9 years of Shahid Kapoor

It's been this way since 2002 (Yes! Much before he became an actor). But the madness reached its peak when I first saw him grooving on the track ' Mujhpe har Haseena' in his debut film Ishq Vishk in 2003. I dont really remember what made me like him (or more like love him). Probably his dance moves or his 'Oh-So-Cute' smile. But I fell head over heels in love with him after I saw the film at Imax with my family. As I was all of 11, it took me some time to come out in the open and confess that I had a huge crush on him. It finally happened after I saw Fida in 2004.

Hell Yeah, It took me 1 friggin insane year to confess that I liked him. Since 2004, there is no looking back. His charming personality is an addiction. He is like a magnet who keeps drawing you closer to him. His smile can kill a million hearts. One glimpse of him is enough for my heart to skip a beat. My love, respect and support for him will always be there for him. Gosh! His humble nature, charming personality and amazing sense of style (apart from his brilliant dance and acting skills) are all so-damn attractive.

Love You, my rock star!

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Shahid Kapoor

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