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No more college union committee meetings, no more dance rehearsals. No more calls from fest committee members saying, "Please come for our festival", and no more panic attacks before preparing an act for festivals. Also, no more pre- competition jitters! After spending five years filled with some amazing moments in my second Home, I'm finally all teary eyed!

The Corridors (where rays of sunshine touched my face), The Bhabha Hall stage (Where I danced my heart out), the Shed (my haven), Room 2,4,6 (For all the wonderful memories in Junior College and Third year), Sr.Rosa's cabin (where I spent almost half my time listening to her instructions), canteen area (where putting up posters was so much fun), counselling room and AV hall (where we rehearsed almost all day long), Central lawn (where we posed for photographs like crazy) and everything else in my second home shall be missed!

Thanks for helping me become the person that I am today!
Proud to be a Sophiahite ♥


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Priya Adivarekar

Priya Adivarekar - Founder and Creative Director at Diary of a Dancebee. She is also a renowned Voice Actress and award winning artiste, with serious passion for dance. When not working round the clock, she can be seen reading, enjoying a movie-binge or listening to music.
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