. I mean, why on earth would you want to flash your bra strap (A navy blue one) at the red carpet, that too in a saree! Also, the saree is draped high, her blouse is weird and please, don't get me started on how ridiculous those shoes look.

Loud, garish makeup has always been Rituparna's favorite. Her face is caked up, there is a tinge of blue eyeshadow/liner on her eyes and she is wearing a dark maroon lipstick. Is this a red carpet or a Halloween party? I am not being too harsh, but she needs a good stylist or at least, a little bit of fashion sense ASAP!!!

So, what is your take on these two looks? Do share your opinion!

We will be back with another look, We love and loathe, next week on Monday.
Much love!

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  1. ha ha funny..rituparna sengupta,hats off to u :)

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  5. Both are looking stunning in their Sarees.


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